Hurricane Sandy Update: My Personal Observations

05 Apr

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On Thursday  April 4th my wife and I took a ride down to visit a friend who lives near the Jersey shore to see the damage from HurricaneSandy there. We went to Oceangate and Seaside Heights. It was a nice sunny day, but cold and windy, especially down along the ocean naturally. I couldn’t get all the pics that I wanted as there were many blockades and “No Trespassing” signs up that the town had put up, but I did manage to get some as seen here.

At Seaside we were met with a big sign in red letters warning Danger and that trespassers will be prosecuted. From what I could see most of the damage was along the beach and boardwalk areas and further inland was minor damage and a lot of sand in the streets. I wanted to get a picture of the famous roller coaster that was washed out to sea, but they have since cleared that up. There was just a shell of what looks like a brown  wooden house that was all that was left of a fishing pier there with a Funtown sign on it as seen here.

In Oceangate my friend showed me all that was left of a deli that was just a big empty shell with blown out windows and boarded up. People who were customers of the deli wrote,  “we miss you” and showed their support in writing on boards over the windows.

The towns hope to be back in business by Memorial Day, but there still is a lot of work to do so time will tell as it’s getting close.

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