Here Comes Santa Obama Clause

30 Nov

Obama Santa cartoon

During the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney ran on creating jobs since he was a  former CEO of a large corporation and created hundreds of jobs,, he lost.  He ran on lowering taxes ,he lost. He ran on maintaining capitalism and he lost. Which means people must want free stuff and be dependant on government and higher taxes for everyone and dependency on a bigger government which is what Obama wants. Obama always resorts to class warfare and division to get his way. He keeps saying to “tax the rich”. The rich have been taxed to the max. He defines rich as $250,000 a year.That’s small business and when you tax them  they lay people off. He and his minions are now  also playing with having a carbon tax, gas tax and internet tax.

Under Obama 10 million more people are on food stamps, gas prices are up and unemplolyment is now expected to go up to 9% again after he taxes everyone. His tax man Tim Geitner has said that everyone will have to be taxed now to fight off this massive defecit which Obama added  6 trillion to in four years.

The country is now about to go off the fiscal cliff and Obama seems to want it to.  His tax proposal was for 800 billion in new taxes and now that has been increased to  over a trillion and a half plus he wants a stimulus plan on top of that and for dems to raise the debt ceiling whenever they want. It’s not just the rich who are going to be taxed.,we all are and  no job  or tax relieif in sight. Recent polls show  that 55% of people don’t mind being called socialists. His campaign was vicious and full of deceit. He and Vice President Joe Biden won the election because many people still want the government to take care of them. After all, how can they turn down Santa Claus? At least  O’bama admits to being Santa Clause. He was always against the Bush tax cutsa and now he’s for extending them for the middle class and taxing everyone over $250,000 even though it means for all of us to be taxed. What Obam always says and what he does are two different things. You have to listen real careful about what he says and not drink the kool-aid.

Just because I disagree with Obama I’ve been called a racist by respondents to my blogs.That’s so typical of liberals. All you have to do is just disagree with them  and you’re pounced upon and called all sorts of names like racist, homophobe, fascist, nazi, sexist and you’re in the dark ages to boot. Well the two last links here are from a street wise,intelligent black commentator called E.E. Williams who does videos from his car and tells the truth where it hits you between the eyes. Please check him out as he disagrees with Obama big time too and he’s black. If you disagree with his commentaries then you can’t handle the truth.

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:Stupid Blacks Who Still Support Obama – YouTube

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