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Last Warning for the Trainwreck Known as Obamacare!!!!

Obamacare imageDespite last-minute efforts, ObamaCare officially begins on Tuesday, Oct 1st. But even as open enrollment is set to start, most Americans still don’t understand what they have to do. Already, huge tax increases and fees are hitting — impacting individuals and businesses. There are more than 20,000 pages of ObamaCare rules and regulations. If you don’t know these provisions it could cost you dearly in skyrocketing insurance rates and mountains of new taxes and surcharges.Here is a partial list of only some of the changes in this train wreck you can expect:*Insurance rates are expected to skyrocket and are already doing so. People will eventually pay doctors out of pocket rather than pay the high rates. After a while with enough people doing this insurance companies will shut down and everyone will be forced to turn to the government which is what Obama wants. Obama said   people will see their insurance rates drop by $2500 instead they were rising to $7,500. Obamacare will cost each person about $100-200 a month. That’s not affordable so they will opt to pay the fine instead and pay out of pocket to doctors.*Medicare benefits will shrink. Obama to0k 750 billion dollars out of medicare to pay for Obamacare and plans to take another 750 billion out of it. Also the baby boomers are retiring and there won’t be sufficient costs to cover them.*The government will decide the benefits of every insurance policy.

*New Obamacare capital gains tax adds a 3.8 surcharge to certain income groups.

*There will be a new income tax on health deductions.

*New excise tax on cadillac health plans that hits employers with a 40% penalty over a certain threshold.

*Long term care for the sick won’t be covered such as nursing homes.

*If you sell your house there will be a 10% charge that will go to Obamacare to help finance it.

*Be prepared for the coming doctor shortage as doctors will be laid off to help cover costs and there will be long waits for a procedure or MRI or cat scan just like Canada and Europe and people may die.

*A fifteen member non medical panel will come between you and your doctor to decide if you should warrant a certain procedure or not. The cut-off date for a major procedure is age 70. After that you can expect minimal care like being put on a pain pill or comfort care. These are the so called “death panels” that Sarah Palin warned us about.

This came about  when at a town hall  meeting a woman told Obama that her 80 year old mother needed a heart transplant and no doctor would take her until she found one doctor who said her mother had such a yen to live he was willing to take a chance. He did and the woman said her mother lived another 15 years. Obama’s reaction was “I’d just put her on a pain pill.”

This is only part and partial of the horrors facing us in this monster known as Obamcare.

Doug Patton in his commentary on GOPUSA said it best:

In a few days, the century-long dream of every utopian-minded socialist from Woodrow Wilson to Hillary Clinton will become a reality. And when it does, those who mocked Sarah Palin for daring to tell us the truth that Obamacare will lead to health care rationing, which will lead to defacto death panels, will have reached another milestone in their march toward “equality.”

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.
If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” – Two of the biggest lies so far
in Barack Obama’s mendacity-filled presidency

On Halloween Day, 2008 — appropriately enough, since his tenure as president has been a nightmare that makes Freddy Kruger look like Santa Claus — candidate Barack Obama told the American people, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Well, guess what. He meant it.

But in an exclusive interview with Newsmax, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell insisted that Republicans weren’t fighting a lost cause to defund Obamacare as part of legislation to prevent the federal government from shutting down next week.

“I don’t think it was a waste of time,” the Kentucky Republican said. “The American people do fully understand that still, not a single Republican in the House or Senate favors this awful new law — and if they will send us enough additional new members to get rid of it, we will.”

In addition to delaying final implementation of the Affordable Care Act for a year, the House bill would repeal a tax on medical devices that helps pay for the law, said Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif.

As one responder to an article I read said “I hope every jerk that voted for this  guy in the WH faces a death panel one day.”

» Patton: Obamacare – At Least Dems Are Willing to Fight for It » Commentary –

Obama: ‘I will not negotiate’…
‘Shutdown’ looms…


House GOP Spending Plan Includes Obamacare Delay




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David Limbaugh:The Audacity of Hopelessness


In his usually masterful column today in GOPUSA David Limbaugh (Rush’s brother) hit on Obamacare right on the head with his  great accurate description of what it really means and does as compared with Obama’s lies about it .His piece is also folowed by a most excellent response from a responder on there I wish to share with everyone.

Notice how Obama is willing to negotiate with Iran, negotiate with North Korea,negotiate with Putin, but not republicans. Maybe because he identifies with those leaders more than us given his background.

Perhaps Obama was onto something when, as a young author, he zeroed in on the term “audacity” to (subconsciously) telegraph his ambitious designs to fundamentally transform our beloved America.

What word could describe better than audacity Obama’s refusal to accept responsibility for his dreadful policies; his standing before the American people — even today — in the face of the avalanche of evidence proving how terrible Obamacare is and continuing to lie about what it will do; his persistence in mislabeling his unaffordable monstrosity “the Affordable Care Act;” his failure to address the legitimate, undeniable complaints about Obamacare and his insistence — at all costs — on cramming it down Americans’ throats; and his taking — in the words of Time — an “early Obamacare victory lap” just as the horrifying effects of this law are about to descend, in full force, on the American people?

