Christie’s Dilemma

11 Jun

File:2.9.11ChrisChristieTownHallByLuigiNovi3.jpgWhen Chris Christie first became governor of my state of N.J. I really liked him. I admired his  outspokeness and not caring what opponents said. He was able to make fun of himself and his large girth eating a jelly doughnut on Letterman’s show and telling Obama’s nurse  to keep to herself when she said his diet could make him die soon. I admired him as I watched him in the radio studio taking calls from victims of Hurricane Sandy being  honest and sincere and caring. I later enjoyed watching  him getting down in the trenches talking with the average person who was a victim of Sandy along the Jersey shore. Later when he embraced Obama when he came to survey the damage I was one of the few who didn’t complain saying sometimes you have to do what you have to do. We need the money to rebuild and Obama has the money.

But then he started getting the idea of running for President and started  to turn on his state and concentrate on campaigning for national office. He became more likea typical politician embracing Obama again, appearing with Hillary at a fund rasiser and becoming just another RINO.

Now since Senator Lautenberg died ,he decides to have a special election just three weeks before the general election. He said he did this because he wanted the people to choose and he would appoint a temporary  person to fill the seat which he did. The only problem here is that this election will cost the state 24 million dollars. Democrats said Christie’s decision to hold the special election separately from the regularly scheduled election is wasteful, noting that the special primary and election will cost an estimated $12 million each.That’s money that could have gone for other programs in the state. He could have arranged for a choice to be made during the general election that would have saved the money and people could choose.

Christie had his chance to appoint a conservative Republican to the vacant Senate seat, but chose instead to let voters decide with a special election costing $24M. The Republican governor said he’s not obligated to nominate someone in line philosophically with the liberal Lautenberg. New Jersey is a blue state and went for Obama in the last election.

He is an advocate of gov’t intervention, government bailouts, sucking up to Obama. This is a man guided by what is politically expedient to remain in power in the liberal NY vicinity. Deficits and debt mean nothing to Christie. He may be Socialist, he may be a RINO, but he is NOT a true conservative. When you try to pleasee everyone you end up pleasing noone. Only time will tell.

» Christie wimps out to the tune of $24M special election » News — GOPUSA

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