Are We Living In The End Of Times?


I come from a good Christian family though not strict, but faithful. My mother was a voracious reader and taught Sunday school and researched a lot of things from the bible. One day when I was a young teen-ager in the early 60’s we had a discussion on the end of times. She told me the bible said God said the world would be destroyed by fire next. At the time I was thinking things like the earth careening into the sun or a comet hitting the earth, but with today’s nuclear ambitions in rogue countries like Iran swearing to “blow Isreal off the map” and “cripple the United States” the answer is obvious to me now.

My mom also explained other signs to me that my minister also discussed and conferred with me when I visited him one day. Some of these signs were 1) wars and rumors of wars. Today while we hear of Iraq and Iran and Syria and Isreal, some historians have suggested that there are about 50 wars going on between smaller countries. 2) Fruits and flowers blooming out of season. At the time I envisioned flowers blooming during snowstorms and cold weather, but could this be the alleged global warming and so called climate change liberals are always whining about? 3) Disease and pestilence throughout the world. We’ve seen ebola on the rise and now with all these illegals coming in here they are bringing back diseases that have since been vanquished in this country as well as new diseases effecting young kids like the enrovirus and entrovirus as they are being shuttled around the country and placed in different foster homes. 4) When there is one dominant religion throughout the world. There are many religions throughout the world with Christianity being the biggest. Today Islam is rapidly covering the earth and coming close to overtaking Christianity , especially with these radical Islamists slaughtering Christians  daily. 5) Remarkable inventions,  I think  the rapid advancement of technology such as the internet, smart phones, with all the aps and texting bringing people closer together is in itself  a remarkable invention and I’m sure you could think of many more. 6) People moving place to place a rapid rate. With the super trains and super jet travel you can fly from the United States to England in just a few hours now. 7) Great strife in the Middle East. This is self explanatory now. Although the Middle East has  always been in turmoil since the biblical days it has never been in the state it is in now with Isreal and Palestine firing rockets at each other, Iran  and Iraq  fighting with each other and ISIS beheading people left and right and growing stronger every day and governments there being overthrown.  

There have been other signs too. World Net Daily has been running an excellent series on the four blood moons of which we’ve already experienced three this year and a fourth one coming up. A blood moon is a total lunar eclipse when the earth’s shadow covers the moon and it appears blood red. This is a rare occurance  when four happen in one year and usually something awful happens afterwards. “Everyone is talking about blood moons,” Sid Roth says. “But what most people don’t know is that every time historically when there is what is known as a Tetrad – four blood moons – on the biblical feasts, something significant has happened to change the whole world.” This has happened only eight times over the last 2,000 years!” Biltz said. “And the last two times these occurred on the Jewish holidays there was a war in the Middle East regarding the nation of Israel. These are patterns and historical facts that cannot be disregarded. The Jewish Talmud records that total lunar eclipses are indicators or omens for the nation of Israel.” The next and fouth blood moon is scheduled for Sept. 28th.

The Bible also mentions the arrival of an anti- Christ figure emerging saying he will be someone everyone likes, but will be very deceitful and cause much chaos in the world before the end of times and will rule for seven years. He supposedly will be from the middle-east or Africa. Enter Barrack Obama. When he first came on the scene people swooned over him and called him “messiah” and “the one” yet nobody knew anything about him. He claimed he was born in Hawaii, but there were no birth records and the birth certificates he produced were proven forgeries. Other evidence showed him being born in a hospital in Indonesia and his grandmother and half sister claimed they witnessed his birth there. The media continued to surround the wagons around him and people voted for him just because he “was the first black president.” Actually he is only 5% black. He is 50% white and 45% Arab. He claimed he was a Christian even though his father and stepfather were both muslims and in the muslim religion the offspring take on the religion of the father. When he visited the president of Egypt he said “I am a muslim.  The proud son of a muslim father and a muslim step father.”   This could be why he’s soft on ISIS and refuses to say the words ”radical Islam.” Since he has been in office the world has been turned upside down. He’s turned our friends into enemies and enemies into friends. Our friends no longer trust us and enemies no longer fear us. I’m not directly saying he’s the anti-Christ, but he’s darn near it. Pray for your families, pray for our country. I report you decide.

