The Media’s Lies About Trump!!!!


Tell a lie big enough and long enough and after a while everyone will believe it——-Mark Twain

The above saying can certainly be applied to most of today’s media and these entertainers like Madonna and shows like Saturday Night Live who are their useful idiots who help spread and  perpetrate those lies when it comes to Trump.

They call him racist when nothing can be further from the truth. If he is so racist then why does he hire thousands of blacks, Mexicans, Indians, Muslims, Asians etc. from all around the world? They are basing their opinion on the one statement he made about building a wall and saying Mexico isn’t sending their best that most of them are rapists and murderers and some coming here are nice people. Well he is absolutely right. He said some are nice people and he hires lots of Mexicans, but 45% of our prison population are murderers and rapists who are here illegally from Mexico. There are still others on the outside who are still murdering and raping people here in America, but in the eyes of the media and these entertainers to say that is racist.

They call Trump an Islamaphobe because he wants a “TEMPORARY” halt on Muslims coming in here. He’s not Islamaphobic, but just wants a temporary halt so we can figure out who is coming in here and what their purpose is. Obama is letting them in by the thousands from terror hotspots and seeding them throughout the country with no one being checked. Jimmy Carter did it for four years with the Iranians after the Iranian hostage crisis and no one complained then and now it is more important than ever that we check people coming in here from the dangerous areas, but in the eyes of the media and these entertainers if you say that you are an Islamaphobe.

They call Trump sexist because of one off color guy statement he made about women in private 11 years ago. If he was so sexist he wouldn’t have married three of the most beautiful women on the planet and hire thousands of women around the world and hire a woman architect to build Trump Tower. If he was so sexist he wouldn’t be paying his women executives more than his men executives. Meanwhile these useful idiots and media support a woman like Hillary who has a foul mouth and married to a guy who habitually rapes and assaults women and she enables him and covers up for him. She also paid men at the Clinton Foundation $10,000 more than women there.  So who’s the real sexist here hmmmmm? Hillary Clinton Quotations

 So it’s the media who lies all the time when it comes to Trump and any republican and covers up for democrats like Hillary and Obama and gets these entertainers to spread their lies for them. Yes, Mark Twain was right. Tell a lie big enough and long enough and after awhile everyone will believe it.


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With Friends Like These……


anncoulter  palin-2

Recently two of Trump’s top supporters have come out criticizing him. Sarah Palin who is being considered for a post in his administration with veteran’s affairs called Trump’s baling out Carrier’s employees “crony capitalism” and Ann Coulter who said Trump was going to sell out on immigration.. I don’t care how he did it as long as he did what he did to save those Carrier people. He did the same with Ford. He did in one phone call more than Obama did in eight years. He’s showing Obama that he’s not the only one with a pen and phone. Whatever it takes. If I were Trump I would tell Palin that if she is going to criticize him like that she can forget about having a post in his administrationPalin criticizes Trump’s carrier deal – AOL News

Even before taking office he’s started making good on his promises to convince employers it is in their best interest to make their products here in the United States. Last month he convinced Ford to keep at least one of their production lines here in the United States by simply using his bully pulpit and his cell phone. This week he convinced Carrier to keep as many as 1,000 jobs here in the United States. How did he do it? He used the leverage of the Federal government — want those lucrative government contracts? You better make your stuff here in the United States. We’ll help you with tax relief, but you’ve got to make more of your products in America. Wall Street is taking notice and as a result the stock market is on a tear. Goldman Sachs says EVERY sector will experience a windfall as a result of Trump’s election. It is breathtaking. The real beneficiaries? American  workers.

Now Ann Coulter is jumping into the fray saying Trump is going to sell out on immigration.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s strong support of President-electDonald Trump may be faltering.

The Wrap reports that “Coulter appears to be angry over Trump backing off his campaign promise to build a wall around the United States as part of his immigration policy.”

On Friday, she responded to someone on Twitter who expressed concernabout Republicans’ forthcoming work on immigration.

Coulter tweeted back, “Sounds like the big sell-out is coming. Oh well. The voters did what we could. If Trump sells out, it’s not our fault.”  Ann Coulter says Trump may ‘sell out’ on immigration  – AOL News

When Trump rallied Americans around the idea of building a wall he was speaking both metaphorically and literally. Metaphorically, he was tapping into the frustration that 92% of Americans and 64% of Hispanicshave regarding illegal immigration. Literally, he was simply suggesting we complete the border fence that BOTH Obama and Clinton voted to build.

