3 Ways The Liberal Media Strikes Again for Obama

09 Jul

1) How Conservatives Are Making Life Harder for U.S. Businesses When I saw this headline today I rolled my eyes and said here we go again with all the libtards in the media, especaily the expected  liberal, slanted articles from Huffington Post blaming  corporations for all their woes just like Obama who hates the corporations along with everything else about America .I scrolled down expecting to see the usual lib responses and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.Check these out. 😉

More Huffington Post lies, distortion, and bull—-. They have their heads up Obama’s -ss.


Yeah, what business wants is more legislation. Are you kidding? The left is out of control with its lies and spin.
Here we go again, another article blaming conservatives for the WH’s lack of everything. First it’s Bush and continues with congress.

What a one sided piece of C#@!. The author is telling half truths and leaving out the details in order to push a leftist agenda. I challenge readers to do some homework, and learn to the full story. Then make up your own mind!

2)  In Utah they had a patriotic day parade that featured a satire on Obama with a person with an Obama mask and a car using the term “Obamanation” has made some angry, and others upset at the negative attention.It happened in the city’s annual Fourth of July parade.The float showed a person dressed as President Obama with one sign that read “Huntsville Welcomes Obama’s Farewell Tour?” On the back, another sign said, “Ask about our assault gun plan. Call Eric Holder.” Some people were so offended that they called the S.S. into check it out. Again the libs  react angrily to anything that doesn’t go their way. They sure know how to attack republicans so viciously,but say anthing about a lib dem or their messiah Obama and it’s mob rule like the peasants storming Frankenstein’s castle. Just check out some of these posts reacting to people protesting Obama:
That treasonous lying Marxist piece of (bleep) DESERVES to be mocked. The liberal Thought Police can KMA.I don’t think we would have allowed it, in fact I know we wouldn’t,” said Allen. “We just don’t want that. It’s a family-oriented ­celebration

FAMILY ORIENTED? THAT is the red herring of the week

Families should be oriented towards tossing the Clown in Chief OUT in November.

I noticed the two Border Patrol Agents obama got killed could not attend the parade….

Apparently those opposed to this float agree with Govt sanctioned illegal gun running activities that violate US law and International Treaty? They think its OK to cover up illegal activities including murder?


You know if this was done and it was towards romney or any other politician nobody would have said a word.
Nothing is inappropriate when outling the truth of this monster Obama. He is a virtual demon.
The biggest fraud is being perpetuated on the American people now who still think they elected a leader when all we have is a puppet taking orders after the coup and cover up.

3) The latest finding is that Obama said he was at Columbia University from 1982-83, but  after permisison from Columbia to release his records shows him there from 1980-81.They disnmised it as a computer glitch. So let’s see now. His birth certificates (all three of them) were proven forgeries or computer glitches, his social security number was shown to be fraudulent and dismissed as a computer glitch and now his college records are being dismissed as a computer glitch. How many computer glitches can one person have with such important documents? It is amazing how all of my records – birth, schools, social security, draft registration, etc do not have any errors…yet every record of Obama’s is missing or messed up, suffers from a “computer glitch” or has been sealed. Hmmmmmm.

How Conservatives Are Making Life Harder for U.S. Businesses



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