Obama is No Patriot!!

27 May


This Memorial Day Obama gave the usual visit and speech and laid the wreath at at Arlington Cemetery that most presidents do, but in his case his speech about honoring our fallen heroes is just insincerity and words written by someone else in my humble opinion. In his speech, he said that Arlington “has always been home to men and women who are willing to give their all … to preserve and protect the land that we love.”He praised the selflessness that “beats in the hearts” of America’s uniformed military troops.
Ordinarily I would applaud such a speech from a person who loves America and all it stands for, but he has shown over and over that with him it’s only words to appease his followers. He is the most anti-American president we’ve ever had saying one thing while doing the exact opposite and blaming his predecessor or opposition. Surely it’s impossible that anything is his fault.

If he truly loved America he wouldn’t have gone on that Middle East apology tour calling us arrogant and dismissive towards them. He wouldn’t have apologized to Mexico for us imposing sovereignty on five western states on land he said originally belonged to them as they claim. If he loved America he wouldn’t have blamed us for the cause of all the violence in Mexico. If he loved America he wouldn’t  have a government health plan that is all encompassing like Obamcare which the majority of people don’t want. If he loved America he wouldn’t remove the American flag from Air Force One and replace it with his own symbol.

He has no concept of our culture and history having grown up in Indonesia and raised by people who hate America. Both his father and grandfather called for the destruction of America. His background is very questionable and it has been proven he has a fake social security number and edited and photoshopped birth certificates and he is not a natural born citizen a required by the constitution since his father is from Indonesia with dual citizenship in Great Britain and only his mother is from here.
So on this Memorial Day I find any speeches by him about honoring our troops and heroes just false statements by a man who knows and appreciates nothing about our history and culture. Below are a few statements I found that ring so true and say it better than I can.

Want to know how much Obama cares about service men, He described Ft. Hood as a workplace violence, (the killed don’t even get a purple heart) and we, the taxpayers have now paid the Terrorist Hassan 278,000 in military pay. And we have 800.000 service disability claims waiting for approval, and taking OVER 2 years to approve. We are hiring 16,000 IRS agents to oversea Obamacare, and this gross neglect still going on. This is just a small sample of much he cares. Think of the warriors coming back, can’t work and having to wait that long for help from this government.

What happened in Germany and across Europe during Hitler’s time, was only because people were afraid to take a stand and the few that did were slaughtered in the concentration camps. Also because Europe needed a scapegoat to blame their problems on the parallel’s are so strikingly similar that it’s eerie. Last Time it was the Jewish People who were persecuted. This time around it will be the Christians. America has changed so much that it would be very hard for our Founding Fathers to recognize the America for which they sacrificed everything. It shames me to look at our brave service Men & Women and think to myself what they think about us throwing away the very rights that they paid dearly for. May God Bless Our Brave Service Men & Women and All of our Veterans and those families who stand behind them, America would not be what it is now without their undying love for Liberty and the sacrifice of so many Patriots

Our problem is that Obama’s administration is helping the illegals invading our country and breaking our laws. Our government is allowing illegals to vote and encourages them to do so . We are sure that the new voting stations are not void of corruption after all we have heard that George Soros has something to do with the voting machines, I would not trust that man for anything as he helped Obama lie his way into the White house with the help of the Democrats and foreign governments . The Democrats and some Republicans are trying to force Amnesty down our throats whether we want it or not, and most do not want it. The Hollywood people are die heard Democrats and will vote and say anything Obama or his thugs in charge want them to say.
Obama and the Democrat and some Republicans are killing our freedom throwing away our Constitution and our Law of the land. We have BIG BROTHER monitoring what we are doing around every corner of this country. We might as well be living in a Muslim / Communist country because that is what America is turning into. Thank Obama for accelerating the decay of America for that has been his purpose in life, the take down of America and her legal citizens.

• That’s the problem with obalmer, he is a great orator, but a flaming COWARD! and FAILURE! who’s time has come and who’s time is to go, away! He had a good talk, but a very weak walk, and he has all used up the racists card, cause we now know he is an empty suit! He is not half white, and half black, but totally yellow, as in cowardly, and has never taken responsibility for his failures, and totally reckless spending practices!

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Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American  (Tobey Keith with the troops)

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