Jurassic Park in 3-D

07 Apr

          Jurassic Park photo                                         

 I have just returned from seeing the re-release of the famous 1988 Steven Speilberg film Jurassic Park in 3-D and Imax  ,the only way to really experience a  movie such as this these days. For those of you who never saw it the first time or its’ many TV showings or on DVD, the story centers around a wealthy man who has created an island amusement park filled with dinosaurs cloned from fossilized DNA. When he invites experts to endorse it, nature takes over.

The story stars Richard Attenborough as the wealthy palentologist who originated the idea, Sam Neil as Dr. Alan Grant the  paleontologist who agrees to sponser  the project, Laura Dern as his assistant and Jeff Goldblume as fellow paleontologist Dr. Ian Malcolm.

Seeing the dinosaurs  in 3-D and on such a large screen as an Imax screen is something to behold as they come right out at you and are very realistic. There are parts that are blurry such as single objects such as tree branches and pipes in the foreground that could be clearer and some of the colors appeared subdued from the original, but that can be overlooked. I got into it even more this time and it is very suspenseful with the dinosaurs chasing the two little kids  in the kitchen area of the main  park or when the power goes out and Richard Attenborough and Jeff Goldblume try to put it  back on unbeknownst to them that Sam Neil and the two youngsters are climbing the electrified fence which has now been turned off to escape to the other side of the dinosaurs.

Jeff Goldblume was my favorite character of the film next to the dinosaurs as his character is more colorful and quick with the one liners.  When he complains to Richard Attenborough  that the power is out Richard  says, “Come now. When Disneyland first opened up nothing worked right either,” to which Goldblume replies, ”Yeah, but when the power goes out at Disneyland the Pirates of the Caribean  don’t eat the tourists.” 😀  Or when he is with Sam Neil in one of the tourist trucks trying to remain silent as a T-Rex examines their vehicle and the one in front of them holding two kids and the “blood sucking lawyer” sent to oversee and finance the project, panics and heads to the nearest outhouse . Sam Neil says , ”What’s he doing?” and Goldblume  replies, ”When  you gotta  go you gotta go.” 😀

There are co-starring roles by an early Samuel Jackson as one of the computer operators at the park’s center control and Wayne Knight of Newman fame on Seinfeld as Dennis Nedry who is involved in collecting dino  embryos to sell to a competitor and meets a fitting dino end.

Over all it’s an enjoyable movie with super great effects that spawned three sequels. Check it out in    3-D and Imax and see and experience it for yourself.

Check out the great trailer I have provided below.

Jurassic Park 3D 3D Re-Release Trailer


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