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19 Aug

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There is an old song that says, ”Give a cheer, give a cheer for the boys who make the beer in the cellar of Murphy’s saloon.  While not Murphy’s saloon, the new Homebrew University in Hacketstown,N.J. is a place where the boys AND girls  can brew their own  beer.

Founded, owned and operated by Warren Wilson, Homebrew University stems from his idea from brewing his own beer at his home and participating in various home brewing exhibitions.

“I’ve been teaching people for several years in the art of home brewing,” Wilson said recently at an open house for family and friends,” I started in my basement and  I wanted to put something together where I can teach professionally.”  Warren got together with three other people Jessica Guthrie, AJ DiGiovanni, and Francesca DeSena who have turned their combined 40 years in bar and restaurant experience, paired with their own personal enthusiasm, to bring something new and creative to this part. They scoured the area and found a store front that used to be a bicycle shop that went out of business and took it over. Warren and his dad and partners did most of the work and redid it beautifully, “Our intent is to make consumers the brew masters. No matter what the experience level, our team will support individual needs – from tips on recipes, ingredients, technique, equipment and expertise,” Wilson said.

Billed as Warren County’s first home brewing supply store, the store will provide books, lectures, videos and classes for the home brewer to educate and nurture the growing home brewing community. Upon entering the store the customer is met with a warm ambiance  and a large square waist high structure  that contains  white plastic barrels of various beer grains such as rye malt, honey malt, white wheat, oak flake, corn flake and other grains. Aprons and t-shirts with the Homebrew University logo are also available.

The walls are beautifully decorated with various sized beer bottles and other  beer  related designs,items and features.

Further in the store there is a TV lounge with plush, cushy comfortable chairs with a wide screen TV for viewing videos and regular TV. Today the home brewing industry of beer and wines extremely popular and legitimate and is no longer restricted to hillbillies in the Ozarks.

 Homebrew University is located at 160 main Street in Hackettstown, N.J. Their website is and can also be found at


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    Just plain Awesom!!


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