In his “victory lap,” he exclaimed, “We’re now only five days away from finishing the job.” You mean the job of destroying our health care system and economy?

Obama said Republicans are trying to destroy the law because they are scared it will work. He described the GOP’s position as this: “We’ve got to shut this thing down before people realize they like it. … It will mean everything they said wasn’t true and they were just playing politics.”

On Thursday, just five days from the scheduled implementation of this infernal boondoggle, the White House tweeted up a storm about the wonders of this law — though study after study is being dumped on the public, even by the liberal media, conceding what a disaster it’s going to be and how utterly different its effects will be from Obama’s promises.

Consider a few of the White House’s audacious tweets quoting Obama:

“Tell your friends, tell your classmates, and tell your family members about their new health care choices.” How about instead, we tell the liberal New York Times, which just reported that patients will likely have fewer choices?

“Since I signed the Affordable Care Act into law we’ve seen the slowest growth in health care costs on record.” Yes, just as Obama’s the most frugal president in 60 years, a uniter and a fierce proponent of the free market.

“You’ve got new choices, new competition, and many of you will have cheaper prices.” By “many,” does he mean, perhaps, a few thousand in a nation of about 314 million? What might he say about Forbes reporting that Obamacare will increase average individual-market insurance premiums by 99 percent for men and 62 percent for women?

“Republicans’ biggest fear is not that the Affordable Care Act will fail — it’s that (it) will succeed.” Succeed? In destroying the greatest health care system in the world, perhaps. In driving doctors, in droves, out of the profession. In scarcity and waiting lines. In sending thousands into part-time employment. In enormous health care cost hikes. In forcing us into a single-payer system, which is to say full-blown socialized medicine, an essential component of an overall socialist economy.

“Not only will it help lower costs for businesses, but it will free up entrepreneurship in this country.” Oh, my gosh — free up entrepreneurship? This is on the order of the former Soviet Union’s claiming its constitution guaranteed personal liberties for its enslaved citizens and subjects.

“Think about that: Good health insurance for the cost of your cell phone bill, or less.” For whom? And even if it will be “good health insurance,” will it be for good health care, which should be even more important? Of course not. Not a chance.

“Because of the ACA, 3 million young adults under age 26 have gained coverage by staying on their parents’ plan.” Is it really a good thing that our government is encouraging our young people to stay out of the workforce and on their computers in their parents’ basements? How about we work toward the day we can celebrate their return to the workforce, Mr. President?

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal provides examples of the ongoing glitches and delays with Obamacare and the difficulties in implementing the law’s exchanges. For example, in the words of “The Foundry,” the “federally run exchanges in 33 states will not be able to sign applicants up for Medicaid coverage directly.” Politico details another Obamacare delay — postponing enrollment in most of the small-business exchanges scheduled to open Oct. 1.

Has there ever been a bigger hoax perpetrated on the American people — at least those who possessed the credulity to believe Obama’s deceitful claims about the bill — than Obamacare?

When, if ever, will a strong majority of Americans realize Obama is all about transforming America into a socialist state and not the best interests of America — unless you view socialism, a historically failed system, as being in America’s best interests — and hold his Democratic Party accountable?

My money is on 2014 — and 2016, unless the feckless among us prevail.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book, “The Great Destroyer,” reached No. 2 on the New York Times best-seller list for nonfiction. Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at To read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at

Comment by mightyjin
September 27, 2013 @ 12:55 pm

I really wanted this guy (Barry Soetoro) to succeeed when he was first elected. I didn’t vote for him, but wanted to see if he could be the great uniter; one who could get past the partisan and racial divides in this country. As I listened to him, I kept asking myself, am I the only one who doesn’t believe him? Does he have his own set of facts that I’m not privy to, or am I missing something? I mean, I’m a pretty smart guy but what he’s telling us just doesn’t add up. Shortly into his first term, I’d realized that he just lies ALL THE TIME. His teleprompter is full of equivocation and falsehood, his lies flow like water and he’s careful not to depart from his carefully crafted cool facade, but I am no longer fooled. I have a few radical ideas about Obamacare and a federal government shutdown; I say let them both happen on Barry’s watch, shut the governement down and let it force the Legislative and Executive Branches to try to reach an agreement (despite Barry’s insistence the he wouldn’t negotiate) while our troops don’t get paid, welfare checks don’t get cut and foodstamp money dries up (of course we all know who will be blamed by the media, the White House, the Democrat party, etc.,.). Then, after they’ve come to terms, the economy will settle down and we will see the full effect of the ACA just before the mid-term elections! I predict the Dems who voted for that monstrosity will be replaced. We will prevail despite Barry’s best efforts to destroy America. God Bless America.