Trump knows that we could begin to solve the immigration problem if we simply enforced our existing immigration laws — hardly a groundbreaking proposal. . Trump doesn’t care about a wall — he cares about stemming the tide of illegal immigration and he’ll do whatever works — just like a startup would.

We’re not going to agree on every issue, but perhaps we call be happy whenever we do have a win. For example, there are 1200 people in Indiana that will have a job on Christmas morning because Trump cared enough to get on the phone to save their jobs. This is a good thing, right? What if Trump just keeps doing things to help Americans? Would that be so bad?

Trump is disrupting government at a time when it’s long over due. He doesn’t give a damn about the D.C. rules or being PC as to dignify the position and guess what, he is already making a profound difference before he even takes the oath, having already saved jobs and making every CEO in America rethink their cost structure. Companies can’t wait for a lower tax that should stimulate shareholder returns and yes add more jobs. Even STEM positions will be more widely available to Americans. He is getting his hands dirty like a start-up CEO should do in his first year and forcing or incentivizing companies to keep jobs here in the US where it benefits all other American’s, not just the workers in certain states.

Just this week Trump told Sean Hannity the wall will be built and I read that it will start in March. Also Ann the wall is not “around the United States,” but just along the southern border. President-elect Donald Trump has begun the transition process, and a source close with the transition team told The Daily Caller that keeping a key promise of his campaign platform — building a wall along the U.S. southern border — will begin in March. The source said that Trump’s team has major spending negotiations planned with Congress in March to fund the wall via Mexico — directly or indirectly. Some of the ways that Trump has proposed to make Mexico pay for the border wall have included increased fees for visas and border crossing cards, enforcement of trade tariffs and taxes on remittances. Great Wall of America Construction to Begin March 2017

 I think Ann is a brilliant writer, but many times she acts like a complete airhead as does Palin. Don‘t these two women realize that by  making statements like this just plays in the hands of  the opposition and it is they who are  selling out not Trump.

Meanwhile   Hillary supporters are reacting to their statements saying “We tried to warn you all.” I guess they don’t realize that Hillary was in favor of doing away with our northern and southern borders and in favor of a “hemispheric government” which is a George Soros plan in his quest for a united one world global government.

Yes Trump doesn’t need supporters who criticize him in this manner. To sarcastically paraphrase an old saying,  “With friends like this who needs enemas?”


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Trump Keeps His Promises!!!


When Donald Trump was first campaigning a reporter asked him if he could be presidential. His reply was “I’ll be so presidential you’ll want the old Trump back.” He’s certainly showing that now.

Critics said he’d never make it to the caucuses and he did. They said he’d never make it through the primaries and he did. They said he’d never make it to the convention and he did. They said he’d never get the nomination and he did. Then they said he’ll never be president and he did.

Now that he’s president elect he’s not wasting any time. He’s putting together a fantastic cabinet and filling positions faster than any president ever did and with great people all before he’s sworn in.  Obama took eight weeks to fill his first position and Bush took six weeks. Greg Gutfeld on the Fox show “The Five” said he’s not putting together a cabinet he’s making his own version of “The Magnificent Seven.” Great  comment  Greg.😉

Since Trump won and is acting so presidential more than any other president, the media is becoming unhinged and besides themselves. They still can’t get over that their candidate lost and he’s going to be president.

CNN had a producer make an off camera comment that Trump’s plane crashed and she has since been disciplined by CNN. CNN CREW JOKES ABOUT TRUMP PLANE CRASHING…SO SORRY… 

 At a Harvard Institute meeting between Trump people and Hillary people, Trump campaign head Kelly Ann Conway got in a heated discussion with Obama  spokesperson  Jennifer Palmerie that turned into a real shouting match telling Kelly Ann that Trump is racist and the white vote got him in. Kelly Ann responded that was “crap” and said it was because Hillary had nothing in common with people, doesn’t connect with them and offered no vision, people don’t  trust her and because she called half of the American people deplorable and irredeemable. That paved the way for her excruciating loss. You can’t win over people you just sentenced to a life of being deplorable. Kelly Ann also said Donald did much better with black voters than Romney or John McCain did and said he told them he would give  them vouchers so they could send their kids to the school of their choice instead of failed government run schools. Kelly Ann Conway is also the first  woman to win a presidential campaign for her candidate.

