The Butterfly Place

01 May


Recently my wife and I attended my cousin’s daughter’s wedding in Fort Devins, Mass. Since we got up there a few days early we decided to do some sightseeing. We were able to locate a quaint and fascinating place called The Butterfly Place in the town of Westford about 20 miles away.

The owner of the Butterfly Place is a gentleman known as George who is now 78 years old. He started   the Butterfly Place about 22 years ago after a lifelong fascination with butterflies. George read about similar places in other countries throughout the world in his Smithsonian Magazine and thought it would be nice to have one here.

The site is small with an interesting hallway of glass displays on how the butterfly lives and is raised. The hallway leads into their open atrium which is 2000 sq. feet of free flying butterflies. They currently have about 50 different kinds of butterflies from around the world and hold weddings and birthday parties there. The atrium is kept at a constant 85 degrees all year around to accommodate the butterflies.

George says they get the butterflies from a vendor in Colorado who gets them from around the world. It is very fascinating and educational amongst a beautiful garden setting with soft music playing in the background.

As you leave the atrium a door leads you enter into a small foyer space where a sign tells you to check to see there are no butterflies attached to you as you leave. While I was there one landed on my camera which I wish I could have gotten a picture  of it.

I’m including a link to the Butterfly Place that shows you a little video about the place with George explaining about it and if you click where it says gallery you can see many beautiful species of butterflies they have there. I’m also including some pics we took. Please enjoy.

The Butterfly Place – Westford, Massachusetts: Video

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