FDR American Badass Movie Review

21 Jan

 FDR pic

I have just purchased for the cheap price of $9.99 one of the worst ,cheaply made and funny movies ever called FDR, American Badass. It is a comedy and does for FDR what the Zucker Brothers did for Airplanes. I get the impression that it was made on a shoestring budget with people who just wanted to make a political satire with a “who cares what they say attitude.” I’m glad they picked a liberal democrat to satire for once though.  I can’t get over the major players in this movie either. Veteran actor Barry Bostwick plays FDR to the comedic hilt with cigarette holder and fedora hat like FDR always wore and Kevin Sorbo of Hercules TV fame plays a really funny Lincoln plus numerous TV character actors I’ve seen before in various TV series.

Last year there was a movie called Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter which wasn’t half bad.  It had good acting, a good story and was historically accurate combined with a horror fantasy line. This one though is completely over the top.

The  story  has FDR out hunting with his friends when they are attacked by werewolves. One of the werewolves bites FDR in the leg and causes his polio. Don’t ask why here. It turns out that FDR shoots one of the werewolves and when they examine him they find a swatstika tattooed on his chest and immediately assume the werewolf is from Germany. As it turns out there are German werewolves, Japanese werewolves and Italian werewolves all joining together to take over the world. The German leader is dressed in a nazi uniform, the Japanese werewolf in a chef’s hat and slanted  eyes and the Italian werewolf in olive complexion skin, army uniform and talks like a Mafioso. Yes there is plenty of stereotyping to go around in this film.

Albert Einstein invents a special wheel chair for FDR called the Delano 2000 that shoots missiles from the armrests and machine gun bullets from the wheels, “I’m a motorcycle of death. I ain’t got no sidecar,” FDR says aggressively.

FDR joins forces with Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill against the axis of werewolves. The Generals’ names and positions of the countries are the only historical accuracies in this film.

When FDR is contemplating and worried about going to war an aide suggests going into George Washington’s stash in the third drawer of his desk. There FDR finds a box of marijuana joints and lights up staring a picture of Lincoln hanging on the wall. Enter Kevin Sorbo as Lincoln and the two end up smoking joints on the roof of the white house, ”In the next century Obama is going to refer to me a lot,” Lincoln says to FDR.  I thought this was a funny line :D. Lincoln then takes FDR on a flying ride over the country much like the spirits do with Scrooge. He points out his statue in Washington D.C. and FDR says, “Are they going to have a statue like that for me?” to which Lincoln replies, ”No ,but they are going to name a thousand high schools after you.” Another line I thought was funny. 😀

I don’t know about the rest of the cast ,but I know Kevin Sorbo is a conservative as I saw him on Sean Hannity’s show recently  talking about his brush with three strokes from all the stunts he did and his miraculous recovery. And since they chose to mock a democrat president I wonder about the purpose of making this picture. Is this a conservative response to all the Bush bashing and movies the liberals made? Check out the three minute inspirational video I have provided of Kevin’s recovery and book he wrote about it. He’s married to his wife Sam who he met on the set of Hercules and they have three adorable kids since his stroke.

Check out he trailer for the movie and you get the idea 😀

FDR: American Badass! (2012) – IMDb

 Check outr Kevin Sorbo’s inspirational story in his own words  here”

TRUE STRENGTH by Kevin Sorbo


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