The Real Russian Collusion Story-it’s Not About Trump!!!



“The media doesn’t want to report it because it involves people they want to protect. That’s the real Russian collusion story. That’s the story of the decade”—President Trump to reporters in the WH on Russian Uranium deal 10/19/2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions hit former FBI director James Comey hard during a Wednesday morning Senate hearing.

Sessions testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss Comey, who was fired by President Donald Trump earlier this year amid the ongoing investigation into alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential elections.

In a sharp jab at Comey, Sessions stated to the committee that the “significance of the error” the former FBI director made on the Hillary Clinton investigation has not yet been fully understood, The Hill reported.

Sessions is so right. The real collusion is with Hillary and the Obama administration with them selling out the country by selling 20% of our uranium to Russia for $145 million dollars in 2010 that went to the Clinton Foundation laundered through Canada.  In 2011Obama signed off on a separate uranium deal with Russia. Putin wasn’t eyeing our election, he was eyeing our uranium. Uranium is the hard core for building nukes and Hillary signed off on putting American lives at stake.

A recent headline in The Hill stated, “FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama Administration approved controversial Uranium One deal with Moscow.” Moscow was allowed to purchase 20% of the U.S. uranium supply and the Obama administration refused to act and pursue charges and went on to approve deals that benefited Putin. Moscow and Russia greatly. Hillary signed off on the deal in 2010 that gave Putin control of our uranium that he can build nukes with. The Obama DOJ kept all  this secret from Congress and the American people until five years after it was signed. In 2015 the DOJ revealed Russian bribery. Obama hid the evidence and blamed Trump with their Russia, Russia, Russia, conspiracy to cover up their misdeeds. Eric Holder knew all about the bribery, kickbacks and money laundering and still allowed the deal to go through.

Russia donated 145 million dollars to their Clinton foundation through Canada while she was still secretary of state. That is a big conflict of interest right there. Hillary sold out America to the Russians while millions flowed to their foundation. She was peddling access and influence all at the expense of the American people.

 Robert Mueller has been investigating Trump and Russia for almost a year now and has come up with nothing. He should be investigating the Clintons but his whole staff is made up of Clinton lawyers.

In 2016 the dems and media were all saying Russia interfered with our elections, but in 2009 they tampered with our nuclear security.  Now we have a real national security threat.

The media should be reporting this but won’t because it doesn’t fit their agenda. As President Trump said today to reporters in the WH while meeting with governor of Puerto Rico, “The media doesn’t want to report it because it involves people they want to protect. That’s the real Russian collusion story. That’s the story of the decade.”


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Stephen King’s “IT” Is Truly Scary And Truly Fun!!!


I just returned from seeing Stephen King’s It and must admit I enjoyed it. It is truly scary and entertaining and fun. The story takes place in a small country town in Maine (Stephen King’s home state) and centers around a group of savvy kids around 12 years old, six boys and one girl who are alienated with the town, their parents and  teachers while they are confronted by a force that returns every 27 years and preys on people’s fears and has been taking the souls of children since1901.

This film is a remake of the 1990 mini-series taken from Stephen King’s novel. The story revolves around a predatory shapeshifter alien which has the ability to transform itself into its prey’s worst fears, allowing it to exploit the phobias of its victims. It mostly takes the form of a sadistic, wisecracking clown called Pennywise . Everyone in this film is mean including the bullies who constantly attack the kids. I think that was to make the kids personalities stand out more.

Although there are some bloody scenes they are far between allowing time for story and character development. The kids are all readily identifiable. They all see different things happening to them and then find it is a mind trip, but when they start putting the pieces together and do some research they find out that this mind altering shape shifter has been returning every 27 years taking the souls of missing children and vow to put an end to it.

The shape shifter takes on the form of an evil clown who is truly evil in more ways than one and lives in the old haunted house in the town and roams through the sewers of the town.


There are plenty of creepy passages and rooms in the house and plenty of sewer romps in here also. It can extend its’ mouth to reveal what looks like long steel pointed sharp teeth and can swallow a whole face which it tried to do with one of their pals. It also sprouts large spider like claws when it wants to and has various stringy things shoot out of its’ body tangling its’ victims up in.

