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The Finer Print of Obamacare the Media Won’t Tell YOU

It’s going to be a big Heartbreaker

Grandma needs a new pacemaker

and the doctor says I realize she’s ill,

But there’s been some legislation

On all our medications

and all I can do is put her on a pain pill——Ray Stevens in “We the People”

When Ray Stevens wrote that it was based on an incident between Obama and a constituent during a town hall event early on in his administration.The resident told Obama his 76 year old grandmother needed a pacemaker and he wondered if that would be covered under Obamacare. Obama replied, “At that age i would just give her a pain pill.”
If a person in their mid 60’s and above needs a heart bypass for instance,they can get it now .Under Obamacare  a doctor will consult with a bureaucrat and they will tell them ” Sorry but that procedure has to be saved for a younger person.”
So while the media is having orgasms over their messiah getting his bill passed just check out these provisions in it that the media isn’t telling you. This is just a partial list. For a complete listing see the video link I have listed below.
This is in the Obamacare bill just passed:
*Page 29 Lines 11-14. Healthcare rationing. There will be limits on how much healthcare you can get per year. $5000 per single and $10,000 per couple.
* Page126 Employers must pay for all part time employees and their families.
*page126 All doctors no matter what their profession will be paid the same.The government will tell them how much they can make.
*page341 seniors will be interviewed every year for health issues and decisions made as to what care they can and cannot receive.
*page 426 government guides you in death and provides list of end of life resources.
*page 428 Government is involved in advanced care consultation which will include end of life plans
*page 430 The government will decide what treatments you have at the end of life.
Well as Nancy Pelosi said “We have to passt his bill so we know what’s in it.”
In other words “THIS BILL SUCKS” Prices will go up and the cost of healthcare will go up. It will be devastating to patients. As the bumper sticker I saw on a car says “If you think healthcare is expensive wait until it’s free.”
Just see what’s happening in Canada below for a preview of what to expect here.

All the major American newspapers seem to have become nothing more than cheerleaders for the Obama administration, so it is difficult to find much in the way of current stories about the debacle of nationalized healthcare in Canada. But if one goes back a few years, the information is much more plentiful. A January 16, 2000, New York Times article entitled “Full Hospitals Make Canadians Wait and Look South,” by James Brooke, provided some good examples of how Canadian price controls have created serious shortage problems.

  • A 58-year-old grandmother awaited open-heart surgery in a Montreal hospital hallway with 66 other patients as electric doors opened and closed all night long, bringing in drafts from sub-zero weather. She was on a five-year waiting list for her heart surgery.
  • In Toronto, 23 of the city’s 25 hospitals turned away ambulances in a single day because of a shortage of doctors.
  • In Vancouver, ambulances have been “stacked up” for hours while heart attack victims wait in them before being properly taken care of.
  • At least 1,000 Canadian doctors and many thousands of Canadian nurses have migrated to the United States to avoid price controls on their salaries.

Wrote Mr. Brooke, “Few Canadians would recommend their system as a model for export.”

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SCOTUS Sells America Out!!!!! Roberts Moves Left!!!!




Now that theSupreme Court, thanks to John Roberts, has ruled on Obamacare in favor of the individual mandate after originally finding it unconstitutional , America is  on the road to socialzed medicine and will they ever be sorry if it is not repealled. The majority of people are against this bill and the SC has shown they don’t care about the people. This decision goes along with other supreme court decsions such as not securing our borders and striking down the  defense of marriage act.

This bill is not just about everyone having health care, it is a way of life for the government to have complete control over our lives. Everything in that bill is cost effective with such measures as:

*All doctors will make the same salary.The governemnt will decide how much they can make

* A goverment bureaucrat will come between you and your doctor. When a doctor decides if you need a certain operation they will go to a computer and put in about you to a goverment assigned person to your district and that person will decide if you should have it or not based on your age or condition. Death panels and massive taxes are in it.

*Healthcare rationing. You can only receive  a certain amout o  healthcare per year $5000 per single and $10,000 per family and doctors will be laid off.

*The governmemt will have access to all your finances an a healthcare ID card will be issued

*All employers must enroll all employees in the government plan or be taxed. You have no choice

*Any individual who does not have appropriate healthcare according to the government will be taxed 2.5 %

*16,000 new IRS agents have been hired to enforce this.

