The Colorado Massacre: Who Really is Responsible?

21 Jul

While the Colorado massacre is tragic and incomprehensible beyond belief, it leaves much to be learned and investigated. While James Holmes is ultimatley responsible for what he did there is questions that need answers. His parents obviously knew he had  problems judging by his mother’s comments when the police called her when she said, “you have the right one,”but that didn’t stop the media from rushing to judgement and blame conservatives and talk radio like they did with the Gabby Giffords case.

This time it was  ABC rushing to judgement  when they thought they had an exclusive when they discovered a person with the same name as James Holmes also from Aurora who was a TEA party member of course. It ended up they were mistaken as this James Holmes was 55 years old so they were forced to isssue an apology, but that didn’t stop the hits coming to this Holms’ facebook page and I’m sure he had to change his  phone number. Several message boards and tweet pages were saying police found literature about Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in his apt. Meanwhile police hadn’t even gone into his apt. yet since it was carefully rigged with explosives everywhere that could possibly blow up the apt.building and buildings nearby.

My personal feeling  is that this guy who was supposedly so intelligent and the top of the top studying neuroscience and suddenly dropping out and couldn’t get a job is very bi-polar schizophrenic. Again his parents reaction shows they knew he had problems, but I think this goes deeper than the media is saying. I say it was the left who started this whole crap.They were the ones who first compared the Bane villain in the movie to Romney and his Baine company and being rich exploiting the middle class. I understand the  Bane character gives speeches very similiar to Obama with class distinction and warfare. Rush Limbaugh responded to them saying the reason the critics panned it was because  Bane’s statements sounded a lot like Obama with his class warfare so naturally the left points the finger at Rush like they did with Gabby Giffords. The creator of the Bane character said he was like an OWS person. A caller to Sean Hannity’s show also confirmed that theory.

I posted  the following post on GOPUSA and had a most interesting response that the media probably won’t  look into: Comment by jaycee1234
July 20, 2012 @ 4:55 pm

I was going to see this movie Sunday. I’ve heard that the speeches that the villain Bane gives in this movie sounds like the Obama campaign speeches. It’s all class warfare against the rich so he’s taken from them to give to himself. He’s like an OWS person. I also agree with a few other comments. Who takes a six year old and a three month old baby to the theater at midnight? They should be home in bed at that hour. Don’t tell me they coudn’t get a sitter. If that’s the case stay home then.

Also since the left loves blaming Bush for 9/11 saying it’s an inside job then we should say maybe Holder gave this guy the guns from fast and furious to make Obama look good while his ratings are falling.Hmmmm. co-incidence? Just asking.

Then I got this most interesting response to my comment:

The movie theater killer is actually a member of Black Bloc, a small and violent Anarchist faction of The Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS). The Batman movie portrays OWS types in a negative way, and the villain himself (named Bane, ironically enough) is actually an OWS type, too. The theater killer came dressed in typical Black Bloc attire but with one addition – as the Joker, the enemy of Batman (who obviously in the film is the nemesis of the OWS-type villain). Will you hear all about this from the mainstream media, the media that first claimed the murderer might be a Tea Party member!? Doubtful. They’ll tell you this was senseless and they have no idea why he did it.
You can read more about this far leftist movement here:
And more about him here:
And how the media reported it with a list of the victims:
How a writer at the left-wing site Daily Kos views Black Bloc:
A few of the many videos of Black Bloc:

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One response to “The Colorado Massacre: Who Really is Responsible?

  1. Sandy

    July 21, 2012 at 5:10 am

    Jaycee, well said. I truly believe had there been a person at the theater with a CCW permit, the news would be: Would be murderer taken out before he could murder or wound anyone. This is the reason hubby and I have CCW liscenses and we carry where legal. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.


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