Paul Ryan vs. Attack Dog Biden

12 Oct


We l it certainly was an interesting and spirited, fiery debate between Paul Ryan and V.P. Joe Biden. It was hard to say who won, but I would go with Paul Ryan due to his substance, attitude and professional demeanor versus Biden’s arrogant, mean spirited  attitude and constant disrespectful  interruptions. He interrupted Ryan 82 times. Columnist and commentator Charles Krauthammer   said if you listened to the debate on radio Biden won because he was so passionate, but if you watched it on TV Ryan won. Much like the Nixon-Kennedy debates.

Ryan showed he knew his stuff and was very factual, confident, prepared and substantive while Biden’s constant giggling, smirking and interrurpting   turned a lot of people off  and showed him to be rude, condescending, arrogant and mean spirited.  Biden complained that Ryan had more time ,  but when the analysts spoke they said Biden had 41 minutes and Ryan 40 so it was about even. I guess Ryan just had more substance so he seemed to speak longer

During the discussion on Romney’s statement about 47% of the people don’t pay taxes and are looking for handouts (which I happen to agree with) Biden talked about a decorated soldier and lumped him in with the 47% which I thought was a low blow by Biden. Hundreds of people on welfare have been interviewed and most say they don’t want to go back to work when they can get their free “Obama bucks.” Remember the woman in the 2008 campaign who said “Obama was going to pay for her mortgage and car and gas?” There are also the people who get free “Obamaphones” and one woman claims she has 50 of them.

I think Biden was sent in as an attack dog to make up for Obama’s  dismal performance in the last debate .A performance he continues to change reasons for. The latest being him saying he was just being polite.

I was impressed with Ryan pointing out to Biden that the state of Pennsylvania was at 10% unemployment now and at 8% before they took over.

Biden also accused Ryan of using the credit card  to fund two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but did not mention the fact that he voted for both those wars too.

Ryan was very powerful and forceful when it came to discussing the terrorist attack on our embassy saying they knew in 24 hours that it was a terror attack on the anniversary of 9/11 and the ambassador sent out requests for more security and they were denied. Ryan also pointed out that for two weeks the president lied to the American people trying to blame the attack on a You-tube video., ”We’re projecting weakness abroad which is due to Obama’s foreign policy,” Ryan said. Biden danced around   that saying the persons responsible will be punished. Incidentally there were over 100 people involved not just   some small group.

Pollster Frank Luntz had another  focus group of undecided voters and in the end they were still undecided so we will have to wait for the next debate  between Romney and Biden next Tuesday since  people vote for No. 1 and not No. 2 Meanwhile the Twitter  people were all saying Ryan won and even CNN’s poll showed Ryan won because of Biden’s constant laughing,  smirking and rudeness.

Commentator Dick Morris remarked , “ We have a clear choice: the socialist path of Obama-Biden, or the free-market, pro-growth, and pro-defense path of Romney-Ryan.” I agree.


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One response to “Paul Ryan vs. Attack Dog Biden

  1. Sandy Jones

    October 13, 2012 at 5:00 am

    Jaycee, very well said, another thing I noticed, Biden said that Iran couldn’t get the bomb without them immediately knowing it. My question is, if Obama and Biden didn’t know that it was a terrorist attack on our embassies, how in heck could they know when Iran has nuclear bombs? Biden is just throwing trash out there knowing they are lies The ABC moderator interrupted Ryan 31 times , Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times, even liberals asked if the moderator was a third debater.


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