My Virginia Beach Experience and the Mariner’s Museum

06 Sep


I am a person known to have weird, funny and unique experiences happen to me wherever I go which makes for good conversation with friends. I don’t go looking for these experiences, they just happen to find me and make my life interesting. My Virgina Beach experience this year was no exception.

This year my wife and I decided on a Virginia Beach vacation. We set the GPS from Bloomfield, NJ. to  Virginia Beach. The GPS said it should take about six hours. Unfortunately, the GPS doesn’t take into account heavy traffic, road work and roads flooded by storms all of which we encountered. We left on Saturday about 12 noon and didn’t arrive until about 10:30 that night. When we arrived  we couldn’t believe what we saw. It was wall to wall people  and looked like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. “Oh Noo,” we said, ”This was a bad idea.” We couldn’t turn around so we checked into our hotel which was a gorgeous Quality Inn. We had a beach front room on the fourth floor with a great view. Virginia Beach is not far  from Norfolk Naval and Air base and jets flew over constantly drowning out  your speech, but made us feel proud of our armed forces as we watchd them fly over our hotel and over the ocean.

By Sunday everything was quiet again and we had a restful few days checking everything out until Tuesday came around. On that day we decided to go to the Mariner’s Museum located 40 miles away near Norfolk, Va. In Newport News ,Va. The brochure advertised that they were open Sunday thru Saturday 10 a.m to 5 pm and had the original iron clad ship The Monitor from the civil war days’  battle  between the Monitor and Merimac and a simulated aircraft carrier flight deck. This  all sounded exciting and we wanted to see that so we set the GPS for the museum. It was a hot, sweltering 90 degree day (Thank God for air conditioning) and all highways  and a tunnel underneath a bay  area. Most of the highways were five lanes and made me very nervous. The older I get, the more nervous about driving I get and I was gripping the wheel tightly like Karen Allen in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when they went over the waterfall in the jeep. People were very nice and polite though and not as anxious  or cut throat about driving as they are up here.

We finally arrived after an hour trip  .The museum was located in a beautiful park setting with  lots of trees and walkways and plenty of parking .It was very quiet and peaceful there. When we got up to the door there was a sign on the door saying  ‘Closed on Tuesdays.’ We couldn’t believe our  eyes, “ohh  Noo, not the closed on Tuesdays curse again,” we  said in astonishment.

The reason we said that was because several years ago when we took a trip to Florida to visit my wife’s high school girlfriend, she thought it would be a nice side trip to see this great lighthouse on Tybee Island, Ga. she knew I would like since I’m a lighthouse aficionado. When we got there, there was a sign that said “closed on Tuesdays.” We had never heard of a lighthouse closed on Tuesdays so with tears in our eyes we continued on our way picturing a sunken ship off the coast and another ship comes by sees the sunken ship and the captain says to his first mate, “Yup Tuesday.” 😀

Now here we were again disappointed because of the closed on Tuesday curse so we decided to head back. We set the GPS for a less traveled route since I don’t like heavy traffic and five lane roads. The route still took us through the same mile long tunnel under the bay though. We went through the tunnel Ok, but when we got to the other side, the GPS confused me and I took a wrong turn that sent us back through the tunnel again only to have to turn around and go through the tunnel a third time to get to the right exit which I got right this time.

When we got back after traveling 80 miles in the 90 degree heat and traffic, I crashed on the bed while my wife went out by the hotel pool.

The rest of our vacation was great and Virginia Beach is a great place to vacation. They have live concerts on the beach for free, beautiful sunsets and sunrises and a great nearby water park  we attended. Overall I would recommend a Virginia Beach vacation to anyone and if you go to the Mariner’s Museum,  just don’t go on Tuesday. 😀

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One response to “My Virginia Beach Experience and the Mariner’s Museum

  1. Judy Nelson

    September 7, 2012 at 1:42 am

    Sounds like it was a great vacation. Let’s do it again real soon. 🙂


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