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Obama’s Speech-Putin’s Ruse

 th_Obama-angry-snearing-re-DirtyTricksPutin mocks U.S.A.Putin and Ayatollah                                  

I’m starting this blog with some comments that appeared on the GOPUSA site I agree with about Obama’s speech followed by my commentary as usual. In the first comment Lurch is the nickname for Kerry 😀

Comment by jenersea
September 11, 2013 @ 1:48 pm

Leave it to Lurch to suck up to the Communists led by Putin again. I think all of this was and is that he could get close to his heros again and take orders from them. Only Lurch and his stupes in the State Department would believe that the weapons will be confiscated and destroyed. All the time they will be sitting there on the Russian Naval Base awaiting the next use of them by Assad. Lurch, dig out the old files and see that you always have to verify everything that the Russkies sign onto. Complete incompetents. Mean while the illegal invasion continues on our Southern Borders non-stop.

Comment by eagle525
September 11, 2013 @ 2:19 pm

Obama is way out of his league on international politics … Putin ( Russia’s Prime minister) will eat Obama alive every time. That is what happens when a totally inept community organizer, with zero governance experience is elected to the nations highest office. Obama’s election to office is indicator of the American voters ignorance of current events and politics.

September 11, 2013 @ 2:44 pm

If we accept this deal, we have surrendered our status as the super power of the world.

You can NEVER take use of force off the table.

But paint me as one of those tin foil hat wearers, who believes this is exactly what Obama wants. He despises this country for the prosperity we have achieved over the past two hundred years and now he has the power, along with willing traitors in our congress and the statist media, to put us in the kind of harm’s way, we will never recover from.

Comment by eagle525
September 11, 2013 @ 3:49 pm

Well I will go along with your commentary and do believe O is intentionally sinking this country,
However, my opinion is that he is destroying us from within … socially, economically and morally. He is succeeding where Obama Bin Laden failed

 The above comments were on the  GOPUSA site and I agree with them totally. I thought Obama’s speech was weak and self centered as usual as he is saying he’s the one who ends wars and is taking credit for his threat for using force for ending this stalemate. Meanwhile new surveys show that 2/3 of the American people trust Putin more than they do Obama. If Obama is really concerned about “the children” over there we should have sent in a strike three years ago when the rebels were more pro-American  instead of now  when they are mostly Al-Suriyah, Al-Nusra and Al Qaeda  which are the most aggressive groups

Meanwhile Putin is playing Obama like a fiddle and the Assad agreement was just a clever  ruse on Putin’s part. While Obama is taking credit for Putin’s suggestion of having Assad hand over his weapons to U.N. inspectors he (Putin) is supplying Iran with S-3000 surface to air missiles and shield over their nuke plants in case we want  to  strike  them. Striking Iran’s nuke plants is what we should have done long ago  to show we are powerful and mean business, but wimpy Obama didn’t do that so now they are a year away from developing a nuke and carrying out their plan to destroy Isreal  and destroy us too in the process with Russia  shielding them with a missile shield.

Russia in 2007 signed a contract to deliver five of the advanced ground-to-air weapons — which can take out aircraft or guided missiles — to Iran at a cost of $800 million.

In 2010, then-president Dmitry Medvedev cancelled the contract after coming under strong US and Israeli pressure not to go ahead with the sale of the weapons system, drawing vehement protests from Tehran.

The source told Kommersant that Russia’s offer would depend on Iran’s withdrawing a $4 billion lawsuit that it has lodged at an international court in Geneva against Russia’s arms export agency.

While all this is going on the white house released a statement saying they would continue to pursue those responsible for the deaths of four U.S. citizens in Benghazi. What a total misconception. What a total bunch of B.S. The American people will not fall for that. It’s been a year and they know who the culprits are and the media even interviewed them at one point. Obviously he (Obama) studied at the OJ Simpson school of finding the perpetrators.

Last night on Sean Hannity’s show   the father of Ty Woods appeared with Col. Olver North and read a letter he sent to Obama demanding answers to the deaths and who gave the order to stand down.

In the United States, the families of those killed a year ago at the consulate say the Obama administration has yet to tell them what really happened, and why it is that none of the killers has been captured or killed.

“It’s hard. I never expected this from my government,” Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, told Fox News. “All they have to do is tell me the truth.”  Sean Smith was a consulate information officer  who  was  among the four people killed in the Sept. 11, 2012, attack by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists.

The White House on Wednesday pledged it would continue to pursue those responsible for the deaths of four U.S. citizens a year ago in Benghazi, Libya.

“The events of last year, losing four brave Americans – Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods – brought home the reality of the challenges we face in the world,” press secretary Jay Carney said in a statement marking the first anniversary of the Benghazi attack and the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

As one commenter astutely said:

“First thing he (Obama)  should do is admit to lying to the American people. Secondly, explain why security was denied when requested. Thirdly, who gave the order to stand down and refuse to go to the aid of the Americans. This is just another shell game this administration plays in order to cover for their incompetence. The same people who now want to bomb innocent civilians are doing so to cover for all the scandals confronting them, Benghazi, IRS , AP and NSA. The say they will do something about Benghazi which seems unlikely, but when are they going to do something about the others?”