 Signs of the End Times – 2014 Biblical End of Time Signs

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Hillary vs. Marco Rubio…Random Thoughts


hillary-clinton-46_1201962c.jpg (460×288)
Who wants yesterday’s papers?

Who wants yesterday’s news?

Nobody in the World—-The Rolling Stones

Yes Hillary is yesterday’s news. Not only that,but to steal a title from the late Jerry Garcia’s album she’s “old and in the way” :D

She’s been First Lady, senator, and now secretary of state and has no major accomplishments in those positions. In fact things have gotten worse. Under her watch Putin invaded the Ukraine after she had a reset button with him, She refused the ambassador help in Benghazi when he asked for it then lied about it afterwards and she helped pull out of Iraq which opened the door for ISIS to come in. The only accomplishment she’s had is that she holds the record for most flight miles of anyone.

Yes the world is ready for a woman president, but not her which is why I’m hoping for Carly Fiorina. She is a woman who rose from being a secretary to being CEO of one of the largest corporations Hewlett Packard. Besides if it came down to Carly vs. Hillary the media wouldn’t be able to use the woman issue like they probably will do when Hilary runs against a male candidate.

Hillary talks about the wealth gap yet she is one of the wealthiest women in the white house. Her wealth is estimated at 15 million dollars, she received a 14 million dollar advance for her book “Hard Choices” which didn’t do that well, she gets $200,000 for a speech and owns two  multi million dollar homes in New York and D.C. and she is chauffeured around on a bus that has heated seats, a bed and a 29 inch flat screen T.V. This is supposed to be a woman of the people? She’s just a cold calculating elitist.

Another reason not to support Hillary is her blatant temper and foul potty mouth. Here are just a few examples: Ron Kessler quoting Hillary in his book, “Where’s the F*******flag? I want the G**damn F******* flag up every F*******morning at F******* sunrise.”

How about the quote from Christopher Anderson in his book “American Evita,” “F***off. It’s enough I have to see you s***kickers every morning. Just do your G**damn job and keep your mouth shut.” And that was just to secret service agents. No wonder Bill fooled around with other women. I would too if I was married to someone like that which I wouldn’t be in the first place. Rush Limbaugh said it best when he said , “Hillary is someone who latched onto someone who was going places, followed him around wherever he went then took over when he got here.”

Enter Marco Rubio,senator from Florida running on the republican side. Marco is a clean cut Hispanic person who can talk about the American Dream first hand because both his parents are Cuban immigrants who worked hard when they got here and earned their American citizenship the right way..Newmax recently published  nine reasons to vote for Maro.Here they are:

  1. His fundraising prospects are good.He has hired a leading GOP fundraiser — Anna Rogers, finance director for American Crossroads, Karl Rove’s political advocacy group. She will lead the effort to raise at least $50 million for a campaign. It is also significant that Rubio is one of only four potential GOP candidates invited to a gathering hosted by major Republican donors Charles and David Koch. Romney and Jeb Bush were not invited.2. He’s the son of Cuban immigrants.Rubio would likely garner a larger share of the Latino vote in the general election than recent GOP candidates. Poor showings among Hispanic voters have hurt Republicans in past elections.
  2. Rubio would expand the voter base among all immigrants.Rubio has bucked a GOP trend and backed a plan providing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States, although he has more recently backed away from some of the provisions.4. He hails from Florida.With California and New York solidly blue and Texas solidly red, Florida stands as the most significant swing state and the key to winning a presidential election. Look no further than the 2000 race when a handful of votes in the Sunshine State gave George W. Bush the win over Al Gore.

    5. He is getting an early start in what could be a primary battle. While the GOP presidential field is expected to be crowded, so far only two other candidates have officially announced that they are running: Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul.

    6. Rubio’s Tea Party credentials are solid. The Washington Post has referred to him as the “crown prince” of the Tea Party movement, and he has earned perfect 100 ratings from the American Conservative Union.

    7. His new book put him in the spotlight. Rubio has been on tour to promote “American Dreams: Restoring Economic Opportunity for Everyone.” It outlines his proposals for addressing a number of issues including economic security and income inequality.

