Trump Protesters Are The Real Nazis!!!


Winston Churchill predicted it accurately when he said, “In the future Fascists will be known as Ant-fascists. We are seeing that in these Antifa groups today.

They label everyone they don’t like as “fascist” and use that to justify their own violent actions.

Now, Antifa is putting Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and their families in danger by publishing the names and addresses of ICE agents.

Antifa members claim that their activism poses no threat anyone’s life. So why are they publishing the home addresses of these officers? What good comes from giving this information to the public?

Regardless of where one stands on the border, it is fair to say that the spouses and children that live with these ICE agents are innocent, and do not deserve this unwarranted attention from radical leftists.

Antifa’s recent activities are alarming. They have graduated from protesting conservative free speech events, desecrating statues and private property to endangering the lives of those they disagree with.

I recently saw this outstanding comment :

 June 23, 2018 at 8:16 am

I saw a picture in an online paper last weekend about an Antifa demonstration against Christian holding a prayer rally in a Federal plaza (since when was Christianity fascist? Their true colors are shining through) turned violent in Portland, and several of the the male terrorists were wearing full-length black leather trench coats and jack boots. I instantly thought (looking at the picture before reading the article), “OMG, what are SS stormtroopers doing in 2018?” Seriously, who wouldn’t come to a similar conclusion? So, YES, they are domestic terrorists…they were shooting fireworks at police officers and throwing rocks and bottles. What I can’t quite grasp is do they understand that they are dressing like the SS–an elite, private Army who each pledged a blood oath to Adolph Hitler, while simultaneously accusing others of fascism? Is this some kind of dark amusement to them or are they really that stupid. I think they are really that stupid and indoctrinated. And dangerous.

Protesters today like to evoke the words “Hitler’ and  ”Nazi’ in their protestations when in fact it is they who are the real Nazis. They liked saying it under Bush, though I could never see the comparison and now they are doing it ten times worse under Trump.

The liberal media has declared all-out war on President Donald Trump, evidenced by their incessant and self-righteously indignant negative coverage of virtually everything he says and does.

The latest outrage for the virtue-signaling liberal media is the “zero tolerance” border policy — based on court precedent set in 1997 and clarified in 2016 — that results in illegal immigrant families being temporarily separated when detained and processed following illegal entry into the country.

That policy from the administration has been likened to the vile and despicable acts of the Nazis, and the media has gleefully perpetuated the notion that Trump and his administration have taken delight from splitting up families and throwing children in “concentration camps.”

There’s just one big problem— the separation of illegal immigrant families at the border didn’t start with the Trump administration, but occurred under the past few administrations as well, including that of former President Barack Obama, but that didn’t stop the liberal mainstream media from blaming Trump for it.

If they don’t want their families separated then don’t come in here illegally.

Someone is going to get killed by their hateful and incendiary rhetoric and it will be on their heads. We are coming close to that now. Recently has been actor Peter Fonda, Mr. peace and love himself, emerged after about 40 years in obscurity with an enflaming tweet written in bold, capital letters which denotes shouting like a raving lunatic which has since been deleted saying  “WE SHOULD HACK THIS SYSTEM, GET THE ADDRESSES OF THE ICE AGENTS CBP AGENTS AND SURROUND THEIR HOMES IN PROTEST. WE SHOULD FIND OUT WHAT SCHOOLS THEIR CHILDREN GO TO AND SURROUND THE SCHOOLS IN PROTEST. THESE AGENTS ARE DOING THIS CUZ THEY WANT TO DO IT. THEY LIKE DOING THIS.

Fonda suggested that Trump’s youngest son Barron be kidnapped and locked in a cage with pedophiles, called for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to be beaten and raped in public, demanded White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ children be taken away from her and called for the stalking and harassment of Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, as well as their children.

Where are all the libs that are supposed to be so  protective of women and children?

Melania notified the secret service and afterwards Fonda tweeted an apology.

“I tweeted something highly inappropriate and vulgar about the president and his family in response to the devastating images I was seeing on television. Like many Americans, I am very impassioned and distraught over the situation with children separated from their families at the border, but I went way too far,” Fonda said in a statement.

You were being manipulated by the destroy Trump media Peter,but you wouldn’t know that since you probably agree with them.

In true Nazi fashion these protesters deny people their freedoms and disturb the peace of private and public citizens. They recently went into a restaurant where Homeland security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was dining and started yelling ”shame on you” to her. They also gathered outside her home and yelled epithets at her.

Sarah Sanders went to a restaurant in Virginia with some friends and when the waiter approached her to take their order the manager asked them to leave and threw them out.

These protesters call the people they protest against Nazis?  They should look in the mirror. And to think this all started because they lost an election and still can’t get over it. I see two names in back of all of this, Soros and Obama.


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Happy Together Tour 2018!!!

