Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

27 Jun

ImageI’ve just returned from seeng the new  fantasy horror flick Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter and I must say in spite of what other critics have said and people I know have said, I liked it a lot. I found it suspenseful, colorful and enjoyable. I know a lot of you are saying, “But Jaycee,we thought you are a political commentator .” Wel that’s true but I also like commenting on movies and plays I’ve seen and places I’ve been that might be of interest to you also. Besides Lincoln is political 😀

The film is historically accurate and follows Lincoln’s life from being a young boy and rail splitter to studying to be a lawyer, meeing and marrying Mary Todd, meeting and debating Frederick Douglas, the civil war and Fort Sumter and Gettysburg. The fantasy part comes in when Lincoln sees a vampire kill his mother and vows to get back at it . As he gets older he meets a friend Henry, who is a friendly vampire unbeknownst to Lincoln at the time and he teaches him to fight vampires with his ax which is silver tipped for fighting vampires. “Vampires do exist and they are everywhere,” Henry says to Abe.The handle reverts to a gun and Abe weilds both ends expertly.

An evil southern plantation owner vampire wants to take over the world with his own army of vampires and starts with the civil war using an army of confederate vampires against the union soldiers. Abe gets wind of this and orders the local population to donate tons of silver to be melted down for ammunition for the union soldiers.

There is a great fight on top of a train supposedly traveling with the silver to the union soldiers that the evil vampire and his associates try to stop. Lincoln and a few of his friends fight them all thru the  train and on the roof while the high wooden lattice work bridge burns engulfed in flames and cars separate.

The film is not without its’ philosophical dialogue as when the evil leader says to Abe “‘Everyone is  a slave to something” and near the end when Henry says to Lincoln,”Let me turn you Abe so we can go through History together” to which Abe replies,”No,there are some things more important that must  live forever” as Mrs. Lincoln is waiting outside by the carriage and  says,”Hurry up Abe or we’ll be late for the theater.”

The cast is all new people and Ben Walker plays Abe Lincoln. I didn’t think he resembled Abe in his younger years so much but in the older Abe he looked a lot like him. The effects are magnificent and the violence is very  stylistic. There  is a lot of vampire beheadings as Abe weilds his ax and blood splattering, but it is done in quick successions .The slow motion action sequences we’ve all seen before, but done extremly well and fitting here. I thought they captured the periond really well and the  characters were very identifiable.

 One TV critic thought it was far fetched. Well of course it’s far fetched, it’s Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter. What does she expect? I understand Hollywood is making one on FDR called Franklin Roosevelt Werewolf Hunter where he shoots silver bullets from his wheelchair.That should be a hoot and I’ll report that here too if I see that. I’m enclosing a link to the trailer for the Abe Lincoln movie you can see here to get an idea what it’s like. 😉 Just cilck on this link then click where it says watch  trailer.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) – IMDb

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