Batman,The Dark Night Rises. My opinion

25 Jul


I’ve just returned from seeing the now controversial and attention-getting Batman The Dark Knight Rises and I must say I did enjoy it immensely and I can see why people don’t believe the media much anymore. This whole hype and scare tactics by the media in exploiting this Colorado shooting is creating such fear in the minds of people and causes these idiots to come out of the woodwork for their own 15 minutes of  fame. There were no extra security personnel where I went and we were in an indoor multiplex in a large mall in Paramus ,N.J. and I felt perfectly safe like I always do when going there.

The film begins slowly with a murky plot and too many new characters, but builds to a sensational climax. The story picks up with Batman/BruceWayne who has been out of commission for eight years after he was accused of murdering Harvey Dent a prominent businessman in the city in the last Batman film. An evil forceful character in a metal breathing mask by the name of Bane  lives in the underground sewers of New York and is against the corporations and wants to destroy them and take over the city so the people can do what they want. Although the Bane character was created in 1994, he has been compared to the OWS crowd of today and I can see why. He hates the corporations like they do, he says the people should run the city like they do and he lives  with his army of sympathizers  in the murky sewers of New York much like the OWS camps in their filth and pestilence.

There is a lot of violence in the film, but not gory or bloody ,just a lot of explosions, rocket firing, gun shooting and knock down drag out fights between Batman and Bane and Catwoman and thugs.

One review I read said there was no suspense. WRONG!!! It was plenty suspenseful. It said there  was no characterization. WRONG  again!! There was plenty of characterization and interaction and new characters.The same review said  it wasn’t intense. It was extremely  intense. Another review said it was too dark. Hello?? It’s called The Dark Night Rises. It’s also  adult in nature and storyline as well as characters. It is  amazing how they make these films  and the production that goes into it as Bane destroys half of New York City by blowing up the George Washington Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge and various tunnels and a football stadium. It is definitely not a picture for children under 12 years of age if that even.

I thought Christian Bale as Batman looked awfully thin and it was a good thing he had the Batman suit to beef him up. Bale has said this is the last time he’s doing Batman. Ann Hathaway was very alluring and sexy as Catwoman in her skin-tight  catsuit and hour glass figure with sharp spike heels. ‘It must be hard running in those heels,”one criminal says to her as he and his henchmen have her surrounded. “Let’s give them a try” she says as she stomps hard on his toes with them and kicks all of the crooks  around and breaks arms and flips them over. This is not the Catwoman most of us have come to know as she too is a dark figure in her own right. She’s neither all good or all bad, but more out for herself. She’s a good match for Batman.

Tom Hardy plays the evil, villainous Bane to the max and Gary Oldman returns as Commissioner Gordon in a stellar performance along with Morgan Freeman as the creator of Batman’s machines and Bat costume and Michael Caine as Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s confidant and butler.

The movie is also not as political as the media has been making it out to be with comparing Bane to Romney’s Bain Capital and I don’t see how it influenced the demented James Holmes from doing what he did as he planned  his sick deed months in advance before the film came out.

Overall I Iiked  the film and if you get over your fears  instilled by the fear mongering media, I’d suggest  seeing it. I am enclosing a link to a trailer for it here.

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