Meanwhile Trump has already kept his promise to have Carrier Air Conditioner in Ohio keep 1,200 jobs here instead of moving to Mexico by giving them a seven million dollar tax cut and having them build a six million dollar plant there with the money they save from the tax cut. He also plans to have a 15% corporate tax cut for all business.  Back in April Trump said at a rally that any company that moves out of the country he will charge them a 35% tax on every item they ship in here.

Around that time Obama sarcastically said, “What’s Trump going to do wave his magic wand?” Well he did it Barack and he also convinced Ford to stay here too. It’s called the art of the deal Barack. You should have read it. FORD Open to Deals With Trump to Keep Jobs in USA… Trump is a master negotiator and means what he says and is going to get a lot of things done very quickly. He also has a big heart and really cares about the people and country which shows in his ‘Thank You ’tour he and Mike Pence are on. This is the change people have been waiting for decades for, to have a business man run the country like a business not like the phony “hope and change” we’ve been living through the past eight years. The difference between a politician and a businessman is a politician just talks the talk. A business man gets things done. Trump is that man.

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Pizzagate:Fact or Fiction!!!

podesta When the NYPD confiscated Anthony Weiner’s laptop for texting with a 15 year old girl with his half naked  2 year old son by his side he used as a “chick magnet” they discovered 650,000 e-mails between his wife Huma, Hillary, campaign chairman John Podesta and several others allegedly involving Satanism and child pedophilia. They said there were things so disgusting that they turned it over to the FBI telling Comey to re-open the case against Hillary which he did. Although the mainstream media isn’t reporting any of this it is all over YouTube in hundreds of videos some over an hour long. Many say it is real and point out actual physical evidence such as pedophile symbols on the outside of the pizza place and others like Snopes say  this is all a hoax.

 A source from the FBI has indicated… that a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operates in Washington, D.C.,’, saying ‘there are at least six members of Congress and several leaders from federal agencies that partake in the pedophile ring, which they say was run directly with the Clinton Foundation as a front. , files found on Weiner’s newly found laptop which he shared with his wife Huma Abedin, show evidence of a political pedophile ring operating within Washington, involving members of Congress as well as numerous top Clinton aides and insiders, high ranking Democratic Senator, search terms: NYPD will go public … Abedin and Weiner were cooperating with fed agents, seeking immunity, looking at cell phone activity, Jeffrey Epstein, his Boeing 727, Lolita Express, Orgy Island, Sex Slave Island, various pimps, Bill Clinton visited over 20 times……x-scandal/

Blackwater founder and former Navy SEAL Erik Prince told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM that according to one of his “well-placed sources” in the New York Police Department, “The NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making” in the Anthony Weiner investigation, but received “huge pushback” from the Justice Department.

Because of Weinergate and the sexting scandal, the NYPD started investigating it. Through a subpoena, through a warrant, they searched his laptop, and sure enough, found those 650,000 emails. They found way more stuff than just more information pertaining to the inappropriate sexting the guy was doing,” Prince claimed.

“They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said.

“The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’” Prince explained. Report: Hillary Visited “Sex Island” with Convicted Pedophile Six Times, NYPD

The media and social media establishments are attempting to suppress investigation into “PizzaGate” – alleged pedophilia and Satanism practiced by political insiders and elites. These suspicions were bolstered by WikiLeaks’ “Podesta” emails.

Investigative journalist David Seaman says WikiLeaks has not released a fraudulent email in its 10 years of whistleblowing.

Seaman is leaving Twitter over apparent censorship and bias by CEO Jack Dorsey. Prominent conservative actor James Woods also famously quit Twitter over its attempts to suppress Trump supporters, prominent “alt-right” personalities, conservative opinions and anti-Hillary hashtags.

Seaman urges people to search terms like “Podesta pizza” on WikiLeaks (“cheese pizza” is apparently a commonly known code word for “child pornography”) – sick stuff that makes Anthony Weiner’s disgraceful issues seem almost innocent in comparison. ConWebBlog: The Weblog of ConWebWatch

PizzaGate is a reference to a recent conspiracy theory striking Washington elites, particular Hillary Clinton and the Podesta brothers. There is evidence suggesting that the failed Democratic presidential candidate and many amongst her inner circle are embroiled in a child sex scandal centered on a Washington pizzeria.

Clinton was a lightning rod for conspiracies during the 2016 election, with stories claiming she engineered election fraud in the Democratic primary and was part of a plot to murder young DNC staffer Seth Rich. The allegations, put most simply, are that Hillary Clinton and her former campaign manager John Podesta are part of a pedophile ring that operates out of a popular Washington, D.C., pizza place called Comet Ping Pong. The story gets more twisted from there, with claims that the network of pedophiles extends across the political spectrum in Washington and allegations that the Clinton Foundation was involved as well.

