Suddenly a Balanced Budget?????

08 May

This morning I saw a headline on The left leaning Huffington Post saying  “Obama sees first budget surplus of his presidency.” I thought how could this be when his administration hasn’t passed a budget in three years and we are trilions in debt?. It was also highly suspicious that this should come out in an election year when he is either down in some polls or neck and neck with Romney. I then glanced at the comments that usually follow these articles expecting the usual leftist  responses and was surprised that many  thought the same thing as I. Here are some samples:


Just like it didn’t matter when it happened under Bush it doesn’t matter now. Our yearly deficit is staggering, one month of a pitiful surplus means squat.

this is such boloney….its amazing how obama came up with this surplus during an election year…..I m too smart to fall for this….also the democrats are starting to bring up the capture of bin ladin…..i wonder why during the election year…..wake up people….the guy is a fake and remember one thing he gave the order along with his advisors but the navy seals did it…..please vote him out in november

 Raise the debt limit more than a TRILLION dollars, all of the sudden we have a balanced budget.

And it still has not happened. You can’t have a surplus on a budget that does not exist since he has been in office. I guess he created one after the numbers came out. I would love to be able to manage my budget as creatively as he does.
 what about the trillions of debt? did that get wiped out overnight?

A budget surplus? Imagine that…wonder how thats possible when the Democrats haven’t drafted a budget since he took office

 Of course!! Time is running out, November is fast approaching, he will use every ploy possible to trick the nation again. He will appeal to the young folks with all kinds of free stuff to get there vote again. When they installed the Telprompter for him that was enough for me, not getting my vote .
Yes the fake,,phony,fraud is pulling all the stops out now after 98 rounds of golf, numerous expensive, lavish vacations and parties at the whitehouse. It’s an election year and he’s desparate. After the capture of Bin laden Obama told everyone not to “spike the football” and now that’ sall he’s been doing just like after the Gabby Giffords situation when he called for civility and  we got everything but civility and he  never stepped in to quell the  outbursts.  He’s taking credit for getting Bin Laden when it took 14 hours of convincing him by Leon Penetta and only then did he reluctantlyt give the order. It was the Seals who risked their lives and did the deed and now he’s taking all the credit. I hope America is not fooled twice or  it indeed will be all over for America when this America hating socialist wins a second term.
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