Jack the Giant Slayer: A Movie Review

04 Mar

 Jack the Giant Slayer                                          

I’ve just  returned from seeing  the new movie Jack the Giant Slayer in Imax and 3-D. To see it in both these versions is not only to see the movie, but live it as well. Inspite of tepid and bad reviews I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. These same reviewers must be the same ones that call Bruce Willis’ Die Hard movies far fetched. Of course they’re far fetched they are supposed to be. These reviewers are tooo hung up on reality and political correctness I think and no sense of humor  and escapism.The story is loosely based on the fairy tales Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant Killer. It has great characters, great storyline, lots of action fabulous special effects and a happy ending. Something  for everyone.

The ancient war between humans and a race of giants is reignited when Jack, a young farmhand fighting for a kingdom and the love of a princess, opens a gateway between the two worlds

 The beanstalk itself is something to behold as  it grows and grows super gigantic  and super wide that opens the  kingdom where Jack lives on a farm to a world of giants. Not just one like in the fairy tale, but a whole army of them all at least 50 feet tall and ugly to the bone.

The film stars newcomer Nicholas Hoult as  the young handsome Jack who leads an expedition in climbing the beanstalk to rescue the princess when the beanstalk takes thehouse she’s in at the time  up to the giants’ land where she is being held captive. Hoult previously appeared in the romantic zombie movie Warm Bodies and his character here is much more lively and  heartwarming with more personality.

One of my favorite characters is Stanley Tucci who I’ve always like. He plays Lord Roderick an advisor to the king who is betrothed to the princess and later betrays her and the king when he usurps power through the ancient crown that has power over the giants. Tucci plays his role with a treacherous sarcastic wit and relishes in his evilness.

There is plenty of suspense and close calls in fighting the giants and the CGI effects are overwhelming and really take you in.

I would not recommend  it to children under nine years old as some of the giants are a cross  between being terrifying and just plaine goofy, but if you like fantasy movies with a great story and special effects like I do and real escapism  that you can take the family to I would highly recommend Jack the Giant Slayer.

        Check out the trailers below for a sneak peek and see for yourself . 😉                                               

 Jack the Giant Slayer (2012) | Moviefone

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