To All the People Who Support Obama

07 Sep


To all you Obama supporters blasting Romney and saying he will destroy the country. Just look in the mirror at your own dear leader.  This a man who hates America and has stated so by his actions.. This is a man who said he would side with the muslims if the winds took a different  turn. This is a man who went over to muslim countries and blasted us to them calling us dismissive to them, arrogant and saying we are dictatorial and told reporters over there that we are the largest muslim country on earth now when asked if we are a Christian country. At the dem convention they voted unaminously  three times to take God out of the convention before putting it back in again.  If this is what you believe then he’s your man. This is a person who wants total government  control of your lives and wants the government to tell you how much you can make. If this is what you believe then he’s your man. This is a man who hates big business and corporations and success . 89 milion people are  now out of the workforce,119,000 jobs were lost. If you believe in this too then he’s your man.

His wife is also an anti-American socialist and hates America. Just witness the video  below  where  she is attending a 9/11 ceremony with him and says “All this for a damn flag” and he nods in agreement.

Both his father and step father were anti-colonialists communists and his grandfather who raised him was a communist too and introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis, a leading communist here as his mentor and his mother was an atheist. The change and transformation he was talking about was transforming us into a communist/socialist country. If this is what you want then he’s your man. I for one believe in freedom not government.

The whole dem convention was built on one big lie after lie. All they could do was attack and attack their opponents because Obama has no record to defend. Vendors were outside selling posters and calendars comparing Obama to Jesus Christ. Michelle saying Obama was so poor when she met him that he drove a rusted car she could see the pavement through the floor was totasl BS also. He was a lawyer when she met him and was driving a chrysler. His stepfather and grandfather were bankers. He went to Occidental college and then Columbia and Harvard so he did not come from a poor background. .

Obama is no friend to Isreal like they tried to portray him as. He said off mike that he can’t stand Netanyahu, he told Netanyahu Isreal should go back to the 1967 borders and also kept him waiting when he came to the Whitehouse to visit. Obama has given millions to terrorist organizations like Hamas that give money to their people for weapons that kill our troops. He recently gave a million dollars to the Muslim brotherhood that recently took over Egypt in the hopes that they will have a democracy. They’re not interested in democracy and Obama knows it. All they want is Sharia law for their country and the furtherance of Islam throughout the world. They are currently publicly crucifying any person in Egypt that disagrees with them. Obama refuses to support the opponents of the Iran regime as Iran continues with its’ nuclear program to destroy Isreal.

Biden said at the convention promoting Obama, “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive,” and John Kerry said “Ask Bin Laden if he s better off than four years ago.” Yeah guys and 1 in 6  Americans  are in poverty, 15 million more people are on food stamps since he came in office and he added six trillion dollars to the debt more than all the presidents from Washington to Bush put together and  80 milion people are now out of the workforce,119,000 jobs were lost. As Marco Rubio said, ”How can you move forward when you are spending a trillion more than you are taking in?”

Sure Romney has his faults and there are things I disagree with, but at least he was born here and has a viable birth certificate to prove it. He has a viable social security number unlike Obama who has the s.s. of  a man from Connecticut who died in the 60’s.  Romney is a sharp businessman with a proven record which is what we need right now to get us out of this mess and he loves his country unlike  the Obamas.

Give Obama a second chance? Are you kidding me???   Watch as we become a communist country while they sit on the thrones of our riches? As the old saying goes and now the title of a popular book on Obama, ”Fool me once shame on you . Fool me twice shame on me.”

Below are a few comments I saw after Obama’s speech:

“Government is the only thing we all belong to” so says the democratic lefty, liberal, socialist mouth pieces. The true mind set of the left. The drums of revolution seem to beat louder every year.


Obama and Biden have done a lot to increase our national debt  to increase unemployment, to increase gas prices, to increase the number of people on welfare, to increase the number of people on food stamps, to increase the number of people on social security because of false disability claims and to pass the worthless Obama healthcare reform which will add 21 new taxes on the middle and lower class. They are adding 5000 IRS agents just to control the new taxes.
. This leads to their biggest effort which is to turn the USA into a socialist(communist) country and will end up destroying the USA.



Almost 400,000 left te workforce while 96000 hired. That is economic recovery?

Don’t bother telling me how many jobs have been created, the actions of the FED say it all. The FED and Obama are in panic mode trying to keep the recession at bay till after the election (they have failed). The government can cook the books on the unemployment number, which is really in the 15 to 18% range, all it wants, it does not convince anyone we are headed the right direction.

The market rally is not a sign the economy is improving it is a sign that the politcians and bankers in Europe have straved off the consequences of wild and reckless government spending for another few months. They need a Tea Party movement.

Mr. President, your old tired failed Marist policies have proven again that old tired Marxism does not work. You sir have failed this  country, caused unnecessary pain and suffering, lived large at the tax payer expense. You’re Fired!

 Michelle Obama’s “All this for a damn flag” shown at three different speeds –

CLINT SPEAKS: Obama ‘greatest hoax ever perpetrated on American people’…

88,921,000 ‘NOT IN LABOR FORCE’

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