We have had some blatant scandal level cover ups within the Obama administration and every one of them have fizzled out as Obama, Eric Holder, liberal Congressional leaders, and the liberal media continue to ignore efforts to find out what happened and who was responsible for the decisions involved. And for who is Holder, who is supposed to be our chief law enforcer, but is really our chief law breaker, doing this? Well our current President of course…as Holder is the “enforcer” for the Obama led Chicago style takeover of our federal government.


Iran to U.S.: ‘We will destroy your world’…

PAPER: US can’t prove Assad ordered chemical attack…

» Russia to send Iran missile systems » News — GOPUSA

» Another year, another Benghazi pledge from Obama » News — GOPUSA

» A year after Benghazi families still wait for answers » News — GOPUSA

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Hypocrisy When It Comes to Obama

        ed_asner_mike_farrell_a_lsyrian flag                              

The nation recently celebrated Martin Luther King’s million man march and famous speech in Washington D.C. in which he declared, ”I have  a dream where we judge a person not by the color of his skin ,but the content of their character.” Enter Barack Obama. Ask anyone why they voted for him and blacks say “Because he’s black”’ and whites say, ”because he’s the first black president,” even though nobody knew anything about him and the  media never properly vetted him. If you dare criticize Obama you are labled a racist. Today there are still many unanswered questions about him from who his real father is, his fraudulent birth certificates (he listed three versions), his fraudulent social security number (they claim it was a typo),his questionable college attendance since there are no records of him attending Occidental or Columbia and no pictures of him  in any yearbooks or newspapers and nobody remembers him at either college, and how a young kid fresh from Indonesia  with no job could afford both colleges and there is no record of him taking out any loans, but he’s the first black president so that’s all that matters and if you criticize him on any of these you’re branded a racist. What happened to judging a person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? MLK must be turning in his grave. I wonder what these people think if they knew MLK was a republican ?

Recently on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh said the reason republicans in congress are reluctant to criticize Obama with the exception of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio is because of being labeled a racist.

Well lo and behold, wonder of wonders, two leading Hollywood leftists, Ed Asner and  Mike Farell are speaking out against their guy Obama on Syria and admit that Hollywood is not speaking out against Obama like they did with George Bush for fear of being labeled anti-black.

Another reason some Hollywood progressives have been reticent to speak out against war in Syria, according to Asner, is fear of being called racist.

“A lot of people don’t want to feel anti-black by being opposed to Obama,” he said.

Farrell and Asner both say that beating the war drums on Syria is one of many mistakes Obama has made.

“I voted for him, but I’m not proud. He hasn’t thrown himself on the funeral pyre. I wanted him to sacrifice himself. Instead, he has proved himself to be a corporatist, and as long as he’s a corporatist, he’s not my president,” Asner said. “A lot of people have lost hope — with the betrayals, the NSA spying … People aren’t getting active because ‘Who gives a shit?’ is essentially the bottom line.”

Adds Farrell: “I’m frankly deeply disappointed in the president’s foreign policy, war-making, his reliance on military rather than diplomatic responses, his use of drones, continued allowance of the Guantanamo prison. He’s a disappointment to me and other people I know.”

As much as Obama is loved by Hollywood power-brokers, Asner says he doesn’t fear backlash by speaking against the president.

“Hollywood can’t mobilize for that either,” he joked. “If they try to punish me, what are they gonna do? Take away my pension.

Another one speaking out against Obama going into Syria is his biggest cheerleader Chris Mathews. What’s the matter Chris, lose that Obama thrill running up and down your leg?

Many people are viewing  the attack on Syria as a beginning of biblical fulfillment of the coming  end of times with Damascus being leveled “Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city, and will become a fallen ruin,” reads Isaiah 17, a passage some Christians say they believe details a horrific event that leaves the city uninhabitable and leads to worldwide tribulation and the second coming of Christ. Damascus is the Syrian capital and one of the world’s oldest cities.

Another passage in Isaiah 19 deals with civil war in Egypt and the rise of a “fierce king.”

Talk of those prophecies has intensified as President Barack Obama considers a U.S. military strike on Syria in response to what Washington says is evidence that the Syrian leadership used chemical weapons against its own people. In turn, Syria vows to retaliate against neighboring Israel if the U.S. strikes.

Speaking at a news conference in Paris, Sec.of State John Kerry said the videos make clear that the attack is not something Americans can ignore.

The United States has accused Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government of using chemical weapons in an Aug. 21 assault, and cited intelligence reports as saying it killed at least 1,429 people, including more than 400 children. The videos show the victims exhibiting what appear to be symptoms of nerve gas poisoning.

“Those videos make it clear to people that these are real human beings, real children, parents being affected in ways that are unacceptable to anybody, anywhere by any standards,” Kerry said. “And the United States of America that has always stood with others to say we will not allow this – this is not our values, it’s not who we are.”