    8. He is articulate and would fare well in presidential debates. Political observers have praised Rubio’s rhetorical skills and he was chosen to deliver the official Republican response to President Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address.

    9. Rubio has considerable political experience. Before joining the U.S. Senate, he served four terms in the Florida legislature and had stints as speaker of the House, majority leader, and majority whip. And those who maintain that he would not be a formidable candidate after just one term in the Senate need to be reminded that Obama had been in the Senate barely two years when he announced what would be a successful run for president.

    However, the playing field is still young and there are at least  20 candidates on the republican side and now some challengers to Hillary on the democrat side so it’s going to be interesting.

 PAPER: More than 2 MILLION of Hillary’s TWITTER followers fake…

Under fire for ‘buying’ FACEBOOK fans…

9 Reasons Why Rubio Is a Strong Presidential Candidate

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Dancing Pros Live: You Pick the Winner in Englewood, N.J.






My wife and I are big fans of Dancing With The Stars so when we heard that “Dancing Pros” was coming to our regular theater in Englewood, N.J. we thought it would be fun to go.

Hosted by Drew Lachey (pronounced La Shay and brother of actor Nick Lachey) and Edyta Sliwinska of Dancing with the Stars, Dancing Pros is a traveling troupe of professional dancers from the shows “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With the Stars.  Several vocals were provided by Angel Taylor of “The Voice.” Drew was a contestant in Season 3 of DWTS and won then. Drew added several amusing comments  to each of the dance couples as they approached the judges. Chelsea Hightower of DWTS and SYTYCD also participated. Karina Smirnoff of DWTS served as a judge along with another profesional dance judge and danced too. 

There were five couples and the audience got the chance to vote for the best couple at the end with special hand held devices at our seats. Each couple performed singularly and as a group. The performed such dances as cha-chas, Pasa Doble,jive, contemporary, free style and various Latin Dances. The costumes and dances were elegant and very sexy and the guy dancers flaunted their muscles and bare chests much to the delight of the ladies in the audience. Their moves were so elegant and flexible like there were no bones in their bodies as the guys lifted them and swirled them around like feathers. It was truly an entertaining and fun night. I have provided   a link to their site and pics I took.

Dancing Pros Live : You Pick the Winner |


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Pure Prairie League, Firefall and Atlanta Rhythm Section: Country Classic Rock At Its’ Finest!!!






During the1970’s I worked for a local Sam Goody music store. I remember selling albums by Pure Prairie League, Firefall and Atlanta Rhythm Section. Friday night I got to see all three in person. Each group has original members combined with some more recent members, but that didn’t matter as all were fantastic musicians and the songs sounded exactly as I remembered them as each band rocked the house.

Pure Prairie League came out first. They consisted of two guitars, drums and a pedal steel guitar. They did a 45 minute set, as did all the bands, and were very melodic and energetic. They ended their set with a rousing and exact version of their hit “Aimee.”  The lead singer asked the audience how many remembered the hit when it first came out in the 70’s. When half the audience cheered he said, “Gee you all look so different.  :D.

Following Pure Prairie League Firefall came out. The consisted of five pieces;  three guitars, drums and a saxophonist who also altered on keyboards, harmonica and flute. They were the best of the three and so talented. They did long instrumental solos that really wailed and rocked without being obnoxious or overbearing. The lead singer Jack Bartley and guitarist Mark Andes were exceptionally great as was his rhythm guitarist and drummer. At one point their keyboardist did solo performances on saxophone and a tremendous interaction on flute with the drummer which got a rousing cheer and standing ovation. Lead singer Jack Bartley announced that they were recently inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame which got a big cheer.

Jack Bartly displayed some great humor introducing their hit songs saying, “You may not know of Firefall, but if you go into any doctor’s office you hear this next song.” The band then broke pout with their hit “You Are The Woman.” :D They also performed their hit song “Just Remember I Love You.”

Following Firefall, Atlanta Rhythm Section came out. After a brief instrumental they broke out with their hit song “Spooky.” Rodney Justo is lead singer and he and Dean Daughtry on Keyboards are the only original members now, as five former members are now deceased, but they  also have sensational musicians with them. Rodney related how they once played in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where it was 35 below zero. He said only 25 people showed up and he told the band,”If 25 people show up in 35 below weather they deserve the best damn show ever,” which they did.

