The Day America Died

26 Nov


In the history of our world no great society has lasted more than 200 years. America is now in our 243rd year so bye, bye Miss American pie, 2008 is the year that she died. Yes in my opinion 2008 is the year America died with the election of Barack Obama , a man who grew up in Indonesia, who hates America, who went over to mid-east countries and bashed us calling us arrogant and dismissive and other things and apologizing for us, and has admitted it isn’t faire that we are the strongest country in the world, a man who went from being a community organizer to a senator for  148 days where he only voted present and now Commander in chief of our armed forces.

During the campaign of 2008 he chastised Bush for spending  4 trillion dollars in eight years and called him” unpatriotic”, then he went and spent  six trillion in four years  where our deficit is now more than what we are taking in. It hasn’t been a month since his re-election and he stated he would get spending under control so what does he do? He just promised to give Burma 170 million dollars. More redistribution  of our wealth.  They re-elected a man who has no integrity whatsoever and is only in it for himself. Not speaking about Benghazi until after the election, running off to a fund raiser after four Americans  died in a terror attack and blaming it on a little unknown video, getting outraged over the questioning of ambassador Susan Rice when he was the one who put her out there with the talking points in the first place speaks  poorly of his character and volumes too.

In his first campaign his theme was “Hope and Change.” The change he was talking about was to in his words “transform America.” He meant to make us a socialist state and redistribute the wealth of this country to all those with their hands out.

It is a dangerous period in the history of our country as we are seeing the control of our country go to radical socialists led by Obama and his CZARs. The leftist minions that have taken control of government in many cities, counties, states, and now at the federal level are using the EPA and executive orders to pseudo nationalize our private industries through rules, regulations, and laws. Once the federal government gets control of our private economy, it will no longer be a “private” economy and will mutate toward a Venezuelian style dictatorship hidden under a “democracy” sheepskin.

In the aftermath of the re-election of President Barack Obama, conservatives searched the heavens and the earth for answers. Some suggested that Mitt Romney lost because Republicans didn’t reach out more to Latino voters; some suggested that Romney lost because his “get out the vote” system fell apart on Election Day. Romney himself said that he lost because President Obama separated voting groups with particularly calibrated “gifts” designed to curry their favor. Romney spoke the truth in every sentence they called gaffes. Overseas  and here.  Like in the movie quote from A Few God Men “you can’t handle the truth. No one could have won against Obama’s presents.

People are gloating over Obama’s victory, but he won by a mere 2.8% of the vote over a rich mormon like Mitt Romney in an entitlement society. With half the country on the government dole, I call it a victory that Mitt Romney won 49% of the vote.  

In a previous blog I wrote about   voting machine tampering. Right now the most important thing our GUTLESS congress should do is INVESTIGATE VOTER FRAUD or more accurately VOTING MACHINE TAMPERING. There is plenty of evidence of tampering. For example, almost every swing state city reports large precincts with NO votes for Romney. Who believes that? In a free country NO candidate receives 100% of the vote. WHY IS THIS NOT BEING INVESTIGATED? Tampering was easily accomplished in Iran and other places with electronic voting electronic vote counting machines. There’s plenty of evidence to prove it happened here as well.

In 2009 Newsweek Magazine ran a cover with red and blue hands shaking  with the headline “We’re All Socialists Now”, Margaret Thatcher once said “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”.
Once our public treasury is tapped out, watch for Obama to be eyeing all funds on deposit for our 401-K pensions. He has in fact hinted to that in the past – saying that those people can then be given extra “credits” on their social security accounts. He will do all this like he does with everything– bypassing Congress, doing it by “Executive Order”!

In one of BO’s early books he stated that Karl Marx had the right idea, he just didn’t go about it right! The one upside of Obama’s re-election is now he will really be right when he says he inherited a lot of problems from the previous administration.


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