These are just a smidgen of the goverment controls in this abomination of a plan. But donl ttake my word fo rit. Check out the link here that shows you the exact page and lines to find these items. YOU CAN KISS AMERICA THAT YOU HAVE KNOWN GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!

I received this e-mail today which says it all about John Roberts’  decision:  

Justice Roberts subverted the Constitution
Remember this date… June 28, 2012……………
This is the obituary of this former republic.
The SCOTTUS (supreme court) in a 5-4 decision, now claims THE SUPREME COURT can impose TAXES on the American people, which formerly was only imposed by congress. This is judicial tyranny in the extreme.
In supporting the TAX MANDATE today, Justice Roberts led the way to subvert the American system. Ironically, he was appointed by an
“alleged” conservative President Bush.
Remember Earl Warren?????? He was appointed by another “alleged” conservative President Eisenhauer and we are still suffering from his SCOTTUS decisions. Or how about Justice Blackmun, another appointment by an “alleged” conservative President Nixon. Blackmun said it is ok to KILL YOUR UNBORN BABY.
As for Justice Roberts, he had a “conservative” background until this event changed his life and probably influenced his tyrannical decision today.
Roberts entered Harvard Law School and graduated magna cum laude from law school in 1979. Harvard is the nerve center of American socialism.
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Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

ImageI’ve just returned from seeng the new  fantasy horror flick Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter and I must say in spite of what other critics have said and people I know have said, I liked it a lot. I found it suspenseful, colorful and enjoyable. I know a lot of you are saying, “But Jaycee,we thought you are a political commentator .” Wel that’s true but I also like commenting on movies and plays I’ve seen and places I’ve been that might be of interest to you also. Besides Lincoln is political 😀

The film is historically accurate and follows Lincoln’s life from being a young boy and rail splitter to studying to be a lawyer, meeing and marrying Mary Todd, meeting and debating Frederick Douglas, the civil war and Fort Sumter and Gettysburg. The fantasy part comes in when Lincoln sees a vampire kill his mother and vows to get back at it . As he gets older he meets a friend Henry, who is a friendly vampire unbeknownst to Lincoln at the time and he teaches him to fight vampires with his ax which is silver tipped for fighting vampires. “Vampires do exist and they are everywhere,” Henry says to Abe.The handle reverts to a gun and Abe weilds both ends expertly.

An evil southern plantation owner vampire wants to take over the world with his own army of vampires and starts with the civil war using an army of confederate vampires against the union soldiers. Abe gets wind of this and orders the local population to donate tons of silver to be melted down for ammunition for the union soldiers.

There is a great fight on top of a train supposedly traveling with the silver to the union soldiers that the evil vampire and his associates try to stop. Lincoln and a few of his friends fight them all thru the  train and on the roof while the high wooden lattice work bridge burns engulfed in flames and cars separate.

The film is not without its’ philosophical dialogue as when the evil leader says to Abe “‘Everyone is  a slave to something” and near the end when Henry says to Lincoln,”Let me turn you Abe so we can go through History together” to which Abe replies,”No,there are some things more important that must  live forever” as Mrs. Lincoln is waiting outside by the carriage and  says,”Hurry up Abe or we’ll be late for the theater.”

The cast is all new people and Ben Walker plays Abe Lincoln. I didn’t think he resembled Abe in his younger years so much but in the older Abe he looked a lot like him. The effects are magnificent and the violence is very  stylistic. There  is a lot of vampire beheadings as Abe weilds his ax and blood splattering, but it is done in quick successions .The slow motion action sequences we’ve all seen before, but done extremly well and fitting here. I thought they captured the periond really well and the  characters were very identifiable.

 One TV critic thought it was far fetched. Well of course it’s far fetched, it’s Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter. What does she expect? I understand Hollywood is making one on FDR called Franklin Roosevelt Werewolf Hunter where he shoots silver bullets from his wheelchair.That should be a hoot and I’ll report that here too if I see that. I’m enclosing a link to the trailer for the Abe Lincoln movie you can see here to get an idea what it’s like. 😉 Just cilck on this link then click where it says watch  trailer.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) – IMDb

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Marco Rubio

ImageI recently saw an interview with Florida senator Marco Rubio on Sean Hannity’s show and I must say I was  very impressed. This is a bright young Hispanic man born here who’s parents are Cuban immigrants. Marco has a strong love for this country as well as a very strong faith in God and a strong family values man as demonstrated  by his own love for his family who appeared with him on the show. He has his wife Janette and four children two boys and two girls.

