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Was Paula Deen Set Up???

paula deen photo: paula deen paula.jpg


When I first heard about Paula Deen using the  N’ word I thought something wasn’t right. Then when I saw the liberal media pounding her and all these products pulling out from her I knew something was up. First of all this comment by her was made some 30 years ago when she had a customer put a gun to her head and she used it in a deposition after the guy had been caught. Fast forward to today when she recently made a comment to a friend about having a plantation party with black servants.  Big  Deal. So what??? The PC police are at it again with the constant barrage of the liberal media and Obama Administration’s war against the rich and conservatives.

We are all familiar with how the NSA and IRS are spying and monitoring conservatives and this fits right in with that pattern. Paula Deen is a southern conservative woman with good conservative values. The Obama administration hates that and everything America stands for as well as America’s wealth. He wants to redistribute America’s wealth and take it from people who worked hard for it and give it to people sitting on their fat rear ends with their hands out looking for free stuff.  Someone in the IRS  must have gone into Deen’s past and found this remark and used it against her. Now all these major companies that supported her are dropping out thus destroying her reputation and redistributing her wealth.

When Matt Lauer interviewed her he was a bit too rough on her I thought. As she said and I’m paraphrasing, “Those who are without sin cast the first stone.”  She also said “who hasn’t said something they later regretted?” She also told Matt that she has chastised young people who work for her for using that kind of language in the work place.  Besides 30 years ago using that word was common in children’s games when selecting who would be ”it.”  Black people call each other that all the time and you hear it on rap records constantly without complaint from the media.  Travon Martin referred to George Zimmerman as that in his call to his girlfriend who is now testifying. If we’re going to go down that route where were all the feminists calling for Bill Mahr’s resignation and sponsors pulling out of his show  when he called Sarah Palin the ’T’ word and  ‘C’ word on his show?

Yes Paula Deen is being set up. Who’s next?

See Paula Deen’s interview with Matt LauIer below.

Paula Deen Talks to Matt Lauer, As One More “Sinned” Against Than Sinning | TI

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Happy Together Tour 2013

Hippiefest admat 2008 v2.cdr

It’s been 50 years since they first came out and they are still HappyTogether. I’m talking about Gary Lewis of Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders, Gary Puckett of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night and Flo and Eddie (Mark Volman and Howard kaylan) of theTurtles all appearing in one show. I had the opportunity of seeing the HappyTogether Tour 2013 this past Saturday in TarryTown, N.Y and it was  nothing short of sensational. A true trip down memory lane. 🙂

All of these guys are in their 60’s and 70’s and look younger and sound great and exhibit enthusiasm and energy of someone 20 years younger. If music keeps you young then these guys are living proof of it. As each member performed a screen in back of them showed  animated psychedelic, swirling images and flower power images of the 60’s while super imposing pics and films of how they looked back then in their heyday of performing.

The same band consisting of two guitars, keyboards and drummer played for each performer which saved on time normally taken up by setting up between sets.


Gary Lewis formally of Gary Lewis and the Playboys and son of famed comedian Jerry Lewis opened the show. He opened with his hit song “This Diamond Ring” followed by his other hits such as “Green Grass” ,”Everyone Laughs at a Clown,” “She’s Just My Style,” “Sure Gonna Miss Her,  “Count Me In” and “Save Your Heart for Me.”

Gary told a cute story saying once when he was touring a local newspaper in the town he was in sent a young female reporter to interview him. She told him, “I love your records Mr. Lewis” to which he said “Thank You.” She then said “I love your dad too.” “To which he again said, “Thank You” and then she added, “Especially when he does Great Balls of Fire,” :D. Oldies fans will get the joke here.  I’m not going to explain it.  😀 Gary is 67 and looks and sounds magnificent.

Mark Lindsay

Mark Linsay was the lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders in the 60’s. He came out  dressed in a red velvet calf length robe with silver and white sequins on the trim and sleeve cuffs. He’s 71 and looks younger too. Mark went into their hit songs , “Kicks,” “Arizona,” the Kingsmen’s song “Louie, Louie” (which was covered 10,000 times by groups he said including by them), “Hungry for Your Love” and “Indian Reservation.” Mark asked how many people in the audience remembered seeing them on Dick Clark’s show “Where the Action is” on black and white TV. :D.  Mark is 71.

