Obama and Democrat’s War On Women

19 Oct


The Obama administration is great for blaming republicans for the war on women, but experience has shown that those pointing the finger are really guilty of the same thing and are blaming others to ward off blame of themselves.  Such is the case with the current Obama administration and their supporters.

First we had Bill Mahr who gave Obama a million dollars of his own money and who is always bashing women in his monologues and recently referred to Sarah Palin using the ‘c’ word c**t and  the ’t; word  t**t.  Then we had MSNBC talk show host Ed Schultz blasting away at Laura Ingraham calling her a talk show slut in very loud, abusive and boistrous language and tone of voice.

Under Obama women have lost 584,000 jobs, and three and a half million more women are  in poverty than the previous 4 years. Now Anita Dunn former white house communications director who is a supreme leftist and republican basher came out and said the Obama white house is a very hostile place towards women,” This place would be in court for a hostile work place because it actually fits all the classic legal requirements for a genuine hostile place  for women,” Dunn recently stated.

Since 2011 women in the Obama white house were paid 18% less than their male counterparts, poverty among women under Obama is 16%. Valerie Jarret senior Obama advisor and Anita Dunn were whining that their own bosses were shutting them out and denying them access to situations men had and these two women were the ones bashing republicans for being anti-woman and waging a war on women. So I ask you dear reader. Who is really waging the war on women hmmmmm?



Obama DOES Have Investments In Cayman Islands Trust…

… and has a bigger pension than Romney!

Romney spokeswoman mocks MSNBC for paying men more…

Andrea Mitchell agrees…

HILLARY TO WOMEN: Stop ‘whining’



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