In the interview Marco explained his strong stance for legal immigration and explained how people have told him how their parents  have been waiting ten years on a list to get here so in that case he says he understands them coming here illegally, but that has to change so the wait is not that long. Marco explained how he views things as God’s will and said “whether you believe in him or not he’s there.”

Marco explained how his father died just two days before he was elected senator, but he knew he had won which made him proud. Marco told Sean his father watched FOX News 24/7 just to get a glimpse of his son on there and watched Sean’s show faithfully. Both Sean and Marco agreed that his father was looking down proudly at his son now and had the best seat in the house. 🙂  Sean then brought out Marco’s beautiful wife, Jeanette, who was sitting in the live studio audience with their four kids. She told Sean how Marco would go around the house saying things like ‘they should do this and they should do that” so she told him “Why don’t you do it.” and that’s what inspired him to run. Marco explained that he was worried that if he didn’t win  he would be a failure after spending so much money and having his lawyer smeared all during the campaign, but he kept at it an eventually did win. He also said he was a strong Tea Party supporter.

One thing that Marco mentioned that really impressed me was  that one day he heard their alarm system on their house go off and something told him to run to the back door since one of his sons wasn’t in the playroom. He ran out back and found their son face down in the family pool and pulled him out and pumped water out of him. His son woke up and was crying as Marco cuddled him. He said this made him realize that just one moment can change everything in your life. He said he had a fence around the pool, but the workers left just a small opening  that his son got through.

I think it would be very wise on Romney’s part to choose Marco Rubio as his VP running mate. I would love  to see two very attractive women as Ann Romney and Jeanette Rubio as first ladies even though Jeanettes ays she does’t care for politics.  The only thing I see standing in his way is the fact that Rubio’s parents are both from Cuba and the constituition states that a president must be a natural born citizen which means both parents are supposed to be born here, but Obama seems to have made an exception with that rule as he has done with everything else. Marco would also bring in the hispanic vote and be a much better VP choice than the bumbling foot in mouth Biden that’s in there now.

Speaking of bringing in the Hispanic vote , I see Obama is accusing the republicans of playing politics with immigration. He’s in no position to talk there. He had three years to act on imigration and completley ignored them like with everything else and instead played golf and went on expensive vacations all at our expense. Now six months before election he comes out with this immigration reform measure. He’s also facing the fast and furious scandal that involves shipping guns to murderers, kidnappers and thugs in the Mexican drug cartels and the murder of two federal agents by these guns so don’t tell me the republicans are playing politics with immigration.

I see Romney is also considering Paul Ryan as a running mate. If he picks him watch the dems run with their ad showing a Paul Ryan look alike throwing granny over a cliff. Check out the link below for some great pics and articles about Marco Rubio. 😉 Marco has a book out called  “American Son”. The title says it all. 😉

U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

REPORT: Ryan Being Vetted for VP…

Kingmakers pick Rubio…

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Romney Economics vs.Obamanomics and Other Random Thoughts