                 Hippiefest admat 2008 v2.cdr  The law of quantum physics says you can’t go back in time, but for people like me who grew up in the 60’s the Happy Together Tour is the next best thing. The tour consists of such great 60’s artists as The Cowsills, Mark Lindsey of Paul Revere and the Raiders, Gary Pucket of the Union Gap, The Association, Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night and Flo and Eddie (Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan) of the Turtles. They were all backed by a four piece band of outstanding musicians consisting of bass guitar, lead guitar, drums and keyboards. All of these artists are in their late 60’s and early 70’s and look and sound great and each did all of their hits to standing ovations and great applause by the audience at Englewood Performing Arts Center in Englewood, N.J. If music keeps you young then play on. The bands performed to flashing ,swirling 60’s designs on screens in back of them along with films of them then so you could compare them then and now. Very interesting  concept.  This is the fifth year in a row I’ve seen the tour and it never fails to disappoint.


Leading off was The Cowsills consisting of two brothers and a sister. They used to be seven members and influenced The Partridge Family TV show in the 60’s. There are now only three performing (two brothers and their sister) and one brother is touring with the Beach Boys. They lost their mother to emphysema and one brother drowned in Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and another brother died of cancer. They are still a rousing energetic fun group kidding around with each other and jumping around on stage as they do all their hits;”The Rain, The Park and Other Things,” “We Can Fly” “Hair” and” “Indian Lake.” The audience cheered them on and they sound exactly like they always did.


Following The Cowsills was Mark Lindsey of Paul Revere and the Raiders fame. They began to dress in Revolutionary War-style outfits. Mark Lindsay carried the theme a bit further by growing his hair out and pulling it back into a ponytail, which became his signature look.Mark came out in a silvery shiny jacket and dark pants he later changed into his Revolutionary War Jacket as he got the audience cheering and singing along to his hits “Indian Reservation”  “Arizona”  “Cherokee People “ and “Kicks.”


Following Mark Lindsey  “The Association” came out and they were stupendous making jokes about how they couldn’t believe they were doing this for 53 years now.  Originally consisting of six members today they consist of Jim Yester, lead singer, Keith Moret, bass player and Jules Alexander lead guitar and singer and song writer. Jim Yester introduced bass player Keith Moret as their newest member being with them since 1972. They did their hit songs “Windy” “Never My Love” “Cherish” and “Along Comes Mary ”so beautifully and note for note perfect that brought back sweet memories for me. Jim Yester explained that when they first released “Along Comes Mary” many stations wouldn’t play it because they said it was too controversial, “Have you heard what they play on the radio today?” Yester asked. ”I thought Ho was Don’s last name,” Moret, who is from Hawaii, said to laughs from the audience.


Next was Gary Puckett formerly of the Union Gap. Gary came out in his Civil War jacket and got the audience rocking to his hits “Lady Will Power”  “Over You”  “Woman Woman” and “Young Girl” which he got the audience singing accapella on during the chorus part.


Next was Chuck Negron formerly of Three Dog Night. I always enjoy seeing Chuck as he is a riot in his comments and really wails out the songs. Chuck described when he and the band would ride around in a station wagon. He said people today probably don’t know what a station wagon is. “That’s  a car where eight guys can fart all at once,” to which the audience roared with laughter. Chuck then went into his hits “one”  “Mama Told Me Not to Come”  “Eli’s Coming” which he really wailed out and “Joy to the World.” When he was about to do Joy to the World he said the band didn’t want to do it at first because they thought a song about a frog was too silly, but he said, “the frog gets high so that’s a little cool.” Chuck said he has seven grand kids and four of them sing the song in their choir. Chuck is 76 years old.


Lastly came The Turtles featuring Flo and Eddie (Mark Volman and Howard kaylan).I’ve always enjoyed seeing them as they are usually funny and very good in singing their songs and getting the audience involved, but tonite something strange happened and it wasn’t the same as the act leaned towards the depressing.

As soon as he came out Mark Volman said, “This has been a lovely concert up until this point.” As the audience sat in silence Mark said Howard could not be with them tonite since he has suffered very bad heath issues with extreme heart problems and the doctor didn’t want him touring so instead they had Ron Dante of the group The Archies taking his place. As Mark spoke he was breathing heavy and apologized saying he felt like he was going to have a heart attack. I knew it wasn’t nerves from being on stage as they’ve been doing this act for 50 years now and always very lively. I sensed something was wrong. Maybe it was because of his partner Howard being out. Later mark announced he had a bout with cancer. When I saw them two years ago Howard announced that Mark had a bout with tongue cancer, but was cancer free now.

They did their songs “You Baby”  “It Ain’t Me Babe” “Elenore” and the audience appreciated it. Ron did his Archies song “Sugar Sugar” while a cartoon version of the comic book characters from the Archie TV series danced to the song on the screen while he sang and played which was cute.  When it came time to introduce the band which were all fantastic Mark seemed to forget some of their names and seemed to make it look like he was joking. He even went to Ron and said ‘What’s your last name again?” to which the audience laughed. I didn’t know if this was intentional since these old time performers often humorously make age jokes or if Mark was having memory issues. They ended their performance with their classic song “She’d Rather Be With Me” getting the audience singing and clapping along.

