John Kerry-Fake,Phoney,Fraud and Now Radical Secretary of State

02 Feb


I remember John Kerry all too well from his testimoney before the Fulbright  Senate Foreign Relations commission in 1971. I was in college  from 1966-70 and it was John Kerry who formed the Vietrnam Veterans Against the War group and got a lot of publicity at the time. He appeared before theSenate commission with other supoosedly Vietnam veterans against the war who were later exposed as neither veterans or even been in Vietnam.They were just other radical friends of Kerry’s posing as Vietnam veterans for his cause before tthe commission. At this hearinfg Kerry testified to allegations that U.S.soldiers had tortured and mutulated other Vietnamese soldiers and civilians and mutilated their bodies and committed other atrocities none of which was ever proven true,

Kerry received several medals for dubious and questionable achievements while in Vietnam. One for getting sand up his rear end when he threw a hand grenade on a beach head and missed and exploded  near him getting sand up him. He later claimed he threw his medals back over the whitehouse fence during an anti-war demonstration. Another lie as a few years ago he displayed those mnedals  and said it was a friend’s medals he threw over the fence. Again any proof? Any pictures of him doing this?

He never really held a full time job ,but came into wealth by marrying his second wifeTheresa Heinz Kerry, heiress to the Heniz katchup fortune.

Once while in the Senate studying alternate fuel means, a suggestion came up to have a wind farm off the coast of Massachusettes. Kerry and Sen.Ted Kennedy objected saying it would spoil thieir view when going out in their yachts. Well excuuuusssee me.!!!! It’ s ok as long as it’ s not in their yards.

Another time Kerry’s yacht was undergoing repairs so he had it stored in neighboring Rhode Island so he wouldn’t have to pay Mass. storage and repair taxes on it. And let’s not forget when he visited Philadelphia and stopped by a vendor selling Philly cheesesteak sandwhiches and admitted he never heard of a Philly cheesesteak. A Philly cheesesteak is as american as apple pie. Now he’s a one percenter the OWS people should be protesting against, but you won’t see them near him.

More recently kerry has made similiar statements about the Iraq war like he did with Vietnam saying “He voted for the180 billion for it before he voted against it.” He also  claimed on 60 Minutes that “U.S. soldiers were knocking down doors and terrifying women and children in the dead of night.” Again no proof.

And now we have this guy who is a radical, anti-american extremist who makes such careless statements as our new Secretary of State. What is also mind boggling is that Senator John McCaine who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam and tortured beyond belief votes to confirm this guy. He fits right in with Obama’s anti-american agenda to “transform America” into a socialist European state. With Kerry as Secretary of State and Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, America is surely doomed.

Vietnam War Veteran John Kerry’s Testimony – University of …

John Kerry tells Senate committee in 1971 US troops are like Genghis Khan
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