Everytime I click on a news item on the liberal Huffington Post I hear a comercial saying “Massachussets was No. 47 in job creation. Romney Economics didn’t work then and it won’t work now.” To that I say, “Under Obama 15 million more people are on food stamps since he took over, 25 million are unemployed or underemployed, we have 5 trillion in new debt and Americans have lost 39% of their wealth. Obamanomics isn’t working now and it won’t then.”………..Obama and Co. are still blaming Bush for all their woes even though Debbie Wasserman  Schultz admitted it is their economy now. The latest is blaming Bush for the Fast and Furious scandal plaguing them since it started under Bush. That doesn’t matter now, it’s their scandal now too. A federal agent, Brian Terry, was allegedly killed by one of their guns  being shipped to the cartels and Obama never even sent his condolences to Terry’s family. Obama said his administration would be the most transparent in history and  now he and Holder are witholding supeoned documents and Obama is using executive priviledge which makes him look even more guilty. Again they sight that Bush used executive priviledge too and so did Clinton. Well if Bush and Clinton jumped off the proverbial bridge would Obama and Holder do it too? When is anyone in that administration going to man up and take responsabilty for anything instead of blaming Bush all the time?…………..Whenever I read comments to news articles I notice the lib respondents always refer to Fox News as Faux News. Well to those people I say that for the last several years now Fox has been No. 1 in the ratings and their ratings equal CNN’s, ABC’s ,NBC’s and CBS’s (See BS:D) ratings combined. Also CNN (the Communist News Network :D)  just announced they have had their lowest ratings in 30 years. A lot of the lib shouting from people like Ed Schultz who called Laura Ingram “a talk slut” and Lawrence O’Donnell who crtiicized Ann Romney’s therapy of riding horses for her MS, are on MSNBC (or MSLSD as Mark Levin calls them  😀 ) which is at the bottom of the ratings. I realize that being in the public eye ,especially the political arena opens you up to crticism, but two things I think they should stay away from are: crticizing the children of politicians and any disability they have. Libs are great for pointing the finger at others ,but if you say something about them then they attack you with a vengeance. O’Donnell and Schultz are perfect examples and if you crticize Obama you’re immediately  branded a racist by these people. In fact, all you have to do is just disagree with them and  the attack vervbiage starts flying. Disagree with a liberal black and you’re a racist, disagree with a liberal woman and you’re a sexist, disagree witha liberal gay person and you’re a homophobic, disagree with a liberal in general and you’re a facist and nazi, but it’s Ok for them to make fun of Bush’s alcoholism and make movies about his assasination and call women names like ‘Talk slut” or use the ‘c’ word about Sarah Palin like Bill Mahr did.  So much for Kumbaya and peace and love from this crowd that they are always espousing.

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Ronnie Spector-Beyond the Beehive


 I’ve just returned from seeing RonnieSpector of the famed Ronettes in concert in Rahway,N.J. and I must say it was a combination of being interesting, different and disappointing all in one. I’ve seen Ronnie in person twice before performing with other groups and this is the first time I’ve seen her solo. The name of the concert is Beyond the Beehive referring to the sexy beehive hairdos she and her sister and cousin wore in the Ronettes in the sixties which I am still a fan of today.         

The first time I saw Ronnie perform was at an oldies concert in the late seventies and then again about 18 years ago appearing with Frankie Valli of the Four Seasons fame.  In tonite’s concert Ronnie read her entire autobiography from a manuscript only pausing to sing a song when it referred to a point in time in her reading. She also showed pictures of her with such rock ‘n’ roll stars as the Beatles, RollingStones, Southside Johnny and Bruce Springsteen and others and some videos on the screen while she read from her manuscript.

Ronnie was born Veronica Yvette Bennet in New York City in August 1943. Her mother was half black and half cherokee and her father was Irish. Ronnie traces her early beginnings while reading to forming the Ronettes with her sister and cousin using lots of hair spray and beehive hairdos.She traces her beginnings singing in New York’s Peppermint Lounge which featured Joey Dee and  the Starlighters and eventually leading to her  marriage to famed record producer Phil Spector who was an extremely abusive and controlling figure in her life and put her thru pure hell. He would keep her in a small apartment in his mansion and had guard dogs to keep her in and showed her a glass covered coffin in the basement saying if she ever left him he would kill her and put her on display for everyone to see her. He even hid her shoes so she wouldn’t run away. He wouldn’t let her have any friends and would threaten her constantly. It was her mother who helped her escape and she enrolled in a rehab just to have someone to talk to. Today Phil Spector is in jail serving a sentence for murder. At this point someone in the audience yelled out “Phil sucks,” to which  Ronnie applauded.

While all this was interesting, I wanted to hear more songs not a reading  interrupted by a song here and there. Ronnie explained that she couldn’t sing  her signature song “Be My Baby” and a few others that were popular because Phil owned the rights to them. At that point several people in the audience yelled out’ “go for it”  and “he’s in jail.”  Ronnie then got up and started a few lines from “Be My Baby” and the audience stood up on their feet, but she stopped abruptly and said she couldn’t do it. I swear I heard her sing it on an oldies show on PBS just last year and when I saw her 20 years ago she sang it so I wonder.