In a 4,770-word summary of the PizzaGate allegations posted on Reddit, user DumbScribblyUnctious explained how Comet Ping Pong appeared to be the epicenter of the underground ring. “While initially not the central focus of the investigation at the onset, Comet Ping Pong is a much more overt and much more disturbing hub of coincidences,” the post claimed. “Everyone associated with the business is making semi-overt, semi-tongue-in-cheek, and semi-sarcastic inferences towards sex with minors. While the mainstream media claims that the evidence supporting the claims appears to fall apart at a closer inspection, we are discovering quite the opposite.

Many of the allegations are based around emails from John Podesta spilled to the internet from the document-sharing site WikiLeaks, which was accused of launching a politically motivated campaign to derail Hillary Clinton. Some internet users seized on references that Podesta made to pizza throughout his emails. Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis told Washington City Paper that there’s a logical and ultimately simple explanation for this – John Podesta, like many people in the busy world of politics, just likes pizza. “Late this week, Trump supporters on 4chan and Reddit began to focus on ‘Pizzagate’- innocuous connections between Podesta and emails mentioning pizza that they claimed were far more sinister than they initially appeared. “Why, they wondered, did Podesta have a handkerchief with a “pizza-related” map on it? And why did Podesta get so many emails about eating pizza?”The answer to any reasonable person would be that Podesta eats pizza sometimes.What Is PizzaGate?

But despite the denials and the evidence debunking PizzaGate, it appears the conspiracy theory connecting Hillary Clinton to an underground pedophile ring is actually gaining steam.

The most damning evidence that we have so far comes from John Pedesta’s leaked emails, many of which contain words that according to the FBI, are confirmed pedophile code-speak:

“hotdog” = boy

“pizza” = girl

“cheese” = little girl

“pasta” = little boy

“ice cream” = male prostitute

“walnut” = person of colour

 “sauce” = orgy

Snopes says his is all a hoax and not true. Others like the investigator in the video below say it is absolutely true. Whatever it is, it is worth checking out and talking about and it is the buzz of the YouTube internet. I report you decide.

WIKILEAKS DATA: PizzaGate Real, (Listen to this young man investigator of the Pizzagate scandal the government and media is suppressing.)

 Hillary’s Podesta Kidnapped Madeleine McCann?? Police Sketch = MATCH! (Child A  (This is very interesting. The  police sketches of the persons who kidnapped little Madelyn McCann in 2007 match Podesta and his brother. Hmm. Also Hillary’s campaign manager in 2007 was a grieving mother who lost her child  the Sandy Hook massacre..Very co-incidental.)

 PizzaGate Is FAKE (Here’s Why) | From the Trenches World ...(This guy explains why he thinks pizzagate is a fake to discredit and undermine  alternative news.)


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Jill Stein And George Soros Try To Overthrow Election Results!!



Trump won fair and square. He lost the popular vote by a small a margin and won the electoral vote by a wide margin. If you discount all the illegals that voted he would have won by a landslide. Now Green Party candidate Jill Stein who got only 2 percent of the vote is demanding a recount in three states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. She said that it was necessary due to “reported hacks into voter and party databases and individual email accounts are causing many Americans to wonder if our election results are reliable.” A Wisconsin recount request was filed on Friday. Look who can’t accept the election result and will of the people and want to undermine our democracy. They say it is important to keep counting till you get the results you wanted.

However, it appears that Stein’s efforts to obtain a recount are nothing more than a scam. Here are seven reasons why that I found in an article:

  1. There is no evidence that the election results weren’t reliable. As theDaily Wirehas explained, there is nothing to suggest that the electronic voting machines were hacked. Donald Trump’s advantage over Hillary Clinton in electronic voting was a result of demographics, not a hack, and Michigan’s ballots were all paper. The entire premise for Stein’s recount is false.
  2. When Stein first announced her recount efforts, her goal was to reach $2.5 million. Now it’s $7 million. Stein has raised $5 million since Wednesday, causing the goal to rise from $2.5 million to $4.5 million to $7 million, according to National Public Radio. What caused the sudden rise in Stein’s fundraising goal?
  3. Stein’s legal costs suddenly surged. PerTownhall:

Why would her legal fees suddenly rise by that much over a short period of time?

  1. Stein can’t guarantee that the recounts will actually happen. “We cannot guarantee a recount will happen any of these states,” Stein’s website states. “We can only pledge we will demand recounts in those states.”

