Romney Economics vs.Obamanomics and Other Random Thoughts

21 Jun

Everytime I click on a news item on the liberal Huffington Post I hear a comercial saying “Massachussets was No. 47 in job creation. Romney Economics didn’t work then and it won’t work now.” To that I say, “Under Obama 15 million more people are on food stamps since he took over, 25 million are unemployed or underemployed, we have 5 trillion in new debt and Americans have lost 39% of their wealth. Obamanomics isn’t working now and it won’t then.”………..Obama and Co. are still blaming Bush for all their woes even though Debbie Wasserman  Schultz admitted it is their economy now. The latest is blaming Bush for the Fast and Furious scandal plaguing them since it started under Bush. That doesn’t matter now, it’s their scandal now too. A federal agent, Brian Terry, was allegedly killed by one of their guns  being shipped to the cartels and Obama never even sent his condolences to Terry’s family. Obama said his administration would be the most transparent in history and  now he and Holder are witholding supeoned documents and Obama is using executive priviledge which makes him look even more guilty. Again they sight that Bush used executive priviledge too and so did Clinton. Well if Bush and Clinton jumped off the proverbial bridge would Obama and Holder do it too? When is anyone in that administration going to man up and take responsabilty for anything instead of blaming Bush all the time?…………..Whenever I read comments to news articles I notice the lib respondents always refer to Fox News as Faux News. Well to those people I say that for the last several years now Fox has been No. 1 in the ratings and their ratings equal CNN’s, ABC’s ,NBC’s and CBS’s (See BS:D) ratings combined. Also CNN (the Communist News Network :D)  just announced they have had their lowest ratings in 30 years. A lot of the lib shouting from people like Ed Schultz who called Laura Ingram “a talk slut” and Lawrence O’Donnell who crtiicized Ann Romney’s therapy of riding horses for her MS, are on MSNBC (or MSLSD as Mark Levin calls them  😀 ) which is at the bottom of the ratings. I realize that being in the public eye ,especially the political arena opens you up to crticism, but two things I think they should stay away from are: crticizing the children of politicians and any disability they have. Libs are great for pointing the finger at others ,but if you say something about them then they attack you with a vengeance. O’Donnell and Schultz are perfect examples and if you crticize Obama you’re immediately  branded a racist by these people. In fact, all you have to do is just disagree with them and  the attack vervbiage starts flying. Disagree with a liberal black and you’re a racist, disagree with a liberal woman and you’re a sexist, disagree witha liberal gay person and you’re a homophobic, disagree with a liberal in general and you’re a facist and nazi, but it’s Ok for them to make fun of Bush’s alcoholism and make movies about his assasination and call women names like ‘Talk slut” or use the ‘c’ word about Sarah Palin like Bill Mahr did.  So much for Kumbaya and peace and love from this crowd that they are always espousing.

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