Ray Stevens: Man of Music, Comedy and Political Truth

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When I was growing up in the late fifties and early 60’s I always loved  hearing songs by Ray Stevens. He had such fun, lively, toe tapping , hand clapping humorous comedy songs like “Ahab the Arab,” “Guitarzan” “The Streak” and many others. Over the years and next couple of decades I lost track of Ray and figured he just faded into  the background of another oldies singer.

Just recently I noticed he has resurfaced and at age 73 he’s proven he still has it, better than ever and looks great. 🙂 He still retains his catchy tunes that stay with you long after you’ve heard them and he now has  added a poignant, oftern biting and humorous conservative political theme. He moves from the sublime like his hard hitting “God Save Arizona” to the humorous  “Global Warning Song”  and  “The Skies Aren’t Friendly Anymore, “and ” Come to the U.S.A.” all of which I’ll descibe later. His most recent is called “We the People” attacking congress and Obamacare which I’mi ncludimg a live version below along with links to a few others.

This is from Ray’s biography from his website:

Ray Stevens was born Harold Ray Ragsdale in Clarkdale, Georgia on January 24, 1939. Clarkdale was a small cotton mill town twenty miles north of Atlanta. Ray’s early influences came from the radio and the jukebox at the village swimming pool where Ray and most kids spent their summers. In those days radio stations were diverse and played music of all different styles and that, along with the records that the jukebox played exposed Ray to an eclectic selection of music.

 He has memorably spoofed everything from Tarzan movies to trendy crazes and he brought us his very own comedy classics. Ray’s genre of music is one of his own making. It spans from pop, country, rock and comedy and it is truly his own.

Here is a synopsis of the  songs  I have listed below:

God Save Arizona- This is Ray’s attack on the Obama Administrations’s failure to secure our borders along Arizona and Gov. Jan Brewer’s and Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s strong stance agianst them to secure our borders. Ray calls Brewer and Arpaio “PATRIOTS” and indeed they are. Ray starts out showing the Japanese attack on Peal Harbor with the bombing of the Arizona then fast forward to 2010 where Arizona is a target once again. “Attacked by drug lords, terorrists and our own federal governemnt. What they’re trying to do to Arizona surely must be criminal.” Ray ends it with saying “They’re attacking Arizona, but they want to sink the U.S.A.” Ray Stevens – God Save Arizona – YouTube

TheSkies Aren”t Friendly Anymore-This is Ray’s humorus tribute to theTSA workers and  frustrations passengers go thru when boarding a plane. “They make you take off your belt and shoes, but that’s not all they make you lose. No the skies aren’t friendly anymore.” 😀

Ray Stevens – The Skies Just Ain’t Friendly Anymore

Come to the U.S.A.-This is Ray’s satire with a strong ring of truth to it about the problem of illegal immigration “Come to the U.S.A./ there’s no penalty to pay  if you get caught illegally immigratin’/There’s lots of goodies waitin’/ like healthcare, welfare, free eduacation, help with your voter registration,/ lots of jobs for you to do / and employers who will turn a blind eye too. / Come to the U.S,.A.”   Ray plays three roles in this one ,an arab, mexican and cuban.Ray Stevens – Come to the USA – YouTube

The Global Warming Song-This is a hilarious  attack on the global warming fiasco. This is about  the Gullible Brothers, Barry Gullible (played by Ray) and his brother Justas Gullible who buy land in the South Pole because they think it will be the next Florida with global warming and are selling Frozen Farms. 😀 “ if you still believe this media false alarm, I know a couple of guys who wheel and deal in frozen farms. 😀   RayStevens – The Global Warming Song

We the People-This is Ray’s latest on Obamcare and telling congress we the people are onto your tricks .It tells how older people will be just given a pain pill instead of needed surgery which is in the Obamacare bill as everything is cost efficient under Obamacare. Ray tells congress here ‘You voted Obamacare now we’re gonna vote you out of there.”This is a live recording and very good recorded in Branston,Mo.  Ray Stevens – We The People (Live)

All these song sare so typical of Ray’s music and once you hear them they will be hard to get out of your head. :D.They can also be seen online or buy the DVD from his site l ike I did to hear these and many more at Ray Stevens .com. Just look for Intermet Hits. It cost only $10. 🙂

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