Although this film is well done and a big hit and making lots of money I couldn’t help but think I’ve seen this all before. When the kids find out it is using them against each other and preys on their fears, they decide not to show it any fear to defeat it. I couldn’t help but think of an old Star Trek episode where a force enters the enterprise when they are meeting with the Klingons and forces the crew of the Enterprise and Klingons to war with each other and gets its’ strength from their anger. When they discover this they show the force they are wise to it and stop being angry and it goes away. The same thing happened here. Some of the effects I’ve seen before too such as an entire room becoming covered in blood and the way blood oozes up through the drain boards in the floor. But overall it’s a good movie and lots of fun and good scares.


Check out this spooky trailer from”IT.

It Official Trailer #2 (2017) Stephen King Horror Movie HD – YouTube


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Hollywood Hypocrisy Reigns Supreme in Weinstein Scandal!!!

      hollywoodhypocrisy         All these Hollywood people are acting so shocked, surprised and appalled at the Harvey  Weinstein allegations. How much more phony and hypocritical can they get? They all knew about it for years now. Some of the accusers have said things that happened to them 20 years ago. The notion of the Hollywood casting couch has gone back as far as movies have been a big business. I remember hearing about that in the late 50’s. According to wikipedia, the Casting Couch has been around since about 1910, Joan Collins said she endured it in the 1950’s.

 “I’m sad, I’m disgusted,” said publicity executive Cindi Berger, who represented Weinstein’s films over the past two decades, but says she never heard of any abusive sexual behavior. “I learned so much from Harvey. ... When people say he was a modern-day Louis B. Mayer, he was.”

 “Everyone knew these stories,” one Hollywood publicist said. “Not the specifics. But people knew it was a hostile work environment, and that he was a bully to people. Because he could win you an Oscar, we were all supposed to look the other way.” (Several sources, who were not authorized to speak publicly or who fear Weinstein’s wrath even now, spoke on the condition of anonymity.)

 Actor Woody Allen feels “sad” for the disgraced producer, who has been accused of sexual harassmentsexual assault and rape by more than a dozen women. Allen — who famously faced a set of sexual assault allegations of his own — has worked with the Hollywood honcho multiple times since the mid-’90s, but insisted that he was entirely unaware of any rape or sexual assault claims against his colleague. Wow a guy who would and did play around with his step kids comes to the defense of another known pervert. Talk about birds of a feather.

Movie director and writer Quentin Tarantino who is no virgin to sexual escapades since all his movies are loaded with sex and violence had this  to say,” “For the last week I’ve been stunned and heartbroken about the revelations that have come to light about my friend for 25 years Harvey Weinstein,” Tarantino wrote. “I need a few more days to process my pain, emotions, anger and memory and then I will speak publicly about it.”  Yes think of a good one Quentin.

Now women overseas that Weinstein worked with are coming forth saying he raped them. It’s like he raped and attacked everyone in Hollywood now. I just wonder how many of these are real or imagined by people who just want to get in the limelight now since it is all coming out all at once. I know there is safety in numbers and the pressure is great not to say anything at the time lest their careers are destroyed, but it is just hard to tell what is real and what is not when it comes to the Hollywood crowd. I realize this guy is a triple AAA No.1 sleazebag and I’m not defending this scumbag in the least, but it’s just funny this is coming out all of a sudden and by so many. It reminds me of the Cosby accusers.

But the biggest poser of them all is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Says There’s A ‘Sexual Assaulter In The Oval Office.’ She Clearly Forgot To Whom She’s Married.

She says she commends the women who have stepped forward and are telling their stories, which is hilarious, because she actually went after her rapist husband’s accusers and called them names.

Hillary also said this isn’t just about Harvey. This is about that behavior in general. It, she says, cannot and should not be tolerated anywhere. And she literally said– I kid you not– “…this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere. Whether it’s in entertainment, politics– after all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office…”


 Hillary Clinton went after President Trump Friday calling him a sexual assaulter. 

