Edwards Jurors on Hannity Show

05 Jun


Recently eight of the Jurors from the Edwards trial appeared onSean Hannity’s show. I was surprised and naturally deeply interested, especially since the judge told them not to go to the media and the first thing they do is go on Sean’s show and shows like Good Morning America and who knows what other shows. One of the juros was the alternate juror who was allegedly flirting with John Edwards as reported in the media. Sean asked her about that and she said “I always smile a lot and the media misconstrued that as me flirting with him.” I ‘m not so sure about that. Sounds more like a cover-up to me.

One of the jurors said she never heard of John Edwards before the trial and several others said they never knew he cheated on his cancer stricken wife. I know that lawyers  in an effort to get an unbiased jury often get uninformed citizens, but where do these people live?  Under rocks?  In caves?  Edwards was on TV all the time about his affair behind his wife’s back and he was in headlines in all the tabloids in all the supermarkets. I know I’ve seen them there.

Sean showed the juros a film clip of Edwards spending several minutes looking in a hand mirror fixing his  hair. The jurors laughed and said if they had seen that they would have known how conceited he was

One juror told Sean that they preyed each morning and also at the end of the day. Sean thought that was unusual since they were in a government building and government and preying don’t exactly go hand in hand these days. Below is a description of what the jurors said on the show plus a link to go to some of their comments.

Eight of the jurors from the John Edwards trial joined Hannity to speak out less than 24 hours after the verdict was reached. The judge declared a mistrial after the jurors were unable to reach a unanimous decision on five of the six counts. The alternate juror who was accused of allegedly flirting with Edwards was one of the eight who joined the show. Denise Speight said, “I’m happy on a normal basis and I think they just misconstrued my smiling.” The other jurors agreed that when they heard those rumors, it was a non-story for them.

The jury foreman, David Recchion, said he believed Edwards was guilty because, “The credibility was an issue. We saw that with Andrew Young. We felt like there was a credibility gap there. I felt the same way with John Edwards. So I personally looked at the evidence that was delivered, all of the witnesses that were delivered and when you pull all of that together with the instructions from the judge, it looked like there were some things added up. The issue however was connecting all the dots by the prosecution.”

One juror said that she felt he was guilty but the evidence wasn’t there, so she had to vote not guilty. Another juror said she also felt that Edwards was guilty, but the money was never in his hands making it hard to prove his guilt.

Juror Ladonna Foster described what the experience was like, saying, “There were days when the air was just thick. We have yelled and screamed at each other. We’ve said horrible things to each other. We’ve come back and apologized. We’ve hugged, we’ve prayed together every day.”

John Edwards Trial Jurors Speak Out on Hannity: Why Some Believe He’s Guilty |

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