Ronnie told how she went thru a horrible divorce lasting several years and sued Phil for roylties he never paid her to the tune of 2.5 million which she eventually won.

Today Ronnie is remarried and lives with a loving husband and her two kids. Her sister Estelle passed away in 2009. Like I mentioned although it was interesting, I would have preferred to hear more songs as she’s a great performer, still retains her clear voice and makes excellent eye contact with the audience. She’s very petite and quite busty and still very attractive with long thick flowing brown hair and thick bangs over her forehead. If I wanted to hear her autobiography I would buy one of those audio boooks.

I am enclosing a link to see Ronnie and her Ronettes in their prime appearing on Shindig a popular show in the 60″s singing “Be My Baby”. Check it out. 😉

  BE MY BABY The Ronettes



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Obama:Out of Touch and Dangerous

The media talks about Romney’s debt in Massachusettes in urging voters to vote for Obama, but under Obama 15 million more people are on food stamps, 25 million are unemployed or underemployed, the average American has lost 40% of their net wealth because of his redistribution and we have five trillion in new Obama debt that is unsustainable so don’t tell me about Romney’s debt in Mass.

Obama tells everyone the private sector is doing just fine and then he recants on it saying it isn’t and that “shovel ready jobs weren’t as shovel ready as we thought.”. He blames everything that’s happening on everyone else except him and takes no responsability for anything. It’s all the fault of Bush, Fox News, Karl Rove, Kiosks and ATM machines, the Tea Party and anything else you can think of. He is so out of touch with reality  that it is pathetic and now he is saying  to give him four more years so he can straighten things out.  He’s had four years already and in the beginning of his campaign in 2008 he said he would cut the deficit in half and turn the economy around. Instead he’s tripled the debt and deficet and the economy got worse. He said he would do away with lobbyists and  instead he hired 900 new lobbyists. He stated then that if he couldn’t do it in four years he would be a one term president.  Well he had his chance and now he’s asking for another four years. Can you imagine what the country would look like if that happenes?  All he did is play golf and go on vacations the first four years and spent like crazy not just like the proverbial drunken sailor ,but a whole fleet of drunken sailors and still according to him it’s not his fault, it’s Bush’s fault for what he inherited. What a crybaby” WAAAAAA,WAAAAA” Come on, man up Barack.

Now we have these security leaks that caused people their lives just to make Obama look good. Michael Reagan said it best in his column today saying,“Glory be to the commander in chief.

Everyone in the Washington-New York Axis of Evil knows that’s why there has been a string of White House national security leaks.

Each of the leaks has been a transparent attempt to pump up President Obama as a tough warrior who deserves re-election because he’s been intimately involved in the killing of Osama bin Laden, the cyber-sabotage of Iran’s nuclear program, and choosing which specific terrorist gets blasted to heaven by a U.S. drone.

Everyone also knows the leaks have damaged our ability to operate our future military and counter-terror operations, and they put our intelligence agents and commandos at risk. And everyone but Obama press spokesman Jay Carney knows exactly where the leaks were authorized — the White House.”

In the Fast and Furious scandal specifically taqgged guns were supposed to track how they got into the hands of the drug cartels, but those same guns were responsible for the deaths of two border guards. A dangerous plan indeed that Eric Holder is now appearing before the Senate trying desparately to defend the administration’s plan and stuttering his way thru.

Another leak involved the naming of names  that helped  Obama get Osama Bin Laden to make him look good. Actually all the policies  leading to that mission were formulated under Bush. Obama was reluctant to carry it out and had to be pursuaded by Leon Panetta for 14 hours before reluctantly agreeing. One of the people involved in giving information to our CIA people to carry it out was a Pakistani dentist. His name was leaked when the NY Times gave out info given to them by someone in the administration and that dentist is now serving 35 years in a Pakistani prison. Do you think anyone in Pakistan would trust us now for a future information gathering that may be a threat to us?Do we really need four more years of this? Of putting people’s lives in danger? Can we afford it? Any person withh the common sense  that God gave a billy goat would say “No.” Congressman Peter King is right when he said this is bigger than Watergate. At least in Watergate nobody got killed. Obama isn’t a leader and never should have been elected. He was all emotion driven and hatred for Bush driven by the media. Even the Obama girl is having second thoughts now when she appeared on Sean Hannity’s show recently. 😀

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