SCOTUS Sells America Out!!!!! Roberts Moves Left!!!!

28 Jun




Now that theSupreme Court, thanks to John Roberts, has ruled on Obamacare in favor of the individual mandate after originally finding it unconstitutional , America is  on the road to socialzed medicine and will they ever be sorry if it is not repealled. The majority of people are against this bill and the SC has shown they don’t care about the people. This decision goes along with other supreme court decsions such as not securing our borders and striking down the  defense of marriage act.

This bill is not just about everyone having health care, it is a way of life for the government to have complete control over our lives. Everything in that bill is cost effective with such measures as:

*All doctors will make the same salary.The governemnt will decide how much they can make

* A goverment bureaucrat will come between you and your doctor. When a doctor decides if you need a certain operation they will go to a computer and put in about you to a goverment assigned person to your district and that person will decide if you should have it or not based on your age or condition. Death panels and massive taxes are in it.

*Healthcare rationing. You can only receive  a certain amout o  healthcare per year $5000 per single and $10,000 per family and doctors will be laid off.

*The governmemt will have access to all your finances an a healthcare ID card will be issued

*All employers must enroll all employees in the government plan or be taxed. You have no choice

*Any individual who does not have appropriate healthcare according to the government will be taxed 2.5 %

*16,000 new IRS agents have been hired to enforce this.

These are just a smidgen of the goverment controls in this abomination of a plan. But donl ttake my word fo rit. Check out the link here that shows you the exact page and lines to find these items. YOU CAN KISS AMERICA THAT YOU HAVE KNOWN GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!

I received this e-mail today which says it all about John Roberts’  decision:  

Justice Roberts subverted the Constitution
Remember this date… June 28, 2012……………
This is the obituary of this former republic.
The SCOTTUS (supreme court) in a 5-4 decision, now claims THE SUPREME COURT can impose TAXES on the American people, which formerly was only imposed by congress. This is judicial tyranny in the extreme.
In supporting the TAX MANDATE today, Justice Roberts led the way to subvert the American system. Ironically, he was appointed by an
“alleged” conservative President Bush.
Remember Earl Warren?????? He was appointed by another “alleged” conservative President Eisenhauer and we are still suffering from his SCOTTUS decisions. Or how about Justice Blackmun, another appointment by an “alleged” conservative President Nixon. Blackmun said it is ok to KILL YOUR UNBORN BABY.
As for Justice Roberts, he had a “conservative” background until this event changed his life and probably influenced his tyrannical decision today.
Roberts entered Harvard Law School and graduated magna cum laude from law school in 1979. Harvard is the nerve center of American socialism.
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One response to “SCOTUS Sells America Out!!!!! Roberts Moves Left!!!!

  1. JoAnne Kern

    June 29, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    I agree the country is in trouble. Let’s hope that we can defeat Obama in the election and defeat Obamacare!


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