Overall it was an excellent concert and they are appearing in 47 states. If they come near you be sure to check them out.

Check out these great videos of The Cowsills from 2017 and the finale from the Happy Together Tour from 2017

Happy Together Tour – Hair The Cowsills Live at NYCB Theatre at Westbury June

Happy Together Tour Finale 2017 – YouTube 

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Separating Families At The Border-The Left’s New Tactic Against Trump!!!


The latest jab at Trump by the left is the situation of kids being separated from the parents at the border. This is being blown way out of proportion and has been going on since the Bush and Obama days. The pictures the media is showing of kids in cages were taken during the Obama years not Trump.Trump is trying to fix this loophole he inherited. The other day at her daily press briefing, Sarah Sanders was yelled at by an unruly reporter for this saying to her loudly and obnoxiously, “Sarah you have kids, how would you feel if this was your kid?” Sarah very politely ,but firmly making him look foolish which he was, told him this has been going on a long time before the current administration.

The left is trying to push this false narrative of  Immigrants Seeking Asylum Are Being Punished For Seeking Asylum. This is plainly untrue as well. Immigrants who come to points of entry to seek asylum aren’t actually illegally in the country – they’re not arrested. They’re processed through ICE, and their children stay with them. If, however, illegal immigrants cross the border illegally, the Trump administration now treats them as criminals. If they choose deportation, they aren’t separated from their kids; if they choose to apply for asylum, they stay in the country longer than 20 days, and their kids have to be removed by operation of law.

Jeff Sessions was on with Laura Ingraham the other night and said there are plenty of entry portals where they can come in legally and families won’t be separated. When they come across illegally that’s when we have to separate them to find out if they are really are a family or just other illegals using the kids.

These are the ones they are separating the kids from not the real parents. This has been going on since the Bush years and Obama, but libs are using it to protest Trump.Through a series of legal loopholes, minors are smuggled through the southern border with illegal aliens posing as family units in order to eventually be released into the country through the “Catch and Release” program. Catch and Release allows foreign nationals to be released into the U.S. while they await immigration and asylum hearings through these legal loopholes.

On his show yesterday Rush Limbaugh so eloquently explained saying : They have opened their borders in the U.K., Germany, you name it. So we have a perfect storm all orchestrated by Donald Trump to renegotiate everything, every single little deal with these countries. We are finally deciding that it’s no longer required of us to take one for the team. Trump is standing up for America and fair deals for America. As such, “Economic Growth in the United States Leaves the World Behind.” They have to change the subject, folks. They can’t report any of this. They can’t report on the Gallup satisfaction numbers.

They can’t remind people of the low unemployment numbers. They certainly can’t remind African-Americans that they’re doing much better than they ever have done under any Democrat administration, but especially that of Barack Hussein O. Let’s throw in the fact that there’s actually been a head-to-head sat down with the communist tyrant thug of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. Consumer confidence is racing. They have to change the subject. So what do they do when they change the subject?

Well, they either use the race card, or they throw down the card that “Republicans hate X.” Republicans hate kids. Republicans hate brown people. Republicans hate immigrants. Republicans this and that. That’s how they — and the media is right in on it. And I’m gonna demonstrate to you today that this is a manufactured crisis in the sense that nothing’s new here. This policy has been in place for years and was widely practiced during the Obama administration.

The only difference is the media didn’t tell you about it then. The Obama administration wanted it hidden, and so it was. But there’s nothing new under Trump, except an attempt to fix it by holding people accountable to the law. The only way circumstances like this can happen is if people are allowed to violate immigration law and not be punished.

There is a lot of leftwing outrage at Donald Trump for deciding to separate children from their parents at the border if they are illegal aliens. The left, in fact, went nuts over an ACLU report that showed rampant child abuse from children detained without their parents. The problem was that the report covered 2009-2014, a period when Barack Obama was President.

Members of the media who blew up the story quickly deleted tweets once they found out Barack Obama was in charge. Apparently, abused kids only matter if they can be used to attack Donald Trump.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said on Monday that some “well-coached” people illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border are using children to pose as families to gain entry.

“From October 2017 to this February, we have seen a staggering 315 per cent increase in illegal aliens fraudulently using children to pose as family units to gain entry into the country,” she told the annual National Association of Sheriffs meeting in New Orleans, the Daily Mail reports. “This must stop. All this does is put the children at risk.”

“We do not have the luxury of pretending that all individuals coming to this country as a family unit are in fact a family,” Neilsen added. “We have to do our job. We will not apologize for doing our job.”

Neilsen said Monday that the children often represent a well-publicized “get-out-of-jail-free-card” that the Trump administration stopped handing out with the adoption of a zero-tolerance policy two months ago. She also said America’s low bar for establishing asylum-seekers’ “credible fear” of persecution or physical harm in theirhome countries.

A journalist at the daily White House press briefing Monday played an audio tape of crying illegal immigrant children while Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was defending the administration’s policy of separating families who enter the country illegally.