Gary Puckett

Gary Puckett was the lead singer for The Union Gap in the sixties and at 71 he too looks in great shape. This is the second time I’ve seen him in a few months. Gary did “{Young Girl” and “Woman, Woman (Have You Got Cheating on your Mind)” and a few lesser known songs. Gary is a big supporter of our military and asked all the vets in the audience to stand up. He thanked them for their service and then went into a song about thanking them. He mentioned that if they went to his website he has a section they can click on that reveals all kinds of benefits they can get that are tax and service free. Way to go Gary 🙂

Chuck Negron

Chuck Negron was the lead singer for Three Dog Night in the sixties. He really surprised us and I didn’t expect him to have the comedic prowness he had. He made you feel like you were in a private room with him laughing and joking together. He was in a very giddy mood he said since it was one of the band member’s birthday and they had a big carvel cake in back so he had a lot of sugar in him. 😀 .Chuck went into the Three Dog Night hits ”Road to Shambala” “One is the Loneliest Number,” “Eli’s Coming,” “Joy to the World (Jerimiah Was a Bullfrog)” and “Mama told me Not  to Come.” Chuck is 71 and looks great and much better than his goofy look of the 60’s

Flo and Eddie-TheTurtles

Flo and Eddie are Mark Volman and Howard kaylan original founding members of the Turtles and are a laugh a minute riot. They came out showing a video of current Korean hit singer Psy mocking his   dancing moves and said, “Whatever happened to our music? Here’s how it should sound” and went into “She’d Rather Be with Me.” They were great at tossing humorous  lines to each other and goofing around much to laughter of the audience  as well as doing their hits “Happy Together,” “It Ain’t Me babe” saying “Bob Dylan wrote it, we recorded it, you brought it.” And “Ellenor” and “You Showed Me.” Mark and Howard are both 66 years old and have known each other since high school.

At the closing Mark asked how many would like to see the show again?  After a huge audience applause, Gary Lewis came out to sing one verse of “This Diamond Ring,” Mark Lindsey came out to  do a verse of “Kicks,” Gary Puckett came out to do a verse of “Young Girl”  Chuck Negron came out to do a verse of “Joy to the World” and everyone sang “Happy Together.”

One thing each performer did  that I enjoyed was to stop singing and let the audience sing  some of the verses since everyone knew all these songs which added to the fun.

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Obama Plays, America Pays !!!


Our dear leader is at it again spending away our good earned money. While going to the G8 summit in Germany,they stopped in Ireland so Michelle could see her family roots. She and her entourage of 30 stayed in $3,800 a night rooms all at taxpayer expense. Now after the G8 summit they are heading to Africa for a family vacation that costs us between 80 and 100 million dollars. Meanwhile workers at Walter Reed Medical Center are being furloughed because of the sequester and the White House tours are still being closed to school kids and tourists who want to learn about “THEIR” house, but it’s OK to spend 100 million for Obama to go to Africa. Obama playsand America pays. Go figure.

The left will be quick to argue that Bush (Here we go again It’s always Bush) went to Africa for millions of dollars and he went to his ranch every week-end. But when Bush went to his ranch he worked there chopping wood and clearing brush and his staff had quarters there and he met with them.

A recent article in the Drudge report had this to say  about the sparse attendance at Obama’s speech in Germany:

Fast forward to 2013, and many are now saying that Obama’s reputation is “tarnished,” by his recent snooping scandals, his extensions of the war on terror, and the hard luck realities of failing to deliver on all your promises. (Even ones you didn’t really make.) He’s “demystified” and “no longer a superstar” in German eyes. Now he’s just another world leader on a state visit, and whatever problems people have with U.S. policy are on his shoulders.

And instead of opening up the speech to the whole city, Obama spoke in front only about 5,000-6,000 spectators, all of them invited guests.

His speech today (you can click here for a detailed comparison vs. the 2008 speech) called for a reduction in global nuclear weapons (through more negotiations with Russia) and defended the idea of Western intervention in Syria. Hammering on the theme of “peace with justice,” he also discussed closing Guantanamo Bay and taking action on climate change, calling it the “global flood of our time.” (Much more on that here.) But it was notably different in tone than 2008’s more sweeping view of the world, which was a speech more fitting for a candidate.

During his speech Obama kept confusing U.K finance minister George Osborne with soul singer Jeffrey Osborne. This is the same man who said that he had visited all ‘57’ states during his campaign for the presidency in 2008, ‘with one more to go.’ All I have to say is that I’m glad I never voted for this poor excuse of a president.

