Marco Rubio

23 Jun

ImageI recently saw an interview with Florida senator Marco Rubio on Sean Hannity’s show and I must say I was  very impressed. This is a bright young Hispanic man born here who’s parents are Cuban immigrants. Marco has a strong love for this country as well as a very strong faith in God and a strong family values man as demonstrated  by his own love for his family who appeared with him on the show. He has his wife Janette and four children two boys and two girls.

In the interview Marco explained his strong stance for legal immigration and explained how people have told him how their parents  have been waiting ten years on a list to get here so in that case he says he understands them coming here illegally, but that has to change so the wait is not that long. Marco explained how he views things as God’s will and said “whether you believe in him or not he’s there.”

Marco explained how his father died just two days before he was elected senator, but he knew he had won which made him proud. Marco told Sean his father watched FOX News 24/7 just to get a glimpse of his son on there and watched Sean’s show faithfully. Both Sean and Marco agreed that his father was looking down proudly at his son now and had the best seat in the house. 🙂  Sean then brought out Marco’s beautiful wife, Jeanette, who was sitting in the live studio audience with their four kids. She told Sean how Marco would go around the house saying things like ‘they should do this and they should do that” so she told him “Why don’t you do it.” and that’s what inspired him to run. Marco explained that he was worried that if he didn’t win  he would be a failure after spending so much money and having his lawyer smeared all during the campaign, but he kept at it an eventually did win. He also said he was a strong Tea Party supporter.

One thing that Marco mentioned that really impressed me was  that one day he heard their alarm system on their house go off and something told him to run to the back door since one of his sons wasn’t in the playroom. He ran out back and found their son face down in the family pool and pulled him out and pumped water out of him. His son woke up and was crying as Marco cuddled him. He said this made him realize that just one moment can change everything in your life. He said he had a fence around the pool, but the workers left just a small opening  that his son got through.

I think it would be very wise on Romney’s part to choose Marco Rubio as his VP running mate. I would love  to see two very attractive women as Ann Romney and Jeanette Rubio as first ladies even though Jeanettes ays she does’t care for politics.  The only thing I see standing in his way is the fact that Rubio’s parents are both from Cuba and the constituition states that a president must be a natural born citizen which means both parents are supposed to be born here, but Obama seems to have made an exception with that rule as he has done with everything else. Marco would also bring in the hispanic vote and be a much better VP choice than the bumbling foot in mouth Biden that’s in there now.

Speaking of bringing in the Hispanic vote , I see Obama is accusing the republicans of playing politics with immigration. He’s in no position to talk there. He had three years to act on imigration and completley ignored them like with everything else and instead played golf and went on expensive vacations all at our expense. Now six months before election he comes out with this immigration reform measure. He’s also facing the fast and furious scandal that involves shipping guns to murderers, kidnappers and thugs in the Mexican drug cartels and the murder of two federal agents by these guns so don’t tell me the republicans are playing politics with immigration.

I see Romney is also considering Paul Ryan as a running mate. If he picks him watch the dems run with their ad showing a Paul Ryan look alike throwing granny over a cliff. Check out the link below for some great pics and articles about Marco Rubio. 😉 Marco has a book out called  “American Son”. The title says it all. 😉

U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

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Kingmakers pick Rubio…

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