Where was Kerry when Saddam gassed 5000 people in one day and killed a million of his own people. Kerry, Hilary, Harry Reid and I bet even Obama were castigating Bush for going into Iraq. Kerry bashed our troops just like he did in the 60’s saying “American soldiers were terrorizing Iraqui women and children in the dead of night kicking their doors down.” Now all of a sudden they want to do this “across the bow” strike on Syria that will open up a whole can of worms? Assad has Russia, Iran, and North Korea in back of him while all we have is “moral support” This can kick off  WW 111. Incidentally the so called stockpiles of gas Assad has are the WMD’s we were looking for in Iraq. Saddam had them shipped out before, during and after the war by Russian soldiers disguised  as Iraquis which is why we didn’t find them so Bush didn’t lie after all. Besides, Germany said Saddam had them, France said he had them, Britain said he had them and Saudi Arabia said he had them and he did have them until he shipped them out to Syria.

At a recent press conference Obama’s chief of Staff   Denis McDonough said Obama, Congress and the rest of the world no longer doubt the fact Assad carried out such horrific crimes against his people.”McDonough also said we have no military allies just  their moral support and don’t need them for just a missile strike.

As one commenter noted:“How can we believe ANYTHING, especially since this press conference was filled with BLATANT LIES…

LIE – “We feel very good about the support we have”
….REALITY – Obama et al are HORRIFIED at the broad coalition AGAINST their plans.

LIES – “Nobody now debates the intelligence” – “Everybody believes that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against his own people”
….REALITY – Everyone doubts the intelligence. Many wonder whether the rebels themselves did this to bring us into the war.

LIE – “If chemical weapons are moved to the front lines, it means a greater risk of them being proliferated”
….REALITY – If chemical weapons are moved to the front lines, they will be USED, not “proliferated”

Columnist Kyle Smith in today’s N.Y.Post said,”Ruthless dictators who have been murdering their own citizens by the thousands aren’t likely to be scared by a pre-announced two day show of fireworks. Obama’s message that we should send  in a “clear and decisive very linited way”is another classic. Dictators don’t do limited.They do ruthless. That’s how they passed their final exam in dictator school.”

As columnist Charles Krauthammer  said, “I say send a text. It’s less expensive.” 😀

Ed Asner Explains Hollywood Silence: They 'Don't Want to Feel Anti-Black'...

Syria's 'rebels' and soldiers agree: Military strikes will change nothing...

Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate


Some see biblical visions of doom... UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD on eve of war

PAPER: Regime forces may have used gas without Assad's permission...

Rep. King: Obama Acting More Like ‘Community Organizer’ Than President

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Obama’s War-Kerry’s Lies

Kerry_Fulbright_Commission Obama-in-Apocalypse-Now--56325Image and video hosting by TinyPic                           

Obama is down to a 35% approval rating in the polls. The world no longer hates us, they are now laughing at us so what’s a weak president to do? Come up with a war strategy only this time it’s not working. People from both sides liberals and conservatives are opposed to us getting involved. Over 70% of all liberals, Conservatives and Indepedents COMBINED are against this idiot’s stance on bombing Syria.  He blames Syria for gassing 1,400 civilians as an excuse for us to go in. But he says we are not putting boots on the ground, this will only the a limited war lasting a few days and this is not about regime  change. So why bother going in at all?

It’s interesting to note that all the people who opposed Bush in Iraq are now for Obama in Syria. By all the people I mean the main outspoken protestors like Obama, Pelosi and Kerry. We went into Iraq after  9/11. Saddam had weapons of mass destruction he cleverly kept shifting around so the inspectors couldn’t find them and eventually shipped them all to Syria. Saddam gassed 5000 people  in one day and killed over a million of his own people and they spoke out against us being there, but Assad  supposedly gassing ,and there is no real proof he did, 1,400 people is enough to warrant us getting involved. What hypocrisy!!!!

“I just don’t agree that a majority are al-Qaeda and the bad guys” Kerry’s own words. Lord help us, this is what we now have leading our country. Obama and this complete idiot. Maybe he should watch Glen Becks video of a Muslim tearing out the heart of a man and then eating it. These are the people in Syria that these two complete idiots want to give arms to. Folks we are in trouble!

It  appears that the Obama Administration has been arming Al Qaeda and other radical Islamist terrorist since the beginning of the Arab Spring. In fact, each day brings us closer to identifying the White House as the primary source for much of what is being fronted as the Arab Spring.

Recent revelations from Egyptian and other credible sources are painting a not so pleasant picture of a conspiracy between the White House and prominent members of the Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize several moderate secular Arab States in the name of Democracy. Obama supported overthrowing Mubarek who at least kept the peace with Isreal and stability in the region in favor of Morsi who was with the muslim brotherhood and favored sharia law for Egypt and annihilating Isreal until the military overthrew him much to Obama’s chagrin.  The same was with Quadaffi. He was a brutal dictator but was supplying us with useful information until he was overthrown. Now Obama is going after Assad.  Obama has even placed radical muslim brotherhood members in his administration.