Near the end of Ms. Nielsen’s press briefing, while she was still talking, the audio recorded by ProPublica could be heard playing on a journalist’s laptop or other electronic device in the briefing room. The sound of the crying children went on for more than 30 seconds; it wasn’t clear who was playing the tape during Ms. Nielsen’s presentation.

 The recording of the sobbing of 10 Central American children, separated from their parents one day last week by U.S. immigration authorities at the border, went viral earlier in the day. The children scream “Mami” and “Papá” repeatedly.

It didn’t appear that Ms. Nielsen could hear the sounds from her position at the podium.

 This is all contrived drama by the left and the DNC. Their chances of winning in November are diminishing by the day, the economy is booming, more African Americans have jobs than in the prior 8 years under Barry and the administration is correcting the anti-American foreign policy agenda of the prior regime. So now, so called journalist (Pravda would be proud of this woman) are playing likely fraudulent tapes of children sobbing. How low can the left go depends on the day.

 Don’t want a problem at the US border? DON’T CROSS IT ILLEGALLY? Bleeding heart liberals said nothing when Obama did the same damn thing.

 Some use it as their way to get in the US. They send their kid on ahead, then after a short period, whine and cry about their kid being here and then they try to get chain migration to kick in. They aren’t doing it for their kid, they’re doing it for themselves.

This went on all the time obama was president but since this administration decided it was going to enforce the law EQUALLY for EVERYONE the media has gone crazy to make this sound like these children are being torn from the arms of a sobbing mother and throw in a shed.




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In Just 500 Days!!!

    trump afghanistan speech“Get out anyone if you can’t lend a hand for the times they are a changin’ ”—Bob Dylan,1968!!!

When  Dylan wrote these lyrics little did he know they would describe the never Trumpers today. So far Trump has done more than any other president ever and in only 500 days. He is truly making America great again as he first stated in his campaign, yet all these Hollywood people and media elites continue trashing him left  and right offering nothing and tearing down the country. They even trash his wife Melania who has more class in her little finger than they will ever know and make up wild conspiracy theories about her and him.

After Melania had her kidney operation which was a four hour operation, the media went nuts when she was not out and about the next day. I would like to see them have a kidney operation and be running around the next day. That is a sensitive area of the body and takes time to heal. She even wanted to go to Korea with her husband, but the doctors said no flying for a month.

That didn’t stop the destroy Trump conspiracy media from saying things like she ran off to New York with Barron or Trump beat her and she is recovering with a black eye. I think Melania should become a part of the Me Too movement and blame the media for bullying her and abusing her which they are doing. Trump even said she was walking around the white house working hard doing her job and reporters saw her and purposely refused to say she was walking around. Melania even issued a tweet saying she was working hard on behalf of children while recovering.

Kevin Jackson, black conservative writer for the Black Sphere had this interesting article citing all of Trump’s accomplishments in 500 days. Also Trump gave everyone a tax cut where a single person has a $12,000 tax deduction and a married couple has a $25,000 tax deduction:

When President Trump was inaugurated on January 20th, 2017, 500 days ago he embarked on a journey in helping Make America Great Again.

And it came as a big surprise to most at how much push-back from Democrats and their leftist media tried to stop this from happening.

But despite the ongoing attacks from Democrats, the leftist media, celebrities, establishment Republicans, and a 2-year Russian witch-hunt, Trump has still managed to keep his promises.

Trump’s accomplishments in his first 500 days in Office are arguably the best first 500 days of any president in US history since Washington.

Perhaps the most talked about accomplishment is the economy. Trump managed to wave his magic wand and not only create more jobs for Americans but also bring back jobs that had left.

Today there are more people working than at any time in US history.

If that were the only stat, one might say, “Big whoop!”. But under President Trump the U.S. has set the record for the most Americans in the work force, count them…nine times.

More than 155 million people are working in the US today, and only 6 million Americans are unemployed–an amount not seen since 2001.

Nearly 3 million REAL jobs have been created since President Trump took office and more than 600,000 of these are related to manufacturing and construction.

Want to racialize what Trump has done?

Under Trump, the U.S has the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment rate in U.S history. Not bad for an evil racist misogynist right?

Next, according to the Atlanta Fed, The GDP growth rate is expected to be 4.8% in the 2nd quarter this year. At the end of the 1st quarter in 2018 the national GDP reached nearly $20 trillion for the highest recorded GDP in history.

Moreover, the president’s tax cuts has put more money back into the U.S economy as millions of Americans received bonuses due to the tax cuts.

Additionally major companies have announced plans to move capital and operations to the U.S. due to these cuts and ALL credit the reduction of taxes from 35% to 21% as the reason.

Though Pelosi called the $1,000 to $3,000 bonuses given out by companies “crumbs”, the people receiving them don’t feel the same.

Thus the overall consumer confidence is at a 17-year high as optimism about American prosperity grows.

If you think domestic policy is good, take a look at his foreign policy.

