Snow White and the Huntsman

04 Jun


I’ve just returned from seeing the new movie Snow White and the Huntsman and I must say I highly reccommend it. The story is loosely based on the famous Snow White fairy tale only upgraded and a more mature cast of characters. Snow White is played by KristenStewart who is known for her role as Bella in the Twilight series. Charlize Theron playes the evil Queen Ravenna and Chris Hemsworth known for playing Thor the Thunder God in the Avengers and the Thor series plays the Huntsman.

Snow White’s mother dies when she is very young and her father, The King, is quickly taken in by a damsel in distress by a phantom army which is really a set-up by  Ravenna to become Queen. The King immediatley marries her and after she is crowned Queen she takes control and kills the King. The evil Queen Ravenna, played to the max by Charlize Theron imprisons Snow White who soon escapes. The Queen orders her soldiers to find a huntsman who will track her down. The Huntsman (Chris Hensworth) is found and recruited under the guise that the Queen will revive his dead wife for him. He soon tracks her down, but Snow White convinces him of the Queen’s evil ways and they soon join forces running from her. The Queen has the power to suck the life force out of other women to keep her young and Snow White is her biggest threat. There is even a special mirror the Queen asks “who is the fairest of them all”.  It is no regular mirror, but resembles a large golden cymbol from a drum set and a golden ooze trickles out from it and forms a figure that talks back to her. Apparently only she  can see it since her brother is standing  there  and doesn’t see it.

In the fairy tale the evil Queen transforms into an old lady and sells Snow Whitre a poison apple. Here the Queen turns herself into Snow White’s young boy pal now grown up into manhood and gives her the apple.

I’m willing to suspend disbelief, but  I couldn’t accept the fact that Snow White was dead lying on her death bed and after the Huntsman kisses her and brings her back to life, like the prince does in the original story, she walks out into the courtyard in her white death robes and begins instigating and gathering everyone together to form forces to fight the queen with nobody asking why she is alive suddenly. In the next scene we see her in full body armor ala Joan of Arc leading hundreds of her fellow countrymen against the Queen. That bit aside I loved the special effects, especially walking through the Dark Forest and Enchanted Forest with things changing to different life forms. The faires are cute and reminded me of minature aliens with naked hairless bodiess, big heads and big eyes all CGI created of course.

There are also seven dwarfs that the Huntsman and Snow White encounter and help them run and hide from the Queen, but these are no ordinary Disney dwarfs that we’ve come to know. These are rough, warrior type dwarfs with gruff voices and full beards. They are cleverly created thru a combination of CGI effects and real actors and look very real similar to the dwarf in “Lord of  the Rings.”

 All in all I liked it and it is perfect summer fare you can take the kids to if they are over 12 years old I’d say. 🙂

Check out the trailer below for a great glimpse of the movie 😉

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