It appears that the Obama regime has been arming radical elements of Islam and his Muslim Brotherhood friends, since the inception of the Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya. Stock piles of sophisticated weapons are arriving in Syria from what clearly were Libyan sources and there is now evidence of a Bengahzi connection and arms to Syrian rebels. All of which are illegal acts of war and violations to both US and International law.

As Sara Palin so eloquently put it: “President  Obama wants America involved in Syria’s civil war pitting the antagonistic Assad regime against equally antagonistic Al Qaeda affiliated rebels. But he’s not quite sure which side is doing what, what the ultimate end game is, or even whose side we should be on. Haven’t we learned? WAGs (wild assed guesses) don’t work in war. “

“As I said before, if we are dangerously uncertain of the outcome and are led into war by a Commander-in-chief who can’t recognize that this conflict is pitting Islamic extremists against an authoritarian regime with both sides shouting “Allah Akbar” at each other, then let Allah sort it out.”

Doug Patton on  GOPUSA site had this to say “Of course, in Obama’s case, it is not a matter of personal scandal like it was for Clinton. By telling the world a year ago that he was drawing a red line in the hot desert sands of Syria — that red line being the use of chemical weapons — he created the debacle that currently threatens to engulf the Middle East. He blustered at the time that if the regime of Bashar al-Assad crosses that red line, there will be a price to pay. No one yet knows what that price will be, but from the current discussion, it appears that it will involve the destruction of at least three camels, four sheep, a half-dozen goats and an abandoned aspirin factory. That oughta show ‘em!

What it will do, in all likelihood, is unify the Islamic crazies in the Middle East and turn Assad into a regional hero, emboldening him to attack Israel secure in the knowledge that the United States has no stomach for a wider war.

Yet there was the ever-arrogant Barack Obama, standing at the podium in Stockholm on Wednesday, embarrassing himself yet again (and, by extension, the fools who elected him) by announcing in response to a reporter’s question about his crumbling credibility, “I didn’t set a red line. The world set a red line.”

Obama is a symbol of much of today’s generation, which accepts no responsibility for anything. Therefore, when something goes wrong among his cockamamie plans, it must be someone else’s fault. Usually, of course, it would be George Bush’s fault, but even Obama couldn’t bring himself to tell that one again, not in this case. No, this time it’s the whole world’s fault. And Congress.  And  America. It’s American credibility that will suffer, he told the world, not his. Unbelievable. “

Meanwhile John (I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it) Kerry says that the rebels are moderate muslims. Moderate muslims? Hasn’t he seen the video of one of the rebels eating the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier he just killed or the video of rebels shooting seven captured soldiers in the back of the head? It’s really outlandish that John (I served in Vietnam) Kerry would support us going into Syria since he is the one who compared American troops to Ghengis Khan in his Vietnam hearings and said American troops were terrorizing women and children in the dead of night in Iraq. Now when it’s convenient for his side he supports us going into Syria. First it was to be a limited war, then no boots on the ground, now he’s saying 73,000 troops will be needed to remove all the gas weapons there. Kerry was also supporting Assad recently and had dinner with him. Nancy Pelosi also stuck up for Assad. Now all of a sudden he’s our enemy just to satisfy their agenda mainly to make Obama look strong while he supports radical muslim regimes.

Rush Limbaugh recently theorized that the Syrian rebels gassed their own people and blamed it on Assad so we’d step in, overthrow Assad since they can’t do it themselves and the they’d be in charge. Being the way things are going over there and considering who Obama is supporting it sounds plausible to me. UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD on eve of war

Kerry claims 'moderate'...
U.S. Travel Warning: Rebels Have 'Claimed Nearly 600 Attacks'...

Syria says Kerry of lying…


Liberals reject case for Syria strikes; believe Obama and Kerry are lying...

Senate resolution allows boots on ground...


Calls to Congress 499 to 1 against Syria war

» Patton: The Most Embarrassing President of My Lifetime » Commentary — GOPUS

Russia Warns Of Nuclear Disaster If Syria Is Attacked...

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The Bowery Boys/East Side Kids



When I was  growing up I grew up watching The Little Rascals AKA Our Gang and The East Side Kids AKA Dead End Kids and later AKA the Bowery Boys usually on every Saturday morning or afternoon. Recently I started collecting their DVDs so I decided to do some research and what I found was interesting indeed.. They were a group of young toughs on New York’s tough lower east side. They were a likable bunch always getting into scraps with crooked boxing  promoters, crooked horse racing managers and various gangsters. The two main characters were Leo Gorcey as the tough leader of the group known as “Mugs” McGinnis and later “Slip” Mahoney who had a soft side and was famous for slaughtering the English language in his famous New York accent and his famous brim up turned fedora hat. He used such malapropisms ,  as “a clever seduction” for “a clever deduction”, “I depreciate it!” (“I appreciate it!”), “I regurgitate” (“I reiterate”), and “optical delusion” (“optical illusion”). In the movie Jungle Gents, in which the Bowery Boys went to Africa, Huntz Hall lost the map and substituted a newspaper ad for lingerie. When Slip saw it, he said, “This ain’t a map—it’s an ad for ladies’ griddles! [girdles]”

There was Huntz Hall who was his goofy, comical sidekick who he always hit in the head with his hat when he said something  outrageously  outlandish who went by the name Glimpy and later Horace Debussy Jones (Satch) identified by his big nose, bulging eyeballs and upturned baseball cap.