The interviewer responded to Clinton’s comments by pointing out that the same allegations have been made about her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

“That has all been litigated. That was [the] subject of a huge investigation in the late ’90s and there were conclusions drawn. That was clearly in the past.”she said in typical Clinton patter.

The worst assault was Hillary, who destroyed their reputation to protect the serial rapist, Bill

She is truly delusional! How does she have the nerve to make these comments when she is married to the likes of Bill who is a serial rapist and assaulter of women.

Anthony Bourdain is not happy with Hillary Clinton’s “shameful” response to Harvey Weinstein’salleged sexual misconduct, including serial sexual harassment and even rape.

Bourdain — whose girlfriend Asia Argento has accused the disgraced producer of raping her 20 years ago — was mid-Twitter rant about the debacle on Wednesday evening when Clinton told CNN she was “sick” and “shocked” by the allegations.

“Hillary’s interview with Fareed Zakaria was shameful in its deflection and its disingenuousness,” Bourdain, who has his own CNN show, said Wednesday. “Know what Hillary Clinton is NOT? She’s not stupid. Or unsophisticated  about the world. The Weinstein stories had been out there for years. Mindless Hillary hate aside, this was a terrible response to questions about a ‘friend’ who’s been tormenting women for decades.”

At least Jane Fonda admits she knew of Weinstein’s behavior a year ago, but is ashamed she never said anything. Ms. Fonda said fellow actress Rosanna Arquette — one of many women coming forward with accusations against Mr. Weinstein — confided in her, but she was not “bold” enough to go public with the information.

“I found out about Harvey a year ago, and I’m ashamed I didn’t say anything back then,” the activist and co-founder of Women’s Media Center told CNN on Thursday. “I was not that bold. I guess it hadn’t happened to me, and I didn’t feel it was my place. I’m glad it’s coming out. I’m so proud of those fellow actors that are speaking up. I know that it has taken a long time. It is a very, very, very hard thing to do. You don’t get anything out of it as the person who has been victimized, but it is important that it comes out.”

I can’t believe she didn’t know of this earlier. She’s been around for almost 50 years now. I also can’t believe that these people are so naive that they didn’t know this was going on. Anyone who expresses surprise or ignorance of this type of behavior is playing a role.That type of activity is routine in this morally bankrupt part of the world and EVERYONE has know it forever.

The rest of the liberal elites, including Barack, Hillary,Bill and all of the Senators and House members knew exactly what was going on for years especially coming from the Democrat party, who is always playing the war on women card. Hypocrites personified. I knew a guy years ago, who went to the Democratic National Convention in Detroit. He indicated that many of the Congressman and Senators at the Convention had women (who were not their wives) go into the Senators and House members Hotel Rooms and these women would spend the night. Hey Hillary and Barack, it looks like your party is the war on women!

Actor Nathan Lane summed it up perfectly when he recently said, “All these people feigning shock and surprise remind me of Claude Rains the police commissioner in Casablanca who feigned shock that gambling was going on.” Well said Nathan. Well said.

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Stephen Stills And Judy Collins In Concert!!!


In the1960’s Stephen Stills of the folk-rock group Crosby, Still, Nash and Young, after appearing in Buffalo Springfield, had a brief romantic affair with folk singer Judy Collins to whom he wrote the famous song “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” for. Now 50 years later they are touring together.

Stephen is now 72 years old and has been married three times and has seven grown children. His current wife is 51. In a 1971 interview in Rolling Stone the interviewer noted “so many of your songs seem to be about Judy Collins.” Stills replied, “Well, there are three things men can do with women: love them, suffer for them, or turn them into literature. I’ve had my share of success and failure at all three.”

Judy is now 78 and has been married twice. She divorced her first husband many years ago and in April 1996, she married designer Louis Nelson, whom she had been seeing since 1979 who is now 81. They live in Manhattan in New York City. She had one son who committed suicide from drugs and depression and having suffered from depression and drugs mostly alcohol like her father in the past,Judy today is an activist for suicide prevention. She’s been clean since 1978. She’s known for her signature song “Both Sides Now,”  “Someday Soon” ‘Send in the Clowns” and “Chelsea Morning” and has appeared and sung with every major folk singer such as the late Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Arlo Guthrie  and the Byrds.

