Obama:Out of Touch and Dangerous

14 Jun

The media talks about Romney’s debt in Massachusettes in urging voters to vote for Obama, but under Obama 15 million more people are on food stamps, 25 million are unemployed or underemployed, the average American has lost 40% of their net wealth because of his redistribution and we have five trillion in new Obama debt that is unsustainable so don’t tell me about Romney’s debt in Mass.

Obama tells everyone the private sector is doing just fine and then he recants on it saying it isn’t and that “shovel ready jobs weren’t as shovel ready as we thought.”. He blames everything that’s happening on everyone else except him and takes no responsability for anything. It’s all the fault of Bush, Fox News, Karl Rove, Kiosks and ATM machines, the Tea Party and anything else you can think of. He is so out of touch with reality  that it is pathetic and now he is saying  to give him four more years so he can straighten things out.  He’s had four years already and in the beginning of his campaign in 2008 he said he would cut the deficit in half and turn the economy around. Instead he’s tripled the debt and deficet and the economy got worse. He said he would do away with lobbyists and  instead he hired 900 new lobbyists. He stated then that if he couldn’t do it in four years he would be a one term president.  Well he had his chance and now he’s asking for another four years. Can you imagine what the country would look like if that happenes?  All he did is play golf and go on vacations the first four years and spent like crazy not just like the proverbial drunken sailor ,but a whole fleet of drunken sailors and still according to him it’s not his fault, it’s Bush’s fault for what he inherited. What a crybaby” WAAAAAA,WAAAAA” Come on, man up Barack.

Now we have these security leaks that caused people their lives just to make Obama look good. Michael Reagan said it best in his column today saying,“Glory be to the commander in chief.

Everyone in the Washington-New York Axis of Evil knows that’s why there has been a string of White House national security leaks.

Each of the leaks has been a transparent attempt to pump up President Obama as a tough warrior who deserves re-election because he’s been intimately involved in the killing of Osama bin Laden, the cyber-sabotage of Iran’s nuclear program, and choosing which specific terrorist gets blasted to heaven by a U.S. drone.

Everyone also knows the leaks have damaged our ability to operate our future military and counter-terror operations, and they put our intelligence agents and commandos at risk. And everyone but Obama press spokesman Jay Carney knows exactly where the leaks were authorized — the White House.”

In the Fast and Furious scandal specifically taqgged guns were supposed to track how they got into the hands of the drug cartels, but those same guns were responsible for the deaths of two border guards. A dangerous plan indeed that Eric Holder is now appearing before the Senate trying desparately to defend the administration’s plan and stuttering his way thru.

Another leak involved the naming of names  that helped  Obama get Osama Bin Laden to make him look good. Actually all the policies  leading to that mission were formulated under Bush. Obama was reluctant to carry it out and had to be pursuaded by Leon Panetta for 14 hours before reluctantly agreeing. One of the people involved in giving information to our CIA people to carry it out was a Pakistani dentist. His name was leaked when the NY Times gave out info given to them by someone in the administration and that dentist is now serving 35 years in a Pakistani prison. Do you think anyone in Pakistan would trust us now for a future information gathering that may be a threat to us?Do we really need four more years of this? Of putting people’s lives in danger? Can we afford it? Any person withh the common sense  that God gave a billy goat would say “No.” Congressman Peter King is right when he said this is bigger than Watergate. At least in Watergate nobody got killed. Obama isn’t a leader and never should have been elected. He was all emotion driven and hatred for Bush driven by the media. Even the Obama girl is having second thoughts now when she appeared on Sean Hannity’s show recently. 😀

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