Attack on Chik-Fil-A is an Attack on Christianity

05 Aug


The recent and current attacks on Chik-Fil-A by  LGBT groups just because of one man’ s opinion, Dan Cathy, owner of  Chik-Fil-A is nothing more than a continuing  attack on Christianity that is going on around the world and is now reaching here.  At the beginning  of his presidency when Obama went on his apology tour of the U.S. in the middle east countries he stated that “ the the largest muslim country  on  earth” when he was asked by a reporter there  if the U.S.  is a Christian nation.

In countries like Egypt that once allowed   Christians, they   are now slaughtering   them .The same is happening in places like Iran and Saudi  Arabia and Syria. Though not as brutal here, the onslaught on freedom   of speech and Christianity   by liberal groups who claim to support freedom   of speech is very fascistic to say the least. Rahm Emanuel , the mayor of Chicago and the mayors  of Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco all said they would block any attempt for Chik-Fil-A  to build there. This is pure fascism at its’  best. karl Marx would  be proud. Rahm Emanuel   said, “Chik-Fil_A’s values are not Chicago’s values.” Oh No? Dan Cathy stated his values for traditional marriage and in response to the protests he said, “It’s  as if they are shaking  their  fist at God  saying to God, ,”We know better than you do about our lives.”

  Mobs of people all over the country packed Chik-_Fil-A’s   all over the country in support of  free speech and Dan Cathy’s right to say what he believes as do many Americans.  Meanwhile gay activist groups planned a kiss-in to counter the protests. This will only hurt their   cause  and  divide the country  even more.  It’s not like  Dan Cathy discriminates against gays , in fact, just the opposite, he hires gays and now because of their protests his  gay employees are  feeling the brunt of it and getting hit from both sides. One gay employee said  a supporter used a gay slur when mentioning   the protest and other gay people accuse him of selling out by working  for Cathy.

Hans Spakovsky ,a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and former justice dept attorney to the assistant attorney general for civil rights said, “Chik-Fil-A may have a good case under the first amendment if the city uses their religious or political beliefs as a basis for denying a business a license for doing business in that city.” Hans further stated that “this is the kind of thing that happens in fascist states.”

On Thursday I visited a local Chik-Fil-A in Paramus, N.J. and thanks to an employee there I noticed I was in the very same Chik-Fil-A that was featured on the cover of the NY Post that day that I was holding in my hand. I started a conversation with the employee   and got him to take my picture there. Another employee came over to me and said how it was so packed that there was a two hour wait on line and they did six times their regular business.

Gay groups and their supporters are trying to turn this into an anti-gay thing. That is so untrue. The crowds that showed up weren’t  haters, they’re there to support freedom of speech and religious freedoms. Those that turn this into some straight vs. gay thing have missed the point entirely.

I see the great kiss –in by gay groups   has turned into nothing more than a peck on the cheek. Gays are only 1% o f the population and not the 10% they claim. And so it  goes .  Life goes on.

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