Both Syria and Iraq have declared victory over ISIS. And due to President Trump allowing the U.S military to do its job, less than 1,000 ISIS fighters are estimated to remain.

Because of President Trump, the United States leads a global campaign to achieve the peace by the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Though the talks are still in the works, but only the Leftist zombies believe Trump won’t be successful.

Additionally Trump’s leadership has contributed to the return of 17 Americans held overseas.

In May 2018 Venezuela released one American and North Korea released three Americans who all came home to the United States all in one month’s time.

And the President followed through on his promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

The President also confirmed the most circuit court judges of any President in his first year as well as securing Justice Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the United States Supreme Court.

And lastly, Trump signed more than 90 executive actions in his first 100 days alone which included:

*Dismantling Obama’s climate change initiatives.
* Travel bans for individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities.
* Enforcing regulatory reform.
* Protecting Law enforcement.
* Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two.
* Defeating ISIS.
* Rebuilding the military.
* Building a border wall.
* Cutting funding for sanctuary cities.
* Approving Keystone and Dakota pipelines.
* Reducing regulations on manufacturers.
* Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.
* Exiting the US from the TPP.

Yet through all this the leftist media, late night comics and assorted entertainment figures and Dems all criticize him offering nothing in return which is harming the country. As Dylan said, “Get out anyone if you can’t lend a hand for the times they are a changin’

cheesrtoallmy haters

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The Inspector General’s Report-A Whitewash of Top FBI Crimes!!!

           FBI DOJ corruption!

The long awaited Inspector General’s report on the FBI investigation of Hillary and her e-mails is a grave disappointment. Everyone knows she committed multiple felonies yet the report says there was no political bias by the FBI when the report itself shows bias throughout:  

1) Hillary violated the espionage act by destroying highly classified, top secret, special access information.

2) She deleted 33,000 federally subpoenaed e-mails.

3) She acid washed her hard drive with bleach bit.

4) She had aids destroy her federally subpoenaed mobile devices with hammers.

5) She removed the sim cards from federally subpoenaed e devices.

She should have been charged on all counts, but this corrupt cabal at the top of the FBI ran interference for her to assure that she got the nomination and became president and Trump didn’t. This is the grossest act of abuse of power ever conceived.

The report also faults the FBI – and specifically Agent Peter  Strzok – for not acting quickly enough after the discovery of Clinton emails on the laptop of ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner in the fall of 2016. The report says Strzok and others argued that the Russia investigation was a “higher priority” at the time than reviewing the laptop.  Even though the report found blatant bias and that some senior bureau officials exhibited a certain willingness to take official action to hurt Trump’s chances to become president, Strzok’s boss, Comey had no political bias. Yeah right!!!  It was Comey and Strzok who wrote the letter exonerating Hillary before they interviewed her and17 other witnesses.  Comey went rogue and he and Strzok wrote up the letter exonerating her in May and interviewed her on July 3rd and on July 5th she was exonerated.

President Trump tweeted:

Donald J. Trump


 The IG Report is a total disaster for Comey, his minions and sadly, the FBI. Comey will now officially go down as the worst leader, by far, in the history of the FBI. I did a great service to the people in firing him. Good Instincts. Christopher Wray will bring it proudly back!

6:55 AM – Jun 15, 2018

In the interview with Fox’s Steve Doocy, Trump made it clear he considered Comey the leader of those “minions.””I think Comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves,” Trump said. “I mean just the scum on top not the whole FBI .”

Trump said Horowitz’s finding of no evidence the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton’s secret email server was influenced by rampant liberal bias showed the inspector general “blew it.”

Michael Horowitz’s report faulted Comey for going over the heads of his superiors, including former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, by holding a press conference to announce the FBI’s decision not to press criminal charges against Clinton. At that July, 2016 news conference, Comey called the then-presidential candidate’s actions “extremely careless,” rather than “grossly negligent,” as drafted in the initial exoneration statement. This changes the charges against Hilary. If Comey charged her as originally intended with “Grossly negligent” she could be charged criminally, but it was Loretta Lynch who urged him to change it to extremely careless so she isn’t charged.

The IG report also focused on political bias within the bureau—specifically referring to FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who first came under scrutiny in December over a series of politically-charged, anti-Trump text messages they exchanged. The inspector general released new text messages between the two—who were having an affair in 2016 were also plotting to keep President Donald Trump from winning the election suggesting that they would “stop” Trump from becoming president.


“Trump’s not ever going to become president, right? Right!?” Page texted Strzok in August 2016.

“No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded.

Trump blasted Strzok early Friday in a separate tweet.

“FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who headed the Clinton & Russia investigations, texted his lover Lisa Page, in the IG Report, that ‘we’ll stop’ candidate Trump from becoming President.  Doesn’t get any lower than that!” Trump tweeted.

The report noted that it was specifically concerned about text messages exchanged between Strzok and Page that “potentially indicated or created the appearance that investigative decisions were impacted by bias or improper considerations.”

Strzok and Page, who were romantically involved, both served for a short period of time on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation team. Strzok was reassigned following the revelations of his anti-Trump texts. Page resigned from the bureau last month. 

