Romney and Ryan: A New Spark

11 Aug


Now that Romney has picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, it’s time to show some initiative,  strong  arm initiative.  Actually Ryan would not be my first choice as I was hoping for Marco Rubio. He would appeal to the Hispanic  voters  and younger voters which Romney desperately  needs, but to paraphrase what  they used to say on the old Hollywood Squares  show (for those of you that remember it) “I would have gone with Marco Rubio to block, but this may work out.” 😀

Pundits say Ryan is strong and outspoken and shows real leadership. Now is the time for team Romney to take the gloves off. They can’t go around being mister nice guy like republicans are so prone to do. He can’t be Mr. Milquetoast. They can’t  go around saying Obama’s a nice guy, but they just disagree with his policies like I’ve heard republicans say before. That’s a sure sign of losing. Obama’s not a nice guy. This is the guy who when he first became president went over to the middle  east and blasted us calling the U.S. dismissive and arrogant towards them. This is the guy who’s surrogates said Mrs. Romney never worked a day in her life. This is the group that made fun of Mrs. Romney for riding a horse as part of her MS therapy. This is the group who did an ad with a Paul Ryan look- a-like throwing granny off a cliff. Now they’ll probably do commercials with a Ryan and Romney look-a-like stabbing granny, beating up granny and then throwing her off a cliff. They already did a similar on with Alan West beating up a woman.

No they can’t be  Mr. Nice guy with going against this bunch. Since they are attacking Romney’s taxes he should throw it back at them about Treasury secretary Tim Geitner not paying his. They should make their campaign more positive while pointing out the failures of Obama’s four years. Show them how Obama  added  5 trillion in new debt in three and a half years after chastising Bush for adding 4 trillion in 8 years. They should emphasize  the 43 months of unemployment at 8.2 % after Bush’s 4.5 % at the end of his term. Show them how Obama has played 102 rounds of golf since he’s been in office, more than any other president and attended 202 fund raisers while 361,000 new unemployment claims were filed and he’s gone on more vacations than any other president and most  people.

I realize that it’s difficult   to make people believe in your promises since people are used to politicians promising things to get elected and then doing what they want after they get into office like Obama is doing, but this is what they are up against.  Hope and change gave way to hype and lies and this is what Romney and Ryan have to show the people. Besides as Ann Coulter recently so humorously put it, ”Romney and Ryan are  a good promotion for hair products. :D.” Something you can’t say about Obama and Biden.


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2 responses to “Romney and Ryan: A New Spark

  1. Peggy

    August 11, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    Good column! I think Paul Ryan is a great choice. He resonates with the middle class, his integrity is beyond reproach, and he’s a staunch conservative with strong religious values. I think he’s an ideal running mate for Mitt Romney and will make “Plugs” Biden look like chopped liver.

    I like Marco Rubio, too, but would like to keep him in the Senate. Just think what a great Senate Leader he would make! Also, even though there can be no doubt that he’s an American in heart, mind, and soul, there might be a question about his citizenship if he would ever have to assume the Presidency. Many of us doubt Obama’s citizenship (as well as his love for America) but the media lapdogs protect him and ridicule us, but they would be on Rubio like flies on cowpies.

    Like you said, Paul Ryan is very articulate. He will be very capable in being able to explain things to the American people in terms they can understand, and he will be able to argue his points with clear, simple logic. He’s a very good man whose heart is in the right place. He makes me think of Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” a man who will fight for what is right.

    One last thing: Did you know that he didn’t buy a house or rent a fancy apartment when he went to Washington? He sleeps in his office and goes home to his family every weekend. That’s the cincher as far as I’m concerned, something I really admire and respect.


    • jayceecommentaries

      August 12, 2012 at 3:19 am

      I agree Peg. Thanks for that little tid- bit about Ryan sleeping in his office,


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