The Dead End Kids” originally appeared in the 1935 play, Dead End. When Samuel Goldwyn turned the play into a 1937 film, he recruited the original kids (Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan, Gabriel Dell, Billy Halop, and Bernard Punsly) from the play to appear in the same roles in the film. This led to the making of six other films under the moniker “The Dead End Kids.”

When Warner Brothers released the remaining ‘Dead End Kids’ from their contracts in 1939, producer Sam Katzman at Monogram acted quickly and hired several of them, including Jordan and the Gorcey brothers Leo and David, as well as some of the ‘Little Tough Guys,’ including Hally Chester, to star in a new series using the team name “East Side Kids.” These films also introduced ‘Sunshine’ Sammy Morrison, one of the original members of the Our Gang comedy team, as part of the gang.

In 1945, when East Side Kids producer Sam Katzman refused to grant Leo Gorcey’s request to double his weekly salary, Gorcey quit the series, which ended immediately. Bobby Jordan then suggested a meeting with his agent, Jan Grippo. Grippo, Gorcey, and Hall formed Jan Grippo Productions, revamped the format, and rechristened the series The Bowery Boys (the earlier films credits appear as: “Leo Gorcey and The Bowery Boys”). Gorcey, who owned forty percent of the company, starred, produced, and contributed to the scripts. The new series followed a more established formula than the prior incarnations of the team, with the gang usually hanging out at Louie’s Sweet Shop (at 3rd & Canal St.) until an adventure came along.

The original main characters were Terrence Aloysius “Slip” Mahoney (Leo Gorcey), Horace Debussy “Sach” Jones (Huntz Hall), Bobby (Bobby Jordan), Whitey (Billy Benedict), and Chuck (David Gorcey, sometimes billed as David Condon). “Sunshine” Sammy Morrison (“Scruno” in the East Side Kids films), declined the invitation to rejoin the gang (later stating in an interview that he “didn’t like the setup”, possibly referring to the idea of Gorcey and Hall being in the forefront, and being paid much more than the other members). When Bobby Jordan quit the series for the same reason, his character was replaced by Butch Williams (with former East Side Kids Bennie Bartlett and Buddy Gorman alternating in the role). The proprietor of the malt shop where they hung out was the panicky Louie Dumbrowski (Bernard Gorcey – Leo and David’s father).

In all, there were 48 Bowery Boys films (the longest feature-film series in motion picture history), with the final film, In the Money, being released in 1958. Only Huntz Hall and David Gorcey had remained with the series since 1946.

Two of my all time favorite Bowery Boys movies are ‘Angels With Dirty Faces” in which they appeared with Jimmy Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and Pat O’Brian. Jimmy Cagney plays a gangster just out of prison and the East Side Kids look up to him. Pat O’brian plays a priest who grew up with Jimmy Cagney’s character and took the high road and tries to keep the boys straight. Excellent  film available on DVD with  a tear jerking ending that can be interpreted two ways, but definitely  a lesson in right vs. wrong.

“Hell’s Kitchen” features the boys with Ronald Reagan who portrays the good head master of a boys’ reform school. When a  cruel assistant puts a boy who has pneumonia in a meat freezer for punishment the boy dies and the gang testifies before  the judge against the assistant. Leo Gorcey delivers the best line from the film describing the freezer punishment saying, ”We call it Hell’s kitchen down there and sometimes we don’t say kitchen.”

Two other great fims with them in it were ‘Spooks Run Wild”and “Ghosts on the Lose” both with  famed thespian and actor Bela Lugosi appearing  after his Dracula roles.

Leo Gorcey

Leo Gorcey’s parents were actor Bernard Gorcey (born 1888) who stood 4′ 10″, and Josephine Condon (born 1901), who stood 4′ 11″ and weighed 95 pounds; they worked in vaudeville in New York. In 1915, 14-year-old Josephine gave birth to Fred. In 1917, Leo was born, a large baby at 12 lb. 3 oz.; as an adult he would be 5′ 6″. In 1921 his brother David Gorcey was born. In 1935, Leo and David appeared in the stage play “Dead End.” In 1937, this was made into a movie, and Leo became one of the busiest actors for the next 20 years — from 1937-1939 he starred in seven Dead End Kids movies, from 1940-1945 in 21 East Side Kids films, from 1946-1956 in 41 Bowery Boys movies.