My only critique about ARS was that although the musicians and songs were very good they seemed to lack the positive upbeat energy the other two bands had.  Check out the links below for valuable information and updates on the histories of these great bands and their personnel.

Pure Prairie League – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Firefall – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Atlanta Rhythm Section – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Furious 7

file_124424_0_furious7headernew.jpg (640×234)

 I’ve just returned from seeing “Furious7″ and what a roller coaster of a ride it is. For those not familiar with the Fast and Furious series, this is the 7th entry that features fast cars, lots of explosions, macho guys and strong women. Furious 7 is filed with a vast array of wild, super fantastic, arm chair gripping, pulse pounding way over the top stunts that make you say “How are they going to top this?” but they always do. I Myself did not get into the series until No.4 came out.

Continuing the global exploits in the unstoppable franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the returning cast of Furious 7.  James Wan directs  this chapter of the hugely successful series that also welcomes back favorites Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Elsa Pataky and Lucas Black.  They are joined by international action stars new to the franchise including Jason Statham, Djimon Hounsou, Tony Jaa, Ronda Rousey, Nathalie Emmanuel and Kurt Russell as the head of covert operations that recruits Dom Toretto and his stealth crew. 

The series stars Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto and Paul Walker as Brian O’Connor both race car enthusiasts from the streets of L.A. Unfortunately Paul Walker died in a real life high speed accident before the film was completed. When Walker died, the film was only half completed. But filmmakers have digitally fused Walker’s face onto stand-ins (including Walker’s brothers Caleb and Cody) and artfully incorporated footage from previous films. .

This time around Jason Statham playing Deckard Shaw, a former British CIA assassin who was kicked out because even they couldn’t handle him, is out to avenge the team for putting his brother in a coma in the hospital several years ago. Deckard gets in a huge fight with team associate Luke Hobbs (Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson) and after a bone crunching knock down, dragged out  window smashing fight Hobbs lands in the hospital. Jason Statham is a great actor and equally adept at playing a mean, evil bad guy here as he is at playing a heroic good guy in “The Expendables” series. Statham has a long film history of playing both sides and he’s a great actor.

Shaw continues on his vengeance spree killing one of the team’s main drivers Han and blows up Vin Diesel’s house. Now it becomes personal and what follows is one of the most cartoonish, outlandish over the top, pulse pounding sequences that would rival any Marvel super heroes.

There is a great sequence where they have to land in the Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijani on the border of Europe and Asia looking for a hacker named Ramsey who has been kidnapped and who can help them track Shaw. These are brand new souped up high speed cars and dropping them out of the plane with the riders inside them landing on the road is spectacular and wild to say the least. The chase takes them to Abu Dhabi where they end up stealing a prince’s car that is on the top floor of a high rise on three towers which has a flash drive that can track any person anywhere. They race the car through the air crashing through each tower on one side and coming out on the other before crashing below only to have  them emerge unscathed. There are suspenseful moments and emotional moments as well, but it is the wild action sequences such as L.A. being shot up  and the Rock breaking through his arm cast in the hospital grabbing a gatling gun like cannon shooting at the manned drone attacking  them in the streets of L.A. and stealing an ambulance to join in the fracas, crashing it  so it blows up in flames only to have him breakthrough the crashed windshield like Superman breaking through a wall.

Upon release, the film became a critical and commercial success. Critics praised the film for its action sequences and its tribute to Paul Walker. It made $392 million in its first three days of release, which is the third highest opening of all time. It has grossed over $500 millon at the box office, making it the second highest-grossing film of 2015.

The original plan was to make ten films in the series and judging by the commercial success of this one I’m sure Furious 8 will soon be in the making. My only question is ,”How are they going to top this?”

Check out the awesome trailer and other great links and see what I mean. ;)

Furious 7 – Movie Trailers, Cast & Photos

 ‘Furious 7′ makes cars fly, pulses race

 Furious 7 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Customer Service? What Customer Service? My Wife’s E-bay-Massacree.