It was Strzok who along with Comey wrote the exoneration of Hilary before they even interviewed her. Strzok was a lead investigator on the Clinton case and later worked the Russia investigation before being removed from that assignment.

The report revealed that more bureau officials than previously thought were exchanging anti-Trump messages. The inspector general referred five FBI employees for further investigation.

The inspector general’s office uncovered numerous messages that “appeared to mix political opinion with discussions about the MYE investigation.” MYE, or “Midyear Exam,” was the code used in the FBI to refer to the investigation into Clinton’s private email server.

This shows a two tiered justice system. One for them and Hilary and another for Trump and the rest of us.  They treated Hillary with white gloves and Trump with heavy handed treatment .And Horowitz  says there was no bias?

Now new allegations have surfaced from within joint congressional investigations into the handling of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

According to Fox News, members of the U.S. House of Representative’s judiciary and oversight committees prepared a document claiming “foreign actors” obtained access to multiple Clinton emails sent improperly through private computer servers.

“Documents provided to the Committees show foreign actors obtained access to some of Mrs. Clinton’s emails — including at least one email classified ‘Secret,’” the memo states.

In a July 2016 statement on the matter, then-FBI Director James Comey referenced the potential of such an email breach by the nation’s enemies, “We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial email accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her personal account,” he said.

According to Strzok’s 2016 email, any security breach of Clinton’s private email server could have been completed without leaving a digital fingerprint. “It is also accurate to say that a sophisticated foreign actor would likely have known about her private email domain, and would be competent enough not to leave a trace if they gained access,”

This is why you don’t have a private server while holding a high office. Now Hilary is guilty of allowing foreign countries access to her e-mails which contained highly classified information. It is estimated at least five countries hacked into her server and got that information.

According to the inspector general report, President Obama was one of 13 select individuals who had “direct contact” with Hillary Clinton on her private email account.  Absolving the former president, at least somewhat, intelligence analysts determined none of Obama’s correspondence with the then-Secretary of State contained classified information.

However, Obama said in an interview with CBS News in 2015 that he learned about Hillary’s private server and potential misuse of top-secret intel about “the same time everybody else learned it, through news reports.” 

Fox News)

Press Secretary Josh Earnest acknowledged shortly after those remarks attracted attention that Obama and Clinton did exchange emails.

“The president, as I think many people expected, did over the course of his first several years in office, trade emails with the secretary of state,” he said.

It has also since been revealed that Obama had a private server also and was communicating with Hillary on her private server even though he covered up and said he learned about it from the media like everyone else.

Elsewhere in the IG report, the IG asked investigators why they made no effort to obtain the personal devices that Clinton’s senior aides were using at the State Department, since those devices were “potential sources of Clinton’s … classified emails” or places where unauthorized classified emails were being stored.

In response, officials on the probe claimed that “the culture of mishandling classified information at the State Department” was so pervasive that it “made the quantity of potential sources of evidence particularly vast” — a rationale that the IG implied was unconvincing, because investigators could simply have obtained personal devices for a handful of key Clinton aides.

It would be sweet justice and perfectly in character for all of them to turn on each other to save their own slimy skins. It would be great theater too.

Our country has been thriving since President Trump took office in 2016, unemployment rates went down, international relations have had America first, and the economy has improved. Yet with all these accomplishments, liberals want to stomp their feet and whine over their beloved Hillary losing, and a successful conservative occupying the Oval Office. It’s time they got over it and joined in for the sake of the country and everyone in it since they are the ones who always whine about unification.


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Trump’s North Korean Policy Is Succeeding!!!

trump and Kim meeting

On his Tuesday episode of Morning Joe, Scarborough, a former Republican, recalled the “bleak situation” of six months ago, when talk of a ground war with North Korea bubbled up at the Pentagon’s top brass amid tensions with the regime. Scarborough admitted that the de-escalation culminating in Tuesday’s summit would look good for Trump when voters saw the front-page news.

“[American voters] are going to look at the front page of the paper today and they’re going to say, ‘Good on him. This is a hell of a lot better than a nuclear war,’” Scarborough said.

Trump’s first year in office was marked by hostility toward Kim, who he called a “Little Rocket Man” and threatened with “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” But Scarborough admitted that Trump’s brash approach may have convinced Kim to come to the table.

“Who knows, maybe shaking things up, maybe saying ‘no’ to the experts, maybe raising hell on the world stage, maybe calling him ‘Little Rocket Man,’ maybe threatening him got these two together,” Scarborough suggested.


Of course it did Joe. You have to be tough with these leaders and not wimp out like Obama, Clinton and Bush did thinking if you’re nice to them they’ll be nice to you. It doesn’t work that way today. This is world ruled by the aggressive use of force and that’s what Trump did here. Once you gain their trust hen you can deal with them like Trump did.