The last time I saw Stephen Stills was about 18 years ago when CSN&Y regrouped for a while. I have seen Judy about seven times over the last 20 years and she’s always a joy to see and listen to with her angelic voice that rings clear as a bell.

Friday night’s concert in Englewood, N.J was a joyous and entertaining one. Judy came out in her usual trademark black sequined pants suit and said, “As you know Stephen and I have known each other for a long , long time. This tour is like couple’s therapy for us” Backed by piano played by her long time music arranger and drums and guitar they lit into several of their known songs as well as more obscure songs from their albums and Judy and Stephen’s new album together.

The songs ranged from Judy’s chrystal clear, haunting melodic songs and voice to Stephan’s versatile rock and roll guitar solos.  Stephen told of once being on tour in Minnesota in the middle of February, “You know you’re a failure when you’re on tour in Minnesota in February,” Stephen said, “It was like the opening scene in the  movie  ‘Fargo’. He then recalled seeing a sign for Hibbing, Minn. and knew that’s where Bob Dylan was from. He and Judy then went into a romantic duet version of Dylan’s song, “Girl  From the North Country.”

Stephen said  he and Judy had a brief affair in the 60’s and remained good friends ever since. He said the reason they have been in touch so long is because they married other people.

Judy then went into her signature song “Both Sides Now.”  I’ve heard Judy do this every time I’ve seen her and this is one of the best versions I’ve heard her do it. She then told of meeting a woman named Marianne and she said she was Leonard Cohen’s wife who Leonard wrote ‘Suzanne” for. Judy then did “Suzanne” and her voice was so pure and sterling and haunting with just her in a spotlight that it sent shivers through you and you could hear a pin drop.

Judy then told how she met the Clintons in1991 and they told her they named her daughter after her song “Chelsea Morning.” She thanked them and then said she later learned they told Joni Mitchell the same thing. Mitchell made Chelsea Morning into a hit also. She then did “Chelsea Morning.”

Stephen then roused the crowd up with a really rocking version of his hit from the Buffalo Springfield days “For What it’s Worth” which got everyone singing along.

The concert ended with them doing “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” but just an extended version of the chorus which got everyone up and dancing.

It was a joyous and uplifting concert. Be sure to check them out if they come to a city near you. They are scheduled for Nevada and Calif. from Oct.21 to Nov. 3rd.

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Family Held Prisoner in Pakistan is Saved By Trump!!!

CaitlanColeman and Joshua Boyle

You wouldn’t know it from the Mainstream Media, but President Donald Trump’s administration announced Thursday they’d secured the release of an American family held prisoner by the Taliban for five years — a humiliating blow to former President Barack Obama’s legacy. For years, Obama failed to do anything about it. This tells me once again whose side Obama was really on.

In 10-months since he left office, the international respect of the United States and our military might has improved so much the Taliban voluntarily gave up five key hostages.

The couple had appeared on numerous videos during Obama’s second term pleading for his help and saying, “Please do not be the next Jimmy Carter”, a reference to the Carter administration’s failure to secure freedom for the Americans held in Iran in 1979.

Nothing was done – until now. Last week, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and Gen. Joseph Dunford appeared before Congress and promised that Islamic terrorists would no longer be allowed use Pakistan as a sanctuary.

“Something happened today, where a country that totally disrespected us called with some very, very important news. One of my generals came in and they said, ‘You know, I have to tell you, a year ago they would’ve never done that.’ It was a great sign of respect,” Trump said.

“You’ll probably be hearing about it over the next few days. But this is a country that did not respect us. This is a country that respects us now. The world is starting to respect us again, believe me.”

The message was received — and now, an American woman and her children are finally coming home.