 It seems the more technologically advanced we become the harder it is to get good customer service. That combined with all the hacking going on now that everything is done online these days. Case in point was with my wife’s latest incident with EBAY and a hacking incident in her account. In 2011 she purchased an item on Ebay and paid in full. In 2015 she received an e-mail from them billing her for a sellers  fee of $100 for selling a remote control helicopter part. A t first she thought it was spam as there is so much of that out there that say things like that to get your attention.  After a while we started receiving phone calls from them. I never picked it up as I thought it was a tellemarketer and I don’t pickup for tellemarketers and they never left a voicemail. I’ll let her tell you her story in her own words. She wants everyone to know this is not an attack on all customer service people as that is a hard job and this is just an isolated incident.

 Here is her story told in her words: In January 2015 I started receiving e-mails from people (buyers supposedly from e-bay) asking about an item I had for sale. I ignored these e-mails thinking they were some kind of spam. I wasn’t selling anything on e-bay and had never sold anything there. In fact,the last time I had been on e-bay was in 2011. When I started getting e-mails from e-bay detailing complaints made by buyers of this product (some kind of model helicopter motor) that I hadn’t shipped the item, that I owed the buyers money back, etc, that I decided to investigate. I take nothing at face value. I logged into my account to confirm that these messages were from e-bay. They were!! I called e-bay explaining to a rep that I had never sold anything, hadn’t been on my account in years and that I wanted to close my account to prevent further fraud. I was told that my account would be closed and that there was nothing further I needed to worry about. I heard nothing from any disgruntled buyers or from e-bay so I assumed all was taken care of. Well you know what happens when one assumes….. About two weeks ago I started getting e-mails from E-bay claiming I owed them $100 sellers’ fee for selling the helicopter motor thingie.  I again logged into my account, which was not closed after all, to verify that these communications were from E-bay. They were!! So on a quiet friday evening I called  E-bay’s customer service line only to hear that it was closed and past normal business hours, but I should check the website to see if my problem could be  solved in the morning. I went back to the website where I was provided with another “special” customer service number and a special one-time code to use when calling this number. And so my not so magical mystery tour began. My call was answered by a woman named Belle who after listening to my sad story informed me she did not have the power to help me and she was going to transfer me to someone else. This led me to Ivey who again needed me to repeat my sad tale, wanted to know who had transferred me to her and who then passed me on to Joy.

Joy had me repeat my story (yes again-doesn’t anyone take notes?) and quickly told me I needed the billing department and so I was transferred to Jed.

Jed ,believe  it or not, actually had a part of my story in that I was asking to be credited  the fee E-bay was trying to charge me and we established that I was closing my account and that I had been hacked as well. Jed then said he needed to establish who I was  and who I said I was and proceeded to ask me many multiple choice questions about where I lived ,where I worked, the two middle digits of my s. s. number and my underwear size (O.K so I embellished the story there) :D. Jed then said to me that the initial event that someone putting the motor up for sale as me had happened in December and why had I waited so long to bring it to E-bay’s attention. Well I’m a very patient person, but this struck a nerve. I proceed to raise my voice (not shouting, but proceeding to move to the livid side) and explained yet again, that I had a previous conversation  with E-bay on this matter in January that all was well and now after speaking to four people and answering  his stupid questions he wanted to know why it took me so long to speak to E-bay? Well Jed did some quick back peddling and told me he had a person who would be able to help me and passed me on to Alexa.

Alexa, unfortunately did not get to speak to the nice Judy (me). She opened with that before anything could be done they would have to investigate my allegations.(Let me pause here to explain just what I wanted E-bay to do 1)stop billing me for the sellers’ fee and 2) close my account so this would not happen again.) Well at this point I lost it and those bad words we are told not to use came spinning from my lips, “I was told you are the woman who could help me Alexa. ARE YOU THAT WOMAN? I WANT THIS TO ALL GO AWAY!!!! You can investigate to your heart’s content, but not on my time. If you can’t help me then I want someone who can.” I went on for some time in this manner. Alexa told me that this was a two step process/problem. That billing (wasn’t that Jed?) would have to credit my account and that trust and security would want to investigate and that they could assist in closing my account.  Alexa did say, “You know if you close your account you won’t be able to use it again.” To which I replied,” “I would rather shoot myself in the head rather than do business with  E-bay  again.”  After a few moments of silence Alexa passed me on to Reno.

