Liberal Media Saul Alinsky Lunatics

22 Jul

The lunatics are in my hall

The paper holds their folded faces to the floor

and every day  the paper boy brings more.

–Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon

Recently  the lunatic reporters at Huffungton Post  whose heads are so far up Obama’s ass they can’t see daylight, called Rush Limbaugh a lunatic for saying the Bane character in the new Batman movie was created to attack Romney.They then photoshopped a pic of Rush with the Bane character’s mask over him and did the same with Romney. This from the  same liberals who call for tolerance and no name calling and are against bullying and  mean spiritedness except when you disagree with them then all hell  breaks loose and everything is fair game to them.

Although I usually agree with Rush 95% of the time I have to disagree with him here.The Bane character was created in 1995 by two authors Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan who are confessed conservatives.They are mad that Rush is insinuating that they are liberals and I don’t blame them there if that is true.. Also,Rush shouldn’t comment on a movie he hasn’t seen or know what its’ about.

That being said I have to correct these lunatic reporters at Huffington Post. The Bane comparisons were started by people in the Obama administration attacking Romney’s role in his company Baine Capital (spelled differently) and Rush picked up on it and reacted to it unbeknownst the Bane character was years old. They immediately used that to attack him just like they rushed to judgement about James Holms being a member of theTea party.

The left is great for tactics like this. About ten years ago there was a kid’s TV show called Teletubbies. One of the characters was called Tinky Winky and carried a bag that looked like a purse around with him. Gay liberal writer Michael Musto who wrote for the leftist NY rag The Village Voice said Tinky Winky was gay. Evangelist Pat Robertson picked up on that and broadcast it on his TV show and all hell broke out  towards him from other gays calling him homophobic and other slurs when it was one of their own who started it and he was just reacting to it and opining  on his own. They are doing the same with Rush. These are typical Saul Alinsky tactics who Obama was a desciple of,  “Find a target, isolate it, attack it and destroy it.”

So my fellow readers if liberal lunatics  get to you just remember this from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon: Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon and if the band you’re in starts playing differnt tunes I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.” 😉

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