That’s kind of an important detail.

  1. Stein’s website also states that excess money will go towards “election integrity efforts.” 

“If we raise more than what’s needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform,” the website reads. What exactly that kind of reform will be was not specified by Stein, leaving the possibility open that the money will simply be funneled back to the Green Party. 

“This is Democrat party fundraising at its best because ultimately all the Greens are are Democrats with bad personal hygiene who failed economics and history,” writes RedState blogger streiff. “Stein’s fundraising appeal using a recount that is never going to happen will go down as one of the greatest bait-and-switch scams in political history.”

  1. It is highly unlikely that Stein would be able to pull off a recount in Pennsylvania. Jill Stein can’t ‘guarantee a recount’ even though she surpassed original fund

And even if Stein were to clear all those hurdles by Monday, the recount still would likely fall through, and Trump would still be president:

  1. Both the left and the right on Twitter are calling Stein’s recount efforts a scam.

No.5 sure makes it sound like a scam saying all excess money would be funneled towards election integrity and go back to the Green Party. If I were a donor I’d ask for my money back.  

As far as No.2 asking where all the money suddenly came from there is only one answer; George Soros. An investigative journalist reports donations to Jill Stein’s recount campaign are being made programmatically at a steady rate of $160,000 per hour


According to the post a donations to Jill Stein’s election recount campaign are being made at a steady rate of $160,000 on the hour every hour of the day.

The constant rate of donation, 24 hours a day, suggest that a computer program is being used to post the donations as opposed to real people making grassroots donation.

However, the donations are being reported as grassroots donations from a myriad of online supporters to help her verify the integrity of the election.

However, if real individuals are in fact making the actual donations they rate of the donations should drop over night when internet traffic is low. The rate should then steadily pick up during the course of the day up and then culminate during the “internet rush hour” when usage peaks, which is usually between 7 and 11 PM.

Stein, Clinton and Soros are all globalists in favor of a one world order without borders. Soros is a multi billionaire who goes around the world trying to manipulate governments into his vision of a New World Order. Hillary has said she is in favor of a Hemispheric government so Soros manipulating this election fits right into his plan. By demanding a recount here shows that the only way democrats can win is by cheating.


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Trump’s Picks So Far!!! Making America Great Again!!!


So far I am mostly pleased with Trump’s choices for his administration. I say mostly because   I have some qualms about Romney for Sec of State preferring Gen. Petraeus or Rudy Guiliani instead. During his many rallies Trump always brought up how Gen. Petraeus was punished for releasing one confidential-mail while Hillary deleted thousands of supoenaed   e-mails and went unscathed so picking him for Sec.of State would be a good just reward for him. SOURCES: PETRAEUS IN RUNNING FOR SEC. OF STATE…  Trump transition aides mull asking Mitt Romney to issue public APOLOGY for calling Trump ‘phony’ and ‘fraud’ so he can be secretary of state. His team appears split over the prospect of making Romney, the Republican presidential candidate in 2012, America’s top diplomat. Public Apology?

Some of Trump’s staunchest supporters have united to oppose naming a man who called the real estate magnate a “fraud” and a “conman” during the campaign, when he helped lead the party establishment’s drive to sideline him. CROWD COOLS ON ROMNEY…

The president-elect tapped Kathleen Troia “K.T.” McFarland, a former government official and current Fox News analyst, as a deputy national security adviser, a transition official told NBC News. McFarland marks just the third female appointment to his administration The Oxford-educated McFarland, with her experience working in the Ford and Reagan administrations in national security and defense positions, also represents a break from some of the more inexperienced names which Trump has floated for some of his administration’s top jobs McFarland Joins National Security Team…

He also has asked attorney Donald McGahn to serve as his White House counsel, a top transition source confirmed. The news was first reported by Reuters. McGahn, a partner at Jones Day, is Trump’s campaign lawyer and is currently advising the transition effort. Politico has reported that McGahn, who has longstanding familial ties to the Trump organization and an “inside the Beltway” background as a former chairman of the FEC, may be tasked with putting distance between the president-elect and his myriad of business interests, which critics have argued could present unprecedented number of conflicts of interest and potential Constitutional crisis for the incoming administration.

“Don has a brilliant legal mind, excellent character and a deep understanding of constitutional law,” said President-elect Trump in a statement on Friday. “He will play a critical role in our administration, and I am grateful that he is willing to serve our country at such a high-level capacity.”