MSNBC host and Obama sycophant and thrill up his leg Chris Matthews  blamed the sun for spoiling the president’s speech in Berlin today.

“I think a lot of the problem he had today was the late afternoon sun in Berlin ruined his use of the teleprompter and so his usual dramatic windup was ruined,” Matthews said immediately after the speech. “I think he was really struggling with the text there.”

Speaking behind a glass bulletproof shield, Obama appeared to be using the text of the speech rather than reading off of teleprompters.

That’s so ridiculous now they are blaming the sun on his failures.  Also while speaking at the Brandenburg Bridge talked about disarmament of our nuclear weapons. He said he was going to do this in 2008 when he was campaigning. Meanwhile other nations like North Korea are building up and threatening us, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt declared us an enemy along with Isreal, Iran building nukes and siding with the Muslim Brotherhood and Syria in upheaval and he talks  about cutting back opur nuclear and missile defense at a time when the world is such a dangerous place is not good.

The reason the Soviet Union collapsed was because we outspent them in missile defense and Reagan had the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and was ready to launch it. Peace thru strength. That’s how it should be not cutting back when everyone else is building up. Once again Obama plays while America pays.

Obama's honeymoon with world over...

Berlin Speech: 200,000 in 2008; Only 4,500 Today...

Germans have undergone ‘brutal sobering up’… *

Matthews: Sun 'Ruined' Speech Because Couldn't Use Teleprompter...

Inhofe, GOP Blast Obama Nuclear Cuts as ‘Unilateral Disarmament’

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Man of Steel



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Man of Steel is a 2013 American superhero film directed by Zack Snyder, produced by Christopher Nolan, and scripted by David S. Goyer. It employs non-linear storytelling. Based on the DC Comics character Superman, the film is a reboot of the Superman film series that portrays the character’s origin story. The film stars Henry Cavill in the title role with Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as General Zod, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, and Russell Crowe as Jor-El. Man of Steel is intended to launch a shared fictional universe of DC Comics characters on film.[8]

Man of Steel is the latest incantation or retelling of the Superman character developed in the late 30’s by DC comics. This version is a lot more serious and darker than any previous Superman movies. Although it is 90% CGI special effects that are out of this world literally and 10% character development it is still excellent and is the biggest movie opening ever in June.

The story is basically the same, a newborn Kal-El (Superman, though they barley mention his title in the film) is placed in a rocket to be launched to earth as his home planet  Kryton is about to explode, by his parents Jor-El  played  by Russell Crowe and mother Lara (Ayelet Zurer an Isreali actress who has appeared in Isreali movies and TV). Jor-El places the codex DNA into Kal to preserve the Krytonian race. A meglomaniac member of the ruling council, General Zod demands Jor-El turn over the codex. When he refuses, General Zod kills Jor-el.  The council then sentences General Zod and his henchmen and woman to the Phantom Zone. Kryton explodes shortly thereafter.

Kal lands in a farm area in Missouri and raised by Ma and Pa Kent played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane who name him Clark.

Clark grows up very conflicted with his new powers and wonders why he has them. We follow Clark as he grows and learns about his past.  A reporter, Lois Lane, from the Smallville newspaper tracks him down thru his mother and learn she has these super powers. There is no nerdy identity to hide him here as he is fully exposed to her who he is.

Having been freed from the Phantom Zone when Krypton explodes, Zod follows the codex to Earth, where he demands that Earth surrender Kal-El to him or humanity will suffer the consequences. Clark agrees to surrender to the U.S. military, who hand Lois and Clark over to Zod’s second-in-command, Faora. Zod reveals that he intends to use a terraforming “world engine” to transform Earth into a new Krypton, eradicate the human population, and use the codex to repopulate the planet with genetically-engineered Kryptonians

What follows is a knock down, dragged out, super crashing, building tumbling fight between Superman and General Zod and his bad girl sidekick Faora-ULas they  proceed to destroy Smallville to bits since they have the same super powers as Superman.  Actually Clark/Kal/Superman does more damage than they do as he crashes thru an IHOP at super speed and other buildings, but all do tremendous damage starting in Smallville and continuing on in Metropolis.. It seems  every action movie that comes out now has to top the previous one in CGI effects and this one certainly does that.

I didn’t think there was much chemistry between Clark and Lois as the producers intended. At one point when Lois is sitting across a table from Clark in jail after he surrenders to General Zod, he explains to her that the  ‘S’ on his chest is a symbol of hope and peace on his planet she says, ”It is still an ‘S’.I think it should stand for Su-” and then she’s interrupted by the cell guard.