I really believe that as time goes on, The Democrats saying not my President are only going to be embarrassing  themselves more. Trump has already done more in his short term in office than Obama did in 8 years. Obama was leading the Democratic party, rather than protecting the people and getting things done to help the average American. Trump is the first president in quite a few years that is working for the people, not his party, regardless of what they are promoting, an all or nothing approach, which the American people were good and tired of and that’s a big reason while even Hillary couldn’t get herself elected, even after spending nearly a billion dollars from her rich cronies.

So far under Trump the market is up 25%, 5.2 trillion dollars in new wealth has been created, we have the lowest unemployment rate in 16 years, the best labor participation rate in 7 years and the lowest number of people on food stamps in seven years.

You will NEVER see or hear any of this or about the release of the American family held by the Taliban from the MSM. Nor will you hear the employment for minority Americans is up.—jobs, jobs, jobs.

But then a strange twist occurred. The Canadian man who was rescued from his terrorist captors along with his American wife and their three children after spending five years as hostages refused to board a US military plane on Thursday over fears he will now face punishment over his first marriage to a known terror suspect.  

Caitlan Coleman, 31, was given back to US commandos along with her husband Joshua Boyle, 34, and their three young children after being rescued by Pakistani forces late on Wednesday night.

They were being transported in the trunk of a car from one location to another by their Haqqani-network captors when Pakistani forces ambushed their convoy and rescued them. 

There was a shootout and Boyle told relatives the last words he heard were his kidnappers shouting ‘kill the hostages’. He was wounded by shrapnel and his captors were killed, one official said.  

 President Trump celebrated their release as a joint effort between US and Pakistani officials on Thursday. However, Boyle is refusing to get on a US military plane at the air base in Bagram. Instead, he wants to go to Islamabad – where the Canadian military has a base – and board one of its aircraft, according to The Toronto Star which has been in contact with his parents. 

 They say he fears he will be punished for his first marriage to al Qaeda supporter Zaynab Khadr, the older sister of Omar Khadr who spent eight years between 2002 and 2010 in Guantanamo Bay for war crimes he still denies.  

 Between 2009 and 2010, Boyle was married to Zaynab Khadr whose father was a close friend of Osama Bin Laden and who defended the 9/11 attacks. She is a Canadian citizen but is now believed to live in Sudan with her fourth husband and four children 

 Here is a timeline of events:

  • Caitlan Coleman, 31, and her husband Joshua Boyle, 34, were released on Wednesday 
  • The couple were abducted in Afghanistan in 2012 when she was pregnant with their first child
  • The pair were taken by the Haqqani network and have been held in Pakistan ever since 
  • On Wednesday, the Pakistani government facilitated their release in a joint effort with US officials
  • Boyle – who was previously married to terror suspect Zaynab Khadr – is refusing to board a US plane
  • He fears he may be arrested upon his return to the US or Canada because of his first marriage 
  • The Khadr family is known as Canada’s ‘first family of terrorism’ because of its Al Qaeda links 
  • Boyle was previously questioned in Canada but was living freely when he was kidnapped  

When they were abducted, the couple’s relatives said they were innocent, but naive adventure seekers. They had been married for a year when went to Afghanistan in 2012 .

One of Joshua’s friends writing an article for a Canadian magazine told how he had always been interested in Afghanistan and Islam. 

He said he was viewed as a ‘trouble maker’ by the then Conservative Canadian government and that he enjoyed ‘thumbing his nose’ at authorities. I f he was viewed as a trouble maker and  thumbed his nose at authorities then I have very little sympathy for him.

The author, who met him in 2002 – the same year Omar Khadr was detained – said he feared he may have ‘bitten off more than he could chew’ with his bold travels to Afghanistan. 

‘Joshua has a loose connection to Afghanistan, a deep respect for Islam — he may even have been in the process of converting — and a purely academic interest in terrorism, but none of that even remotely qualifies him to travel safely in Afghanistan. 

‘It could have been simple naiveté, but I, and many others, have always known Joshua as an exceptionally cunning and savvy man. 

‘Maybe he was overconfident. Maybe he was immature. Maybe this time Joshua just bit off more than he could chew,’ he said.  