When Reno picked up the phone I greeted him with, ”You’re number six Reno.” I imagined Reno thinking, “Why did I pick up this call?”Reno actually summed up my problem in the same way Alexa had: that it was two functions, crediting my account for the sellers fee and then closing my account.(possibly E-bay doing its’ own investigation). He then proceeded to ask me the same questions Jed did (Remember Jed?) to prove my identity. After I passed the test (so comforting to know I am who I think I am) Reno put me on hold to credit my account. He then said that E-bay could not close my account, but he could put a lock on it and that I would be able to complete the closure. He told me to expect two messages from E-bay: one about crediting my account and one about locking my account that would contain instructions on how to complete the closure. My conversation with E-bay ended about 80 minutes after I started.  I’m happy to report that two messages from E-bay did make it to my mailbox the next morning as promised. I don’t know why it took six people to handle this issue ; however if I find myself in need of a job I can always work for E-bay as the only skills you apparently need is the ability to transfer phone calls. :D              

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Netanyahu Wins!!!! Obama Chagrins!!!

Netanyahu-Election-Victory-Israel-1.jpg (637×360)

(File Photo)

Netanyahu won in a landslide election after Obama’s best efforts to unseat him using our taxpayer funded dollars. This is unprecedented. Never in our history has a sitting president interfered so much in another country’s election in an effort to unseat him with all his hacks and aides on the ground there. To make matters worse Obama did not even bother to call Bibi to congratulate him instead giving the lame excuse he was busy in Cleveland talking about the economy and putting together a coalition. Nancy Pelosi didn’t bother to call and neither did several other important dignitaries in Obama’s administration which would have been the classy thing to do. Only Kerry called to congratulate him.

 Prime Minister of England David Cameron called Bibi and showed real class in his call congratulating him. Obama has more contempt for Netanyahu than he has for North Korea, Syria and  Iran.  He called Putin when he won, he called Morsi, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who called the Isrealis descendants of apes and pigs, when he won and called the heads of Saudi Arabia and Iran when they won, but not Netanyahu. He has more ability to work with dictators than people who run democratically. He reaches out to people like Al Sharpton, the Muslim Brotherhood and C.A.R.E. This should tell all who voted for him where his true allegiance lies.

 Obama is petulant, arrogant and refuses to say radical Islam or radical terrorism. Bibi is straight forward, courageous, has moral clarity and recognizes evil in our time. He warns people the dangers of Iran or any other country of getting the bomb. Obama’s Iran deal allows Iran to get the bomb in ten years when he’s no longer in office. The Iran deal also says if Iran accepts then the U.S. will take HAMAS and Hezbollah off the terror watch list. WHAT??????

  Obama’s chief of staff will give a speech to a major advocacy group that opposes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

White House chief of staff Denis McDonough’s address to the J Street group indicates that the administration will seek to strengthen voices that challenge Netanyahu. After his victory in Israel’s elections this week, the White House said it had to reassess its approach considering Netanyahu’s hard veer to the right in the campaign.

J Street is an Israel advocacy group that often criticizes the Israeli government – and especially Netanyahu. The group calls Netanyahu’s election victory a “deep disappointment” and accuses him of winning by shredding U.S. bipartisanship on Israel and “preying on fear and racism at home.”

Obama called for his idea of mandatory voting (like in North Korea) “transformative.”There’s that word used by him again. He said he would transform America and this is part of it. He said mandatory voting would change the map of the country. He’s just royally PO’ed that his party lost in the mid-term elections because not enough voters came out. What’s he going to do?Arrest you for not voting? Not voting is a choice too. This administration and libs are only pro-choice when it suits their needs. Like one comment I recently saw said,Like his fellow muslim brothers, this pathetic excuse for a U.S. president will stop at nothing, even if he shows us once again how petty he is.”

  Obama admin threatens Netanyahu with consequences » News — GOPUSA »

» Obama wants to transform America withmandatory voting » News — GOPUSA

Top Obama aide to address anti-Netanyahu group

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