Morning Joe and those pendants on MSNBC are such wimps and deniers. They want to see Trump fail and in turn if he fails the country fails. Now Joe says he is so relieved that nuclear war didn’t break out from Trump’s rhetoric. I never had any doubts or scares about Trump and Kim’s rhetoric. We have the mightiest military in the world that would prevent a nuclear war from happening though Obama tried to change that by reducing us to pre-WW11 status. Thank God Trump came along and building it up again to where it should be. Don’t they realize we have missiles and lasers from space that can knock out any missile as soon as it is launched long before it hits here? These Trump haters act like we are completely vulnerable and have no defense.

Here is the basic crux of the whole agreement that the regular media doesn’t mention or just glosses over:

The sanctions will remain until the nuclear military program has been dismantled, and if there is a resumption of progress toward deployable nuclear ICBMs, the U.S. will exercise its military option. The U.S. Navy in the augmented Seventh Fleet off shore has the cruise missiles necessary to decalibrate the artillery focused on the immense city of Seoul, South Korea, just across the 38th parallel, and the Fleet’s nearly 300 aircraft in the carriers NimitzTheodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan certainly possess the power to dispose of the few authentic nuclear sites Kim possesses. The achievement is in securing Kim’s acquiescence to the agreed objective, and, whatever waffling and chicanery may yet occur, implicitly to the penalties that will be imposed if the nuclear program is resumed.

With such might and military power so close at hand we don’t need to carry out war games any longer inspite of what Trump critics say.The President is trying to bring peace to the region. This is a good thing for the world.

Our President deserves strong, positive support for what he has done with NOKO. We should be ashamed of those who play down this significant achievement. Trump has said from the start this would occur in stages. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give it time! Godspeed.

There is little or no mention of the great courage of the president in admitting what he is trying may fail in the face of an unrelenting enemy within. If this was Obama the media would be wetting their pants now and Chris Mathews would be having tingles up and down both legs. All Obama did was send Iran 150 billion dollars in cash and an additional 1.8 billion for the hostages release on pallets flown on planes in the dead of night. How low and pathetic. The Democratic Party is betraying America at every turn. The Democratic Party hates the American People. The Democratic Party hates a thriving economy. Elitists on the American Left would rather see thousands of soldiers from Working Class America in body bags than to see President Trump succeed on the Korean Peninsula, but he is much to their dismay.


U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference after his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore



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Trump and Kim In Singapore-History In The Making!!!

trumpandKim lookingoutWhen I was a little kid and complained that I couldn’t do something, my very wise and astute mom would lay this little sonnet on me: “They said it couldn’t be done/But, he with a chuckle replied/ Well maybe it couldn’t but he would be one who wouldn’t say no until he tried/ So he began to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn’t be done/And he did it!!!!

 I think this describes Trump perfectly. They first said he couldn’t pass the primary and he did. Then they said he’d never be the candidate and he did become the candidate. Then they said he’d never win the presidency and he did. Then they said he’d never meet with Kim and now he is and it’s working out positive.

trump and Kim athe tableRush Limbaugh summed it up so eloquently like he always does saying:

I don’t believe that anybody thought this was gonna happen. I think they were all caught completely flat-footed with the success of this meeting. Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, we’re on the verge of a potential disaster, all of it.

And the remarkable thing was that I don’t care how many of these people on the left and all the networks spoke, they sounded identical, whether they were journalists, whether they were think tank people, former Obama administration, they had one line, two lines, and it was identical: Trump incompetent, Trump’s gonna get snookered, Trump is dangerous, Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, this could be the worst disaster in American history. Those were the themes, and they were all over the media all day yesterday and all of last night.

, I happen to know that a deal like this or a summit like this — you know, Mike Pompeo’s been working on this for months. All kinds of behind-the-scenes work that nobody saw has been going on for months. It was known yesterday, it was known last week that this was gonna happen unless Kim Jong-un did something to blow it up.

But this meeting wasn’t gonna happen if this agreement wasn’t gonna be signed. And that’s just standard, day-to-day tradecraft. Any administration practices that policy.

but I think they were totally caught off guard. I think they’re sitting there yesterday — well, what was really going on was they were hoping it was gonna blow up. They wanted it to blow up. They wanted Kim Jong-un to humiliate and embarrass Trump. So when that didn’t happen, I think that they were caught completely flat-footed with the success of this meeting, and especially the signing of the declaration which reiterated the Norks’ pledge to get rid of nukes.

The experts did not expect any of this. And one reason why is Obama couldn’t pull it off, and if Obama couldn’t do it, why, then, nobody could. And don’t laugh. That is how they think.

So they’re caught short, totally shocked, totally surprised. So now they have to find a way to condemn it. They have to find a way to blow it up, because they were caught flat-footed. They never thought this was gonna happen. “because Obama couldn’t get it done.” If he couldn’t, then nobody could. The fact that Trump did makes Obama look bad, other previous presidents look bad. That can’t stand, either.

 I think Little Rocket Man — I don’t think he likes leading a squalid, poverty-stricken country. I think he wants a better life for himself. I think he’s tempted by these things, where his father and grandfather never were. Trump knows this and is using it.

