The Three Clowns

14 Aug



As the Gary Lewis and the Playboys song goes,  ”Everybody laughs at a clown so why not you?” Can’t anybody take a joke anymore? This is another case of Political Correctness run amok. Our first clown is none other than the richest women in the world Oprah Winfrey. Oprah was in Switzerland attending the wedding of her friend singer Tina Turner. She walked into an upscale trendy boutique to buy a handbag. According to Oprah, she asked to see as handbag that cost $35,000 and the sales clerk told her “you can’t afford that” and proceeded to show her other bags. Oprah walked out and went right to the media complaining  of discrimination. The sales women was so upset and had a different story. I believe her from all my years in retail. The sales clerk said she didn’t recognize Oprah which I can believe since I’ve seen pictures of Oprah off camera with hair pulled back,  no make-up and dressed down and I wouldn’t recognize her either. Besides, who in Switzerland expects Oprah to walk in there? The saleswoman said she speaks English, but not all that well. She said she showed Oprah several handbags one which his exactly like the one Oprah wanted to see. She said to Oprah,  ”This one is exactly like  that one and I have several others I can show you too.” This is exactly like I was taught to sell and push sales. She said that’s when Oprah walked out and wasn’t even in the store ten minutes.

After Oprah went to the media it was reported everywhere. So much so that the store apologized and Oprah said no need to apologize and then told the media she was sorry she said that and it all got out of hand. Problem is O’s full of it. What did she think was going to happen when she went on national TV and cried racism? The media was just going to ignore that??

This isn’t the first time Oprah has lashed out with race baiting comments. She was one of the first to blame George Bush for Katrina’s mess in the predominantly black area of New Orleans and she more recently came out comparing the Travon Martin case to Emmitt Till which there is no comparison and now charging the store with racism and discrimination only to apologize afterwards.

The second clown is the now famous rodeo clown. At a Missouri rodeo a clown came out wearing an Obama mask and asked the crowd if they’d like to see  Obama get hit by a bull. Well this didn’t fare too well with the left at all. “How dare he insult our messiah,” they must have privately said to themselves. The local NAACP asked the DOJ and FBI to investigate the clown and he was forced to attend sensitivity training. The announcer and rodeo president caved and resigned. This is all madness and preposterous. Every president has had masks of them dating back to Reagan and criticized them. Part of being president is having the media and public poke fun at you. George Bush was criticized more than any of his predecessors and he took it all with a smile. Every rodeo has used presidential masks  in  their events with bulls ramming them ,but because it’s Obama “Ohh Nooo you can’t do that.” Once again his supporters are showing judgmental behavior based on the color of his skin just like when they voted for him. Martin Luther King must be turning in his grave.  This whole incident is so absurd and ridiculous. Rush Limbaugh had it right when he said today on his radio show, It is as though President Obama is a messiah or is a god and this little thing that happened at the Missouri State Fair is a defamation, a denunciation, almost a religious sacrilege that took place,” Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday. “This is no different than those countries reacting freakishly when there were cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. That is exactly what this is. He’s the president of the United States! They get made fun of! They get laughed at all the time!  Fun is poked at ‘em,” Limbaugh stressed. “I know this happens to be the first African-American one, but that should not insulate this president from standard, ordinary, everyday treatment, analysis, whatever. You know, you people on the left, who the hell do you think you are? You can’t laugh. You can’t take a joke. You can’t take a punch. You can’t take anything.”

The third clown is Obama of course a he flips  and flops his way thru his presidency at the people’s expense laughing all the way as he disregards our constitution. Any white politician would be a joke, Bush and Reagan, along with the others laughed at themselves, even when Bush was depicted as a chimp, Reagan in the movie with a chimp. Obama simply doesn’t want to be compared to a “clown,” but in reality, Obama is worse than a clown, and far more dangerous as we can see he is trying to “transform” America into a 4th rate Socialist/ Communist nation. As the rodeo clown so aptly stated “I know I’m a clown, Obama is running around the country acting like a clown, but doesn’t know he is one.”

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