To All the Sponsors Who Quit Paula Deen

07 Jul

Paula Deen

To all the sponsors who quit Paula Deen, I have a few words  for you!!! What a bunch of wimps!!!  What  wusses!!!! You run like scared rabbits, like rats deserting a sinking ship, like little kids hiding behind their mother’s skirts all because Paula Deen uttered the ‘n’word some 30 years ago during a deposition about a black man who put a gun to her head. You’re all overreacting and are victims of mass hysteria heard thru the grapevine. Talk about a war on women!!!! Obama pays  the women in his administration less than their male counterparts, Bil Mahr calls Sarah Palin the “t’ word and ‘c’ words on his show and noone boycotts him, yet Paula Deen says a racial epithet a few decades ago and it’s like the end of the world. Yet conservaitves are accused of a war on women. Go figure.  Even Al Sharpton has come out in support of her and Jimmy Carter said she should be forgivien.  She’s apologized numerous times and even said she has admonished  people who work for her who use such language. She even said in her interview with Matt Lauer in so many words that he who is without sin cast  the first stone. I say someone had it in for her. Someone who had access to files from her past. I say we should start  with Obama and his NSA spying for a good start plus any vengeful competitors.

Now a man  namedThomas Paculis apparently attempted to blackmail Deen, who has been embroiled in a pubic relations crisis after admitting to using the N-word in the past.

 He was looking to make some dough off Paula Deen, but he bit off more than he could chew.

The FBI busted Thomas Paculis in upstate New York on Friday on charges he tried to extort Deen, the scandal-scarred former Food Network superstar — for $250,000.

Well two can play this game. I suggest that all supporters of Deen boycott the companies that boycotted her and droppped her. Let’s start with Target and Amazon. Both of you carry Cd’s by rap artists who use the’n’ word  constantly in their music in a derogatory manner and also use the word Ho’ to describe women yet I don’tt see you pulling their products from your shelves or lists. It wouldn’t surprise me that  these companies even have employees who use that language daily  on their jobs. I for one will not shop at Target anymore, order from Amazon or order off QVC.  I suggest others do the same until these companies re-instatre Paula Deen and apologize to her.

Here is a interesting e-mail I received that puts it all into focus:

The punishment for oral sex in the Oval Office with an intern????

You become a respected elder Statesman …

 The punishment for stomping on an American Flag ( Lil Wayne} while spewing hate filled lyrics during a Hip Hop performance…

Aw..he really didn’t mean it

 The punishment for sitting in a Church where your Pastor shouts out from the pulpit, “God Damn America??”

You become President of the United States!!!!!

 The punishment for showing your puny chest and gherkin-size penis on a Congressional Web Site???

You get to run for Mayor of New York!!!!!

And, the punishment for cavorting with prostitutes on a taxpayer-funded trip while Governor of New York (Eliot Spitzer),

You wind up as a political analyst on CNN!!!!

 BUT.  The punishment for Celebrity Chef, Paula Deen, who admitted using the dreaded “N” word inprivate conversations years ago.

Instantaneous termination by the Food Network plus media-wide public scorn and a complete destruction of her earning capability in the future.

 Are we Nuts???

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