, They prepared a video that they showed Little Rocket Man on an iPad, what his country could be with international investment. Trump is showing Little Rocket Man (paraphrasing), “See that beach? When you launched your missiles at us, I didn’t see the missile. You know what I saw? I saw your glorious beach, and I looked at that beach, you got a beach every bit as good as Palm Beach. Let me show what you could do with that beach.”

Here comes the video with condos, high-rises, speedboats. Little Rocket Man is looking at this thing, dazzled at it. Now, wait ’til the media figures out that Trump wants to do a deal to build Trump International high-rise in North Korea, whatever they’re going to say.

 The expertise, the expert negotiator in this whole thing is Donald Trump! Donald Trump is the expert negotiator, and the evidence is clear. It’s evident. They were surprised. They were shocked. They didn’t see this happening, even though in their own minds they should have known it was gonna happen because these events don’t happen if there isn’t going to be an agreement. The event is canceled rather than have a humiliation or an embarrassment by the failure to get a signed document, whatever it is, out of whatever deal, whatever negotiation is taking place.

They should have known something was gonna be signed. And yet they continue to be flat-footed, shocked, and surprised, and they tell us they are the experts. They may be experts at spying on us. They may be the experts at infiltrating the IRS to deny you tax-exempt status. They may be experts at flat lining the U.S. economy. They may be experts at destroying the American health care industry. That may be their wheelhouse of expertise. They couldn’t even negotiate a deal with Russia to “cut it out,” to stop meddling in our elections. The expert negotiator that we’ve all watched in action the last year and a half, whatever, is none other than Donald Trump.

-Trump-Kim-Jong-Un-SUMMIT-007I would like to remind these media folks who like to  quote these so called experts that the definition of an  expert is a person by means of his position hides his ignorance better than the rest of us. It was the experts who said planes would never get off the ground, it was the experts who said trains wouldn’t go faster than 30 miles an hour, it was the experts who said man would never set foot on the moon a and it was the experts who said Donald Trump would never be president. So  much for experts.

Right after the summit Trump made an unusual announcement  that the U.S. would be  ending the war games in South Korea and hopefully bring all the troops home.  President Trump’s pledge on Tuesday to cancel military exercises on the Korean Peninsula surprised not only allies in South Korea but also the Pentagon.

Hours after Mr. Trump’s announcement in Singapore, American troops in Seoul said they are still moving ahead with a military exercise this fall — Ulchi Freedom Guardian — until they receive guidance otherwise from the chain of command.

Lt. Col. Jennifer Lovett, a United States military spokeswoman in South Korea, said in an email that the American command there “has received no updated guidance on execution or cessation of training exercises — to include this fall’s schedule Ulchi Freedom Guardian.”

“We will continue with our current military posture until we receive updated guidance from the Department of Defense,” she added.

In Washington, officials at the Pentagon, State Department and White House were scrambling to figure out exactly the impact of Mr. Trump’s comments.

“The Department of Defense continues to work with the White House, the interagency, and our allies and partners on the way forward,” Lt. Col. Christopher Logan, a Pentagon spokesman, said in an email. “We will provide additional information as it becomes available.”

In Seoul, President Moon Jae-in of South Korea hailed Mr. Trump’s summit meeting with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. Mr. Moon called the joint statement that was released after the meeting “a historic event that has helped break down the last remaining Cold War legacy on earth.”

But Mr. Trump’s promise to end joint military exercises with Seoul left many South Koreans stunned. The annual exercises have been an integral part of the alliance, forming the bulwark of South Korea’s defense against North Korea and Seoul’s sense of security among bigger powers in the region.

Ulchi Freedom Guardian is one of the largest military exercises in the world. The war games, which last year ran for 11 days, have involved some 17,500 American forces, including about 3,000 from outside the peninsula, and 50,000 South Korean troops. The exercises include computer simulations carried out in a large bunker south of Seoul intended to check the allies’ readiness to repel aggressions by North Korea.

 If I were Trump I wouldn’t rush into this so fast. Take Ronald Reagan’s advice, trust but verify first. Trump says he trusts Kim, but I would still be wary until everything is dismantled  true peace is on  the way.

Senator Lindsey Graham, the Republican of South Carolina who speaks to Mr. Trump regularly, played down the impact of halting any exercises. But he strongly cautioned against another proposal Mr. Trump has been weighing: reducing the 28,500 American troops now stationed on the Korean Peninsula.

“I don’t think canceling a war game is going to matter over the arc of time,” Mr. Graham said on NBC’s “Today” program.

“The one thing that I would violently disagree with is removing our troops,” he said. “I can’t imagine I would vote for any agreement that requires us to withdraw our forces because that would destabilize Asia. That’s what China wants. That doesn’t make the world more peaceful, it makes it more dangerous.

 Trump is solving problems he inherited yet democrats who caused the problems can’t stop complaining. Trump could find a cure for cancer and give everyone a million dollars and they would still complain and say that is not enough.


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