Meanwhile, following Trump’s selections of South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley as U.N. ambassador and billionaire businesswoman Betsy DeVos for education secretary ,  I like the fact that Trump is picking people outside the mainstream as we need fresh faces and people willing to learn on the job. Ben Carson is one who is being asked to be Sec. of H.U D.(Housing Urban Development) Carson has said he knows a lot about the urban cities and can help them and he doesn’t need the experience as he has the brains and will surround himself with people who have experience.  Carson came from humble beginnings and knows the plight of the poor people. Opponents are saying people like Carson for HUD and Niki Haley for U.N. ambassador don’t have any experience, but I would remind them that when Obama first came in the only experience he had was being a  community organizer and senator for six months who just voted present. He also appointed people who didn’t have any experience such as Valerie Jarrett as his top advisor who said her job was to make this country more Islamic or Cecelia Munoz who was a former VP for the radical group LA Raza. Besides, most people learn their job while on the job.

My only qualm with Betsy DeVos for education secretary is that I understand she favors common core for the schools and in his rallies Trump said he was going to eliminate common core so why would he pick someone who favors it? Maybe he will convince her otherwise. I do like the fact she is for school choice and less government control of schools.

Trump is considering former general James Mattis for Sec. of Defense which I think is an excellent choice. He is a rough, tough military man. Anyone who has read any of Mattis’ quotes can see he is in the Gen. Patton mode. Trump is also considering former Gov. of Texas, Rick Perry for the position too. I also like retired General Michael Flynn as top security adviser.

When Trump had his rallies he often mentioned about how all our companies like Ford, Nabisco and Carrier Air Conditioner were all packing up laying people off and moving to Mexico. Trump recently convinced Ford to stay and is now negotiating with Carrier to reconsider. Trump says ‘making progress’ to keep CARRIER in USA… 

Between these great picks and convincing top companies to stay here people are feeling  a feeling of hope for once and the stock market is at an all time high since Trump won. Trump is truly well on his way to making America great again.

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Obama Cautions Trump About Attacking American Values?? Look Who’sTalking!!!


This guy Obama has a lot of nerve saying he’ll work with Trump and urging his fellow democrats to work with him, but said he will speak out if Trump begins to attack American values. He acts as if Trump is some foreign born person just coming into the office of the President. Trump knows a lot more than Obama does when it comes to American values. Why does he think Trump’s theme is “Make America Great Again?”

President Barack Obama said Sunday that he would withhold criticism of the Trump administration once he’s out of office — even if President-elect Donald Trump tries to dismantle his legacy.

“I want to be respectful of the office and give the president-elect an opportunity to put forward his platform and his arguments without somebody popping off in every instance,” Obama said.

Obama urged his fellow Democrats to try to work with Trump’s team if what it’s doing is good for the country. But he cautioned that if the Trump administration begins to attack American values, he might be compelled to speak up, and so would the Democratic Party. Obama says he’ll give Trump a chance, even if he attacks legacy – AOL News

What does Obama know about American values? He is the most anti-American president we’ve ever had. He hates America. Trump loves America and is very pro American and pro military. Trump is Everything Obama hates.

Obama has to be the single worst  President in American history. A  Muslim sympathizer  who warns the enemy ahead of an attack and fires the Generals who complain.  The great divider who set back race relations 50 years and increased welfare by 150%. The liar who increased taxes and cut our military budget and paychecks until the military is just a skeleton of what it once was. A co-conspirator with the black lives matter and the new  black panther party radical domestic terrorist organization supporting the nation-wide murders of Police Officers. Barrack Hussein Obama; A community organizer/protestor, pro-Muslim, anti-American, anti-military, anti-police son of a bitch and he has the nerve to talk about American values especially cautioning someone like Trump who is and always has been pro-American ,red white and  true blue all the way??

Obama has no American values, he’s a communist, racist, liar who had Black Lives Matter over to the white house and celebrated them as much better organizers than he was and an upcoming force in America. These are the same people who go thru the streets of New York saying, “What do we want? Dead Cops!!When do we want them.  Now!!” and  “Pigs in a blanket!!Fry ‘em like bacon!!”

We all have witnessed Obama’s idea of American Values many misguided such as worsening race relations, hiding behind those incidents and administrative  actions such as IRS actions against one political group, restricting economic growth, causing world -wide furor from terrorists. ?? Obama talks about HIS legacy? LOL Don’t make me laugh!!!!

 Sorry Barack your version of American values can’t hold a candle to Trump’s version and most of America’s version of American values. Something you obviously know nothing about.

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