 I hope he learned a valuable lesson after being held captive for five years that Islam is not all it’s cracked up to be. Yes he was immature and naïve like his friend and parents said.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was at the White House on Wednesday, has not spoken of Boyle’s release and is not thought to have had a role in securing it .

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Trump Tries Again On Healthcare Reform And Taxes!!!


President Trump recently met with Democrat leaders in an attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare since his own party wouldn’t do it after saying they would for seven years if given the house, senate and presidency. The American people did that and they voted it down thanks to the likes of RINO never Trumpers Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and John McCaine. I don’t blame him for trying to appeal to the other side in this instance, but I don’t think he would meet with much success there since it is their own plan and they don’t want changes so like in most cases he’ll do it himself and next week is expected to roll back some Obamacare requirements.

President Donald Trump will sign an executive order next week to start lifting some insurance rules set by his predecessor’s Affordable Care Act in the aftermath of the failed Republican bid to repeal the law, a senior administration official said Saturday.

The order is aimed at expanding insurance options for Americans who buy coverage on their own or work for a small employer, and would include broad instructions for agencies to explore ways to loosen regulations and potentially lower premiums, as well as looking at three specific areas of health insurance. It has been anticipated by industry officials and political observers in the days since the GOP repeal effort crashed.

Republicans have long contended that the insurance rules set by the 2010 health law, popularly dubbed Obamacare, have driven up premiums in the individual and small group markets, for healthier Americans especially. Democrats and supporters of the law typically counter that the rules have protected consumers from unwittingly buying shoddy products and helped subsidize the costs of sicker Americans.

Mr. Trump will order three agencies, the departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and Treasury, to take steps to make it easier for people to band together and buy insurance through “association health plans,” the official said.

Such plans would in some ways be like large employer’s health plans, subject to some restrictions set by the Affordable Care Act, including a ban on lifetime limits. But they would be free of other regulations, including the requirement that insurance plans cover a set package of benefits. These plans are popular with conservatives; some insurers fear that associations would peel off healthier and younger individuals and leave traditional insurance plans to cover sicker and older customers.

The president also will order the agencies to start winding back an Obama-era rule curbing coverage known as “short-term medical insurance,” a low-cost but limited-protection option, and allow people to once again buy those plans for up to a year, the official said.

These wimpy republicans are so ridiculous in their thinking. All they have to do is work with Trump for three months on his agenda of lower taxes, energy independence, the wall and repealing and replacing Obamacare and they would own Washington for a generation. It’s that simple, but they would rather not be in charge and be the party that sits back and criticizes the other.

Recently Sean Hannity interviewed Rush Limbaugh and Rush said “The republicans didn’t expect to win and weren’t prepared for it. They’ve become accustomed to being   in the minority and being the loyal opposition which means caving into everything the democrats want. The voters come second and donors first.”

Limbaugh went on to explain that they don’t want Trump to succeed because they can’t afford it. They can’t afford an outsider to come in and fix problem s that have been plaguing Americans for 30 years because it will make them look bad, “Democrats think they know better how to spend your money and run your life better than you do,” Limbaugh said.

Ronald Reagan slashed personal income rate from 70% to 28% which expanded GOP growth, gov’t revenues nearly doubled and he created 20 million new jobs. Trump is trying to do the same thing and make the tax code more affordable.  Right now the top wage earners pay 70% of the taxes. Under Trump’s plan the top wage earners won’t see a decrease and that’s where it should be because that’s where the growth is.

Democrats love to foment class warfare by saying” tax the rich,” but when you tax the rich the economy stagnates. When you lower taxes on the rich they hire more, the rich are people who spend money on lavish things like cars, yachts and expensive jewelry and invest more and that all goes back into the economy. It’s that simple.


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The Strange Case Of Stephen Paddock!!!

 “At face value he had to have some help at some point and we want to ensure that that’s the answer” Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph: Lombardo


The more one delves into the life and case of this mass killer named Stephen Paddock the stranger it gets. First we discover that his father was a bank robber wanted on the F.B.I.’s most wanted list, Paddock himself supposedly took illegal drugs and collected over 43 weapons he had stashed in his three homes and was a wealthy real estate guy. The Las Vegas shooter was so hooked on gambling. He played up to 1,000 hands of video poker in a single hour – at a cost of $100,000.