Another time when the military is tracking the fight between Superman and General Zod, a soldier at the computer screen tells his commanding officer, ”That’s superman sir” in a very soft manner.  When the officer says “Who?” the soldier replies,  ”Well that’s what they are calling him.” See what I mean by barley mentioning his name. Even when he is in his superman outfit he is called Clark by Lois.

I actually liked the villains  a lot better than the good guys this time and General Zod’s female sidekick is a real hard to beat, serious  fighter and equal opportunity  destroyer. She is played by a German actress Antje Traue who has appeared in many German films and shows.

Henry Cavill makes much better Superman and Clark with a buff and solid muscular build than Christopher Reeves who I thought was a mamby pamby superman portrayal.

There is a plan for three sequels in the works and a Justice League of America film in the works like they did with the Avengers and Marvel characters.

Check out Man of Steel. The kids will love it too.


Man of Steel – Rotten Tomatoes

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Bush More Popular than Obama Now


George Bush always said he would let history judge him and now it looks as though it has and favorably too.

For the first time since 2005, more Americans now view former President George W. Bush favorably than unfavorably, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday.

Forty-nine percent have a favorable view of Bush, while 46 percent view him unfavorably, the poll found. His ratings have risen by more than 10 points among both parties since he left office, with 84 percent of Republicans and 24 percent of Democrats now rating him favorably. Meanwhile, another Gallup poll shows President Obama with only a 47% approval rating, with 44% disapproving.

At Bush’s lowest point, in 2008, just 32 percent of Americans rated him positively, according to Gallup. Like most recent presidents, however, he saw his numbers rise after leaving the White House.

This all due to Obama saying he could kill Americans with Drones like he did with those  terrorists who were American, the lies of Benghazi by lying to the American people for two weeks and before the U.N. saying it was a spontaneous attack caused by a little known anti-muslim video then admitting it wasn’t and they kew all along it wasn’t, then spying on media personnell, the targetting of conservative groups by the IRS for almost two years and then saying he didn’t know about it until he read about it in the newspapers even though his chief of staff knew about it since 2011 and others did too and the massive phone and interet and e-mail surveilance of every American in the name of national security. And this is all just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until Obamcare takes effect in 2014 when they plan to lay off 30,000 doctors, have another 700 billion dollars in medicare cuts to pay for Obamcare after taking 750 billion out to pay off the national debt, new taxes, forcing citizens to buy insurance approved by the government, all your medical records going into a central government computer and more.

I knew this guy was no  good from the beginning when he said such things as wanting a civilian army bigger than our regular army starting in the eighth grade and up to mid 50’s to combat terrroism. Sound familiar?

Therefore, it appears that what Obama meant by promising to be the anti-Bush is that, unlike George W. Bush, Obama would not get us out of a recession and into many years of economic prosperity. In fact unemployment  remains at 7.9 % and real unemployment is estimated to be at 10% after being at 5% when Bush left office.There would also be successful terror attacks on American soil during Obama’s watch and a litany of scandals unseen in almost a half-century.

Bush was a good President.  Did he make mistakes?  Of course he did! Didn’t every President make some?  But he had a good heart and he loved this country and it’s people and therein lies the difference between Bush and Obama who does not feel anything for the USA other than contempt.

Maybe the next time a former community organizer raised in a creepy church runs for president, the media will work a little harder to dig into his real agenda.

So to all you Obama supporters out there, how’s that HOPE AND CHANGE working out for you?

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Christie’s Dilemma

File:2.9.11ChrisChristieTownHallByLuigiNovi3.jpgWhen Chris Christie first became governor of my state of N.J. I really liked him. I admired his  outspokeness and not caring what opponents said. He was able to make fun of himself and his large girth eating a jelly doughnut on Letterman’s show and telling Obama’s nurse  to keep to herself when she said his diet could make him die soon. I admired him as I watched him in the radio studio taking calls from victims of Hurricane Sandy being  honest and sincere and caring. I later enjoyed watching  him getting down in the trenches talking with the average person who was a victim of Sandy along the Jersey shore. Later when he embraced Obama when he came to survey the damage I was one of the few who didn’t complain saying sometimes you have to do what you have to do. We need the money to rebuild and Obama has the money.

