Field Station Dinosaurs

29 Sep

Recently a new exhibit opened in Secaucus, N.J. called Field Station Dinosaurs. It is a recreation of the dinosaur era and features 31 animated life size dinosaurs on 30 acres of land with information about them. It is perfect for kids and the whole family. There are food and drink stands along the way and very clean and nice restrooms that are not your average port –o-potty. 😀
They have lots of activities for kids and a cute show featuring a person in a very realistic dinosaur costume that interacts with you very realistically. Checko ut the link below I am including from Fox and Friends. :).
Species include stegosaurus, with plates sticking up from its round back; triceratops, with three horns adorning its face, and apatosaurus (aka brontosaurus), with its long, long neck. Visitors get close enough to the dinosaurs to see many details — for instance, it’s possible to count the nearly 100 teeth in the baryonyx’s mouth.
Each dinosaur along the trail has a wood-and-glass box next to it with archaeological-style paraphernalia, such as a map or brochure inside that explains something about the species and even tells how to pronounce its name. (Can you say Apatosaurus? It’s ah-PAT-uh-SAWR-us.)
Along the way, visitors also see a “geologist’s outpost,” a tent on a wooden platform with realistic touches such as a coffee pot and a lantern. “We want this to feel like an expedition,” says Guy Gsell, the founder and executive producer of Field Station: Dinosaurs. All the activities are outdoors or in tents.

Gsell and paleontologist Jason Schein of the New Jersey State Museum traveled to the factory in Zigong, China, where the dinosaurs were made, to ensure their realism, including what their skin should look like and what posture each should have.
On certain nights they feature a Dinosaurs After Dark presentation where you are given flashlights along the way as you travel around seeing the dinosaurs which I think would look really spooky at night. It is not recommended for young kids I am told.
Overall my wife and I had an enjoyable time taking pictures and seeing the realistic settings the dinosaurs are in. It is interesting to see such a forest and field environment so close to an urban environment.

My only complaint is the admission fees and parking. Admission is $25 per person and $20 in advance online .Kids 3 to 12 are $17.50. The refreshments are also overpriced in my estimation. Parking is free they say, but you are charged a $10 environmental fee. Otherwise we liked it and it is a what you make it as there are many mixed reviews on the place online.

T-Rex from Field Station: Dinosaurs in New Jersey – YouTube

Field Station: Dinosaurs – Secaucus – Things to Do – Time Out New York Kids

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