Media’s Baseless Attacks on Romney’s Attacks On Obamacare and The Benghazi Cover-up

09 Oct



The lib media is up in arms and in a frenzy that their guy Obama flubbed so badly in the debates that they are pulling out all the stops and turning people off. One of the things they tried to accuse Romney of as being baseless was his statement about the death panels in the Obamcare plan. The extremely left wing Huffington Post tried to say it was a myth made stronger by Sarah Palin talking about it and saying they don’t exist. I hate to disagree with you HP, but they do exist only not under that title.

The plan clearly states that panels will be set up consisting of retired doctors in various districts who will review patients to decide what treatment they will get. Patients  70 years of age and over will be the cut off age and If you need a heart transplant or bypass or other surgery you will be given comfort care or an end of life doctor. (See link below). Hospitals have already started as of the beginning of this month to turn away medicare patients who return within 30 days to improve quality and save costs. This is also the beginning of rationing.(Also see link below) As the saying goes I saw on a bumper sticker, ”Obama lies and grandma dies.”

The recent terror attacks on our embassies in Egypt and Libya shows the further denials by this administration to admit evil exists. Within 24 hours of the attack they knew it was a terrorist attack. The ambassador sent out e-mails saying he feared for his life and was on an Al Queda hit  list. The administration withdrew security before the attack even against the ambassador’s pleas to increase it with the upcoming anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Sure enough on 9/11 Al Queda attacked our embassy killing our ambassador and two navy seals and an embassy consulate. Obama quickly blames it on this little known movie trailer depicting  Allah in a negative light that had been out since July. Obama refuses to recognize terrorism and doesn’t want any mention of it on his watch. He wants us to think it all stopped with death of Osama Bin Laden hence calling the terror attack at Fort Hood  “work place violence” and  the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan “Overseas contingency operations.” Obama said this attack was spontaneous. It wasn’t. It was a planned attack to fall on the anniversary of 9/11 .Terrorists are very patient people and will wait years for an attack and always use important dates. You don’t bring  rocket launchers and mortars in a spontaneous attack. Now we have 20 countries mad at us. It has since come out that there have been 16 attacks on our embassies over the past two years and we did nothing to get back at them or prevent them.  

In his speech before the U.N. Obama , continued to blame the attacks on the movie trailer which was a veiled apology to the Islamic extremists. He is forever apologizing to them just like in the beginning of his presidency when he went over to Egypt and gave that famous speech apologizing for America and calling us arrogant and dismissive towards them. In his book he said he would side with the muslims if the winds took a different direction and that is just what he is doing. Of course, he’s one of them.  

News from The Associated Press

Dramatic Twist in US Consulate Attack

The terror attack in Libya that left a US ambassador and 3 others dead was initially said to have been sparked by a film protest.

Stunning revelation turns story upside down

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