The Avengers

07 May
The  Avengers


For those of  you who may not be familiar wit the Avengers, they are a group of super  heroes  who’ve been around in comic book form since the 60’s. They consist of Captain America, Iron Man played by Robert Downey  Jr, Thor theThunder God,The Incredible Hulk/David Banner,Hawkeye who is a master with the bow and arrow and a woman named  the Black Widow played byScarlet Johanssen who was a former assasin with a murky past who is recruited to be one of the good guys. They are led by a commander in charge by the name  of Nick Fury played by Samuel Jackson.

The heroes are up against Thor’s evil brother Loki who has a cosmic crystal of ultimate power that can bring down  an army of monsters to rule the world. The characters are all assembled together to fight off  Loki and his minions and destroy half of New YorkCity in the process.

Each of the characters has had separate movies and here they are all together as a team. At first I thought having them all together would water down their  characters, but each one has equal time to establish their character and powers. There is even an interesting scene where  they each criticize the other as their egos get in the way or is it really Loki manipulating them against each other with the crystal to get them out of the way?

The movie is not without its’ humorus lines either. When Loki confronts Tony Stark/Iron man in his tower loft high above New York City  he says,”I have an army” to which Stark replies ‘We have a  Hulk.” or when mild manered scientist David Banner (played by Mark Ruffalo) who becomes the Hulk when angered is informed by Tony Stark/Iron Man that they are going to New York he replies casually,”The last time I was in NewYork I broke Harlem.”

So far The Avengers has had the biggest box office opening in history and is worth every cent of it. The only criritcism I had were some of the talking parts were a little long,but  I guess you need to do that to establish the characters and their emotions and why they are the way they are. If you don’t see anbother movie and comic book action with great characters and super special effects is your thing, then don’t miss The Avengers.


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