No Pete,I Won’t Get Over It

03 May

In last Sunday’s Daily  News,leftist columist Pete Hamil said ‘Obama  was born in Hawaii and not a muslim. Get over it.” No Pete,YOU get over it. I surely won’t and I’m not just talking about his background either as you’ll see here.

As I’ve explained before, If Obama was truly born here why did he spend a million dollars trying to hide the fact when all he had to do is spend $20 to show a viable birth certificate. Why did he have to show three versions of a birth certificate. The first one that he showed  even fooled George Stephanopolus on his Sunday show was a certicate of live birth. That is a certificate a mother purchases who has a child born in a foreign country and moves here with them  to show he/she is hers. The second and third ones were proven forgeries. His grandmother and step sister both admitted witnessing his birth in Kenya since his mother was too pregnnat with him to fly here. He himself has admitted being from Kenya and he and Michelle call Kenya his home country.

Secondly in the muslim religion,the offspring take on the religion of the father. Both of Obama’s fathers were muslim and he was brought up in muslim schools in Kenya. If he were a Chrsitian as he professes he wouldn’t  say he would side with the muslims like he did in his book. He wouldn’t go to muslim countries and bash  the he did. If he were a Chrstian he would not have cancelled the world day of prayer in favor  of a muslim day of prayer like he did that time and if he were a Chrsitian he wouldn’t divide the country like he is doing and he would return the million dollars he got from Bill Mahr after Mahr called Sarah Palin the ‘c’ word and “t’ word and bashed Rick Santorum’s kids. No Pete I won’t get over it. It seems Hope and Change has given way to Divide and Conquer.

We have to get our country back from this socialist take over by Obama and his left wing hacks in the whitehouse. He has done so much damage as he hates this country’s standing  as a leader in the free world and wants us to be just like any other third world country which he is accustumed to. Perhaps if he was born and raised here under proper American values he would have a little more appreciation of  us and the position he now holds. As song writer and poet Bob Dylan once said, “While some poor soul with his tongue on fire, tries not to come up any higher, but rather pull you down in the hole that he’s in.”  So it is with Obama.

Since he’s been in office he has accrued  5 trillion new Obama debt in three years after calling Bush unpatriotic for spending 4 trillionin 8 years. Under his regime,unemployment has remained at 8% and higher,the longest sustained length of unemployment in history after  inheriting 5.6% from Bush. Obama said if  they’d pass his 700 billion dollar stimulus package unemployment wouldn’t go above 8%. They did and it did. He continues to bash oil companies as oil prices continue to rise to 4 and 5 dollars a gallon after inheriting $1.89 price from Bush. He has shown contempt for our military and continues to divide rich against poor, old against young, white against black men against women. He has come up with a healthcare plan that is more than heatlthcare plan,but a way of life with the government in control of our lives. He has the biggest debt and defecit of all the presidents put together. Under his regime 12 million more people are on food stamps and in poverty. If anyone loves their country they will see that this poser does not get a second term. So, no Pete I will not “get over it.”

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim – YouTube

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