The Amazing Spiderman

05 Jul

The Amazing Spider-Man movie posterI’ve just returned from seeing the new updated version of Spiderman and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.This version is a lot darker and more mature than the originals, but the main story line is the same. A young Peter Parker’s parents are supposedly killed in a plane crash. His father was a scientist working with his partner on cross species regeneration with the idea of conquering diseases and regrowing lost limbs which his partner has in losing his left arm. Peter is raised by his Aunt and Uncle played by Sally Fields and Martin Sheen. Peter’s uncle is later killed by a mugger who Peter was unable to catch.

The older Peter Parker is played by newcomer Andrew Gilbert who reminded me of a youngTony Perkins and I had a hard time identifying with his character and getting into him having preferred Toby Maguire from the original. Dennis Leary plays his girlfriend’s father who is also the police captain wanting to get spiderman arrested  for being a vigilante in the city.

Meanwhile while the police are chasing Spiderman, Peter’s father’s assistant Dr.Connors is experimenting with his cross species regeneration hoping to grow his arm back. He does just that ,but the regeneration doesn’t stop there and continues to make his skin a green skaley substance and turns him into a giant lizard  that wreaks havoc on the city.The serum wears off eventually and Dr.Connors keeps injecting himself with more becoming bigger and stronger.Spidey confronts him in a final, action packed thundering climax and city wide battle.

Once Spiderman acquires his costume and really starts swinging thru the city and fending off anyone who gets in his way by shooting webbing from his fingers and showing super human strength and speed,the film really picks up.The whole second half is fast moving with fantastic CGI special effects especially if you see it in 3-D like I did.

I am enclosing a special 4 minute trailer  that captures the best parts so you get an idea what it’s like. Check it out 😉

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailers & Clips | Moviefone

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