Stephen Paddock bet the colossal sums by playing $125 a time hands at ‘ferocious’ speeds for eight hour stints in casinos on The Strip and in Reno.

Top video poker players told that players like Paddock look like ‘stenographers’ on the machines because their fingers move so fast.

They had seen Paddock at exclusive VIP tournaments in Las Vegas where he won and lost six-figure sums.

The players described him was a ‘low level high roller’ but he still would have got perks like free limousine rides and $10,000 of free money to play with.

Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock’s brother once threatened to kill a friend in California, TMZ reported.

Bruce Paddock had been squatting in a San Fernando Valley home in 2014, when his friend Hector Cruz, the owner, accused him of tampering with machinery, the website reported.

When Cruz confronted him, Paddock allegedly said, “If you keep f—— with me, I am going to kill you and drop you in the desert.”

The 57-year-old Paddock also told Cruz, “Hit me like a man,” and punched his antagonist in one arm.

“I am extremely afraid of Paddock, who has intimidated me by his violent character and destruction of my business office and my service bay,” Cruz said in court papers, according to the website.

Cruz alleged Paddock liked to get high and sold methamphetamine and marijuana. His behavior is “extremely erratic and unpredictable,” Cruz claimed.

Police have uncovered 47 firearms stashed across three locations by Stephen Paddock including within the hotel room, inside his home, and at another residence near Reno, Nevada. Investigators found 12 rifles with modified bump-stocks in the hotel room, along with thousands of rounds of ammunition. A bump-stock is a fairly simple modification that enables a semi-automatic weapon to replicate the firing speed of an automatic weapon.

American police say they have found no connection between Stephen Paddock and ISIS. Eric Paddock, the shooters brother, explained, “[Stephen] has no political affiliation, no religious affiliation, as far as we know. This wasn’t a terror attack.”

What does he mean it wasn’t a terror attack? Just because the attacker wasn’t an Islamist doesn’t mean it wasn’t a terror attack. Terrorists come in all shapes, sizes and races. This was a full blown terror attack in my book.

The shooter’s girlfriend and roommate, Marilou Danley, has also been named as a person of interest in the FBI investigation. According to a spokesman for the Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation, Danley arrived in the Philippines a few weeks before the massacre unfolded. The source added that “there was a wire transfer to her account for $100,000 from Stephen,” possibly suggesting that Danley had previous knowledge of the attack.


Danley has returned to the US on Tuesday for questioning. However, investigators have stated they do not believe she was involved in the crime.

Only time will tell as to whether Paddock was radicalized, or whether he was just a disturbed individual succumb to the evilest of inclinations. 

Stephen Paddock, the accused shooter in the Las Vegas massacre, was reportedly prescribed an anti-anxiety drug in June, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

The outlet reported the news after obtaining records from the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program. The records show Paddock had been prescribed 50, 10-milligram diazepam tablets on June 21st.

According to the outlet, the brand name for the drug is Valium and it is a sedative-hypnotic drug which can cause aggressive behavior when abused and trigger psychotic episodes. Those experiences are further amplified with alcohol.

A retired FBI profiler, Jim Clemente, said in an interview that investigators may be able to prove if Paddock had some kind of neurological disorder if his suicide did not destroy his brain.

Danley told investigators through her lawyer that she had no idea Paddock was like that or capable of doing something like that and looked forward to them living a quiet life together. On the other hand she said she remembers him exhibiting symptoms such as lying in bed and moaning, according to two former FBI officials who have been briefed on the matter.

“She said he would lie in bed, just moaning and screaming, ‘Oh, my God,'” one of the former officials said.

The other former official said Danley spoke about Paddock displaying “mental health symptoms.” But so far the FBI has not identified a clear motive, “said two FBI officials. And they do not believe Paddock’s mental health had deteriorated to a point that would have triggered him to commit such an act.

