The Finer Print of Obamacare the Media Won’t Tell YOU

30 Jun

It’s going to be a big Heartbreaker

Grandma needs a new pacemaker

and the doctor says I realize she’s ill,

But there’s been some legislation

On all our medications

and all I can do is put her on a pain pill——Ray Stevens in “We the People”

When Ray Stevens wrote that it was based on an incident between Obama and a constituent during a town hall event early on in his administration.The resident told Obama his 76 year old grandmother needed a pacemaker and he wondered if that would be covered under Obamacare. Obama replied, “At that age i would just give her a pain pill.”
If a person in their mid 60’s and above needs a heart bypass for instance,they can get it now .Under Obamacare  a doctor will consult with a bureaucrat and they will tell them ” Sorry but that procedure has to be saved for a younger person.”
So while the media is having orgasms over their messiah getting his bill passed just check out these provisions in it that the media isn’t telling you. This is just a partial list. For a complete listing see the video link I have listed below.
This is in the Obamacare bill just passed:
*Page 29 Lines 11-14. Healthcare rationing. There will be limits on how much healthcare you can get per year. $5000 per single and $10,000 per couple.
* Page126 Employers must pay for all part time employees and their families.
*page126 All doctors no matter what their profession will be paid the same.The government will tell them how much they can make.
*page341 seniors will be interviewed every year for health issues and decisions made as to what care they can and cannot receive.
*page 426 government guides you in death and provides list of end of life resources.
*page 428 Government is involved in advanced care consultation which will include end of life plans
*page 430 The government will decide what treatments you have at the end of life.
Well as Nancy Pelosi said “We have to passt his bill so we know what’s in it.”
In other words “THIS BILL SUCKS” Prices will go up and the cost of healthcare will go up. It will be devastating to patients. As the bumper sticker I saw on a car says “If you think healthcare is expensive wait until it’s free.”
Just see what’s happening in Canada below for a preview of what to expect here.

All the major American newspapers seem to have become nothing more than cheerleaders for the Obama administration, so it is difficult to find much in the way of current stories about the debacle of nationalized healthcare in Canada. But if one goes back a few years, the information is much more plentiful. A January 16, 2000, New York Times article entitled “Full Hospitals Make Canadians Wait and Look South,” by James Brooke, provided some good examples of how Canadian price controls have created serious shortage problems.

  • A 58-year-old grandmother awaited open-heart surgery in a Montreal hospital hallway with 66 other patients as electric doors opened and closed all night long, bringing in drafts from sub-zero weather. She was on a five-year waiting list for her heart surgery.
  • In Toronto, 23 of the city’s 25 hospitals turned away ambulances in a single day because of a shortage of doctors.
  • In Vancouver, ambulances have been “stacked up” for hours while heart attack victims wait in them before being properly taken care of.
  • At least 1,000 Canadian doctors and many thousands of Canadian nurses have migrated to the United States to avoid price controls on their salaries.

Wrote Mr. Brooke, “Few Canadians would recommend their system as a model for export.”

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One response to “The Finer Print of Obamacare the Media Won’t Tell YOU

  1. ACcountryFan

    June 30, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    It’s a total disgrace! The ruling was based on language argued by Obama’s lawyers at the last minute…declaring this penalty of not buying health insurance as a “tax” and therefore Congress has the authority to tax people. Rhetorically, how in the world does a judge take it upon himself to call something a tax if it isn’t explicitly written that it’s a tax in the actual bill!?! Well, judicial activism is the answer of course…and it’s sickening, beyond sickening, actually, that a Supreme Court judge would buy the Obama lawyer’s argument about an obvious penalty being a tax. It isn’t even written in the bill that it’s a tax…so I’m highly questionable over the ruling’s validity anyhow. It’s sickening. Just because the Obama people and the liberals on the Supreme Court accept it as a “tax” doesn’t change a thing…it’s still Government run healthcare and the American people will have no say in the matter. Obama needs thrown out of power and the Senate needs conservative control…that’s the only way Obamacare can be repealed and replaced with any number of health care reform alternatives that MANY conservative law makers have drafted over the last 3-4 years. A popular talking point among Democrats in the media is to say that Republicans “have no ideas to improve health care” and it simply isn’t true. If the Democrats would open their ears they’d hear the alternatives loud and clear.


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