Romney VS. Obama:Round Two: Shake Hands And Come Out Fighting!!

17 Oct


In a very animated, heated, contentious debate Romney and Obama faced each other for round two sometimes getting in each other’s face.   Similar to a wrestling match face off.

Dick Morris said before the debate that the headlines were already written saying what a marvelous comeback Obama made. They must have heard him because most of the headlines said how it was a really tough face-off.  At the beginning CNN moderator Candy Crowley laid down the rules saying there would be no applauding  or cheering until the end, but that didn’t stop Michele Obama from clapping, but since when do she and her husband obey the rules anyway as they continue to cut up the constitution.  CAUGHT ON TAPE: Michelle O Broke Rules, Clapped During Debate…Michelle also said her husband doesn’t have a big ego? Oh NOOO???You could have fooled me Michelle.   Michelle O: ‘Barack doesn’t have a big ego’… *

Crowley was so biased that she was considered by many to be a third debater. Romney showed his professionalism and prowness by taking on two debaters.

Crowley Saves Obama with False Fact-Check


I thought Romney showed sincerity and passion and was able to talk to the people in a straight forward laymen terms about the state of the economy and what to expect from him. I loved how he laid out Obama’s failed policies so clearly like his failure to cut the deficit in half instead he doubles it., 15 million more people on food stamps, gas prices from1.89 to $4.00 now 20 million people out of work and the unemployment figures down because more people are off the record and how Obama said unemployment would be down to 5.6% by now and it is still high, millions more women out of work than when he started. Obama was very arrogant and defensive (he had to be) in defending his achievements and failed record saying he cut taxes for the middle class (That’s debatable) how he created five million new jobs in the private sector (also debatable) and how he ended the Iraq war (troops were being withdrawn starting under Bush) and how he’s winding down Afghanistan. Obama came out like he was looking for a fight rather than defending himself. Obama still failed to layout an agenda for the next four years leaving  it open for Romney’s comment that you can expect more of the same in the next four years.

Towards the end of the debate Romney hit Obama with the fact that after the Libyan crisis which four Americans were killed, Obama went in the Rose Garden and gave a speech not condemning the act or calling it an act o f terrorism and then flew to Calif. for a fund raiser. Obama took hombridge to that saying he did call it an act of terror and to check the transcript. Crowley chimed in that Obama did call it an act of terror in his speech. Some critics pointed out afterwards that Obama didn’t refer to the attack as an act of terror, but rather said the U.S. was against any acts of terror and did not mention the Libyan attack. Crowley later on in her facebook page admitted she was wrong and Romney was right.

An “unpresidential” Barack Obama left himself “open for a wide hit” on Libya during last night’s contentious second debate, analyst Dick Morris tells Newsmax, as moderator Candy Crowley sparked outrage for contradicting Mitt Romney on camera but acknowledged afterward that Romney “was right in the main” about the administration’s discredited narrative.

Another question came from a woman asking Obama about Hillary taking the responsibility for Libya not receiving security when asked. Obama responded that he was the president and makes the final decisions. That was another lie as they are making Hillary take the fall for Libya. After the debate Obama personally told the questioner that releasing names would put them in jeopardy.

Libya questioner: ‘After debate, Obama gave me more information about why he delayed calling it terorist attack’…

With Libya it boils down to the fact that Romney said, they knew  within 24 hrs it was a terror attack but they went public for two weeks blaming the video before finally admitting it was a terror attack on the anniversary of 9/11.

Recently rocker Gene Simmons called Obama, who he voted for, “a piss poor president.He’s a good family man,but the resume ends there,” Simmons said.

President Barack Obama made himself look bad during the second presidential debate and may have backed himself into a corner on several issues, Dick Morris, former adviser to Bill Clinton, told Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview.

Morris said that Romney appeared “unflappable, presidential, and dignified,” while Obama embodied the opposite, while riding the line with some of his answers.

Read more on Dick Morris: Obama Un-Presidential, Overly Aggressive

The next debate is on Monday and will be on foreign policy and that is where Obama has real trouble.

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