I don’t buy her answer for one minute. This is a woman was born and raised in the Phillipines and later moved to Australia where her sister lives. She married two Americans and living with them at the same time before knowing Paddock. Paddock told her to put the money he sent down to her to buy a house with. Was he planning on moving there in an escape?  

When Danley received a call from her brother informing her what Paddock had done and that the police wanted to speak with her she replied, “Don’t worry. I have a clear conscience and will take care of everything.”

Let’s parse this sentence. Tell him not “to worry” about what? What does her having “a clear conscience” mean? What does she mean by she will “take care of everything?”  Now when she appears with her lawyer she acts so surprised and shocked? Islam has a strong presence in the Phillipines. Could it be she was a Muslim who radicalized him? There was lots of radical ANTIFA literature all over one of his houses and ANTIFA has aligned themselves with ISIS. Hence a possible ISIS connection by Paddock

So we’re supposed to believe that, a person who’s “not a gun guy” has either expended untold thousands of dollars to legally purchase fully-automatic weapons, somehow found them on the black market, or purchased and substantially modified multiple semi-automatic weapons — and did so with enough competence to create a sustained rate of fire. This same person also spent substantial sums purchasing just the right hotel room to maximize casualties. I cannot think of a single other mass shooter who went to this level of expense and planning in the entire history of the United States.   Paddock must have put in a lot of effort and expense for a guy who knows even less about guns than the Washington Post.

“Not an avid gun guy at all…where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background,” Paddocks brother said.

I recently found two conversations by two former marines who are experts on automatic firearms that verify reports that there were other shooters on the fourth floor at the same time Paddock was fiirng

Byron Searle • a day ago

I agree with Bob, I heard 2 distinct weapons systems going at the same time. The media is trying to say that it is the echo from the buildings. There had to be more than one shooter, I have fired those systems in my younger days and they were a handful then, unless the shooter was superman there is no way a 64 year old accountant could handle that weapon on full auto for 10 minutes straight. Now they say he had 23 weapons up in his room with 400lbs of ammo, what did he pack mule all that weight up to the room in? This is too clean, had to be false flag. My prayers go out to the families of the people wounded and killed, but I am afraid this will not be the end of it.

Bob Berberich • 2 days ago

A Vietnam Combat vet can tell a .223/ 5.56 from a .308/ .30 cal (7.62×39). You could hear both at the same time.The low slower rumble was the 30 and the higher pitch and more rapid was the .556. The 30 requires much more to hold the barrel down and maintain any aim at all as it wants to “climb up”. Why he used Armor piercing ammo is stupid or smart. The bullet would go completely through a body and maybe two or more. To just kill, hollow points would cause the most death, blood and mayhem. It’s goofy. They showed 30 round magazines on the floor still loaded. He should have used 100 round drums instead. Again Goofy.

 Roy McMillan II  Bob Berberich • 2 days ago

Bob, I heard that weapons difference as soon as I watched one of the videos. As a Marine Infantryman, I have heard many “Talking Guns” at the range and you are dead on about hearing the difference between a .30 cal and .223 cal. This was skilled and trained shooters. This is not an unskilled, untrained retired accountant. I have fired tens of thousands of rounds, and I would not have been able to pull off a mission like this by myself. This required at least two shooters and I would expect a third person handing off and reloading weapons.

I also find it strange how we have several pro gun bills heading for a vote and a shooter goes after a Senator. Bills are delayed. Senator recovers and bills are back up for consideration and we suddenly have another mass casualty shooting. ,Hmmmm!!!

 There is a link to a police scanner that police reported gunfire at three different locations, one at “Gate 7, one third of the way up the building, and one at the 32nd floor.”  There are also videos of muzzle flashes on at least two floors sticking out of the windows. Like the JFK killing, I believe the government is trying to cover this up, possibly even orchestrated by the lefties in high government places.  A FBI official said there were cameras in the hotel, but after Comey, I don’t trust the FBI anymore at all.

Here is a video showing shots coming out of the 4th floor. There was multiple shooters. The media is not showing this part.




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