Blame Bush???No,.Blame Obama!!!!!

24 May

Obama and his minions in the lamestream media love blaming Bush for all Obama’s failures. They say he inherited a bad economy from Bush etc., but lets look at the truth.

When Bush left office unemployment was at 5.6%. When Obama came in he said if we passed his 700 billion dollar stimulus package unemployment wouldn’t go abouve 8%. Both houses passed it and unemployment went up to 10% and is now hovering around 8.2%. He said the shovel ready jobs he promised were not as shovel ready as he thought. Hewlett Packard just announced they will be laying off 32,000 employees so they will all be out of work and I’m sure more companies will follow. If you take in those that are off the employment records or stopped looking, unemployment is close to 15%.

When Bush left office, gasoline prices were at $1.89 a gallon. After Obama came in they went up to $4.00 a gallon and are now hovering around $3.69. a gallon.

Obama chastised Bush and called him unpatriotic for spending 4 trillion dollars in 8 years then he goes and spends 5 trillion in four years. Like the popular bumper sticker says ,”Don’t tell Obama what comes after a trillion” 😀 Both presidents are borrowing from China to pay off the debt and there is an eminent domaine clause in that borrowing agreement that says if we can’t pay back China, they can take over one of our cities. Think about that for a moment. They already have their hands in too much of our society already.

When Obama came in office he promised to cut the deficet in half. Instead we have a bigger deficet than all the presidents from Washington to Bush put together. He said there would be no lobbyists and he loaded his administration with 900 lobbyists and scores of regulations.

So ask yourself this dear reader: Are you better off now than you were 5 trillion dollars ago?

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One response to “Blame Bush???No,.Blame Obama!!!!!

  1. Peggy

    May 24, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    My family and I are definitely not better off! My government has been spending my retirement and my children and grandchildren’s future — and for what?! Here’s a quote to remember, by Tom Coburn, senator from Oklahoma: “If you want to make something expensive, have government get involved in making it more affordable.” Government is notoriously expensive, wasteful, inefficient, and obtrusive, which are excellent reasons for cutting it down to size and giving it minimum funding (for only Constitutionally designated responsibilities). We’d all be far, far better off!


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