“We’re Not Liars.We’re Just Idiots.”

18 May


So said an unnamed official in the Obama Administration when commenting on Benghazi . At least they admit it. While many in the  media are now trying to say Benghzi is no big deal and are concentrating on the IRS scandal, I say there are many questions that still need to be answered and yes it is a big deal as four people died because of this administration’s ineptness.

The first question should be  who gave the order for the troops to stand down before and during the  attack when they were ready with uniforms, guns on their back and ready to board a C-130 to take them  to the embassy to help in the seizure. Secondly, Obama was told at 6 pm about the attack. Why didn’t he  follow  up on it and make a decision? Instead he went to bed and the next morning went out campaigning.  Did he and his cohorts think the attack would impede his election? Thirdly, Hillary and Leon Panetta were on it at all times yet neither one  had the foresight to keep Obama informed and both testified to that fact at the hearings. Why didn’t  they think to keep him appraised of the situation? Members of the state dept. were watching the attack real time in the  situatuion room.

The immediate talking points got them right at first then went thru 12 revisions to come up with the excuse that the attack was from this little known You-tube video. Obama went before the U.N. and stated so too. No they’re not liars, they’re just idiots.

At the recent press conference on the IRS scandal a reporter asked Obama how far up in his administration knew about it. Obama replied that he didn’t know a about it until he read the IG report. If I were that reporter I would have followed that up with   saying, “I wasn’t referring to you sir, just how far up it went.” OOPPSS.  Shades of Nixon’s I am not a crook statement. No They’re not liars. They’re just idiots.

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