But then he started getting the idea of running for President and started  to turn on his state and concentrate on campaigning for national office. He became more likea typical politician embracing Obama again, appearing with Hillary at a fund rasiser and becoming just another RINO.

Now since Senator Lautenberg died ,he decides to have a special election just three weeks before the general election. He said he did this because he wanted the people to choose and he would appoint a temporary  person to fill the seat which he did. The only problem here is that this election will cost the state 24 million dollars. Democrats said Christie’s decision to hold the special election separately from the regularly scheduled election is wasteful, noting that the special primary and election will cost an estimated $12 million each.That’s money that could have gone for other programs in the state. He could have arranged for a choice to be made during the general election that would have saved the money and people could choose.

Christie had his chance to appoint a conservative Republican to the vacant Senate seat, but chose instead to let voters decide with a special election costing $24M. The Republican governor said he’s not obligated to nominate someone in line philosophically with the liberal Lautenberg. New Jersey is a blue state and went for Obama in the last election.

He is an advocate of gov’t intervention, government bailouts, sucking up to Obama. This is a man guided by what is politically expedient to remain in power in the liberal NY vicinity. Deficits and debt mean nothing to Christie. He may be Socialist, he may be a RINO, but he is NOT a true conservative. When you try to pleasee everyone you end up pleasing noone. Only time will tell.

» Christie wimps out to the tune of $24M special election » News — GOPUSA

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Obama’s Police State



Now do they see? Now do they understand?  Is this what they want? Because this is what Obama, wants. This is the change he was talking about when he said he was “fundamentally going to change America.” He hates America and has so much as said so when he said he wanted us to be more like Europe’s economy and it wasn’t fair that we are the number one nation in the world. Now we are more like the old Soviet Union that listened in on all its’ citizen’s conversation ( In fact I remember saying at the time when the Soviet Union fell “Watch it fall there and rise here and now here it is) and this is only the beginning.  Wait until Obamacare takes effect. As HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius said about that little ten year old girl who needs a pair of lungs, “Some  people live and some people die.” This is what Obamcare will be as a government panel will decide who lives and who dies who gets what procedure and who doesn’t.

The left is blaming Bush for all this since the Patriot Act (I’m getting tired of hearing this blame Bush excuse they’ve been doing for five years now everyday), but under Bush they only listened to suspected  and designated conversations between some suspects here and overseas to prevent terror attacks. Under Obama there are no overseas connections only here. Rush Limbaugh said it perfectly when he said recently:

“We have in the Obama administration — there’s nobody even close to the violation of privacy and civil liberties, nobody even close.  They can talk about Bush here, but nobody compares to what Obama’s done.”

Even Jeff Sessions who helped write the Patriot Act said Obama’s version is way, way, way, overreaching. “Guantanamo is still open for business. News agencies are being targeted as part of a crackdown on whistleblowers,” said Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union. “The expanded use of drones, and now a massive surveillance program affecting millions of Americans raise the question as to whether the president’s rhetoric is fundamentally out of step with his policies and actions.”  I hate to tell you this Anthony, but welcome aboard. I always said what Obama says and what he does are two different things. Always have been.

If all this spying is being used to prevent terror attacks, why didn’t they pick up on the Boston bombers? Spying on phone calls and internet users didn’t prevernt Major Hassan from shooting up a room full of soldiers as he shouted “Allah Akbar.” By he way he’s still getitng his full mulitary salary after being 14 months behind prison bars.

Now with the recent Supreme court ruling that the police can take samples of your DNA  without a warrant every time you are arrested is even more restricting of your freedoms and rights. It doesn’t have to be just an arrest either, it can be for something as minor as going thru a red light.

The New York Senate passed a bill today making it a law to annoy a police officer. While this is filled with good intentions to protect our police officers who face violence on a daily basis, by using the word “annoy” it can be interpreted and expanded to anyone who gets into a minor disagreement with a cop .

This administration wants a data base on every American. Senator Maxine Waters even admitted so recently when she said “Obama has an unbelievable massive data base on everyone.”

The government is also monitoring nine internet users including Facebook, AOL, Yahoo and others and can watch literally as you type (see below).

So I ask all the Obama voters and supporters  ‘How’s that hope and change working out for you?” But don’t take my for it, just check out the links from the national media below.


Spying on Americans by Obama admin includes Internet » News — GOPUSA

NSA, FBI secretly mining data from Internet firms…

Top-secret PRISM program…
Vast Data Trove…
Billions of Phone Calls…

NYT: Obama has lost all credibility...

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