In 1939, Leo married 17-year-old dancer Kay Marvis, who appeared in four of his movies. They divorced in 1944 after five years of marriage; she went on to marry Groucho Marx. In 1945, Leo married Evalene Bankston; they divorced in 1948. Leo was to have paid her $50,000 in a divorce settlement; however, when two detectives she hired broke into his home, he retaliated by firing his gun at them. They sued, and Leo countersued for illegal entry and won $35,000 back. In 1949, Leo married Amelita Ward, whom he met while filming Smugglers’ Cove (1948). Their marriage produced Leo Gorcey Jr. in 1949, and a baby girl they named Jan (after Leo’s producer and manager, Jan Grippo) in 1951. They divorced in 1956. That year Leo married his young nanny, Brandy, who was taking care of his two kids. They had a baby girl, Brandy Jo, in 1958. The couple divorced in 1962. Leo went to the altar one last time in February, 1968, marrying Mary Gannon. He stayed married to her until his death on June 2, 1969.

 Personal Quotes

[about his father acting in the Bowery Boys movies] I think he was the best actor of the whole group. Where Papa was concerned, he was great.

[about his parents] Russian Jew and Irish Catholic, that’s about as mixed as you can get without trying too hard.

[About Billy “Whitey” Benedict from the Bowery Boys movies] I always liked him. We used to fish together and we used to go surf fishing, and one day I stubbed my toe on a rock. I was running out there in a real hurry to catch a sea bass and I stubbed my toe, and it really fascinated me at how interested he was. He wanted to take care of my toe, you know, fix it. Of course he couldn’t because it was stubbed, but he really took a sincere interest in it and he taped it up or something. I don’t know what he did. It was rather surprising because most times, guy stubs his toe, the other guy says ‘that’s too bad, you stubbed your toe, that’s rough,’ you know? I mean that’s their attitude…very very nice person.

[observation, as a five-times-married man] Kids have a habit of marrying their first date and spending an awful lot of time wondering what the other dates would have been like. I never made that mistake. I married them all.”

Gorcey died from liver failure(obviously he was a heavy drinker) at age 52 a day before his 53rd birthday.

Huntz Hall

The 14th of 16 children born to an air conditioning repairman, Henry Richard Hall (he got the name “Huntz” from a brother who said his large nose made him look German) was anything but the tough street kid he played in the East Side Kids/Bowery Boys films. He made his stage debut at the age of 1 in a play called “Thunder on the Left”; after graduating from a Catholic grammar school, he attended New York’s famous Professional Children’s School, was a boy soprano with the Madison Square Quintette, and appeared in an experimental 1932 television broadcast. Actor/director Martin Gabel got him an audition for the play “Dead End”, and Hall got the part because he could imitate a machine gun to playwright Sidney Kingsley‘s satisfaction. Hall appeared in a total of 81 East Side Kids/Bowery Boys features and serials, more than any other actor. In 1940 he married 18-year-old dancer Elsie May Anderson (they divorced in 1944). During WW2 Hall enlisted in the Army, and after his discharge returned to Hollywood, where his first jobs were in war films playing soldiers (for his impressive work in A Walk in the Sun (1945) he received the New York Theatre Critics Circle Blue Ribbon Award).

In 1948 Hall found himself in the same kind of jam as did Robert Mitchum — getting arrested for possession of marijuana, but he was acquitted by a jury. After the trial Hall married showgirl Leslie Wright. In the early 1950s, Hall and former Bowery Boys actor Gabriel Dell teamed up and for a “Hall and Dell” nightclub act that was so successful it cost both men their marriages; in 1953 Hall’s and Dell’s wives both sued for divorce, claiming the men thought more of the act than they did of them. In 1954 Hall was arrested for fighting with the manager of a building where he was attending a party; apparently the party was too noisy and the manager told the occupants to quiet down. Hall took offense at this, a fight ensued and Hall was arrested for assault, for which he paid a $50 fine and was put on probation. In 1959 he was arrested on a drunk driving charge. Having stayed out of trouble for quite some time now, Hall has been content in retirement, with occasional film and television work (not that he needed the money; in addition to owning 10% of the Bowery Boys pictures, Hall made some wise oil and gas investments that paid off handsomely).

Hall died in 1999 at age 78 of cardiac arrest.

Bobby Jordan

Bobby was raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn. By the time he was four and a half, he could act, tap dance and play the Saxophone. He made his stage debut in 1930 and film debut at Warner Bros./Vitaphone in 1931. He also reportedly had a bit part in the 1934 Eddie Cantor film, “Kid Millions”. He then appeared on Broadway in “Dead End”, which opened on October 28, 1935. He left the show in mid-November 1936 to appear in the The Samuel Goldwyn Company film version of “Dead End”. Warner Brothers studios signed the all of the Dead End Kids to contracts. At the peak of his career, Bobby made $1,500 a week, owned a $150,000 home in Beverly Hills and was the sole support of his mother, two brothers a sister and a niece. In 1940, Bobby returned to Universal to appear with several other Dead End Kids in The Little Tough Guys series. Later the same year, Monogram featured him in his first East Side Kids film, “Boys of the City”. In 1943, Bobby was drafted. He served as a foot soldier in the 97th Infantry until 1945 with his only film appearance being the East Side Kid’s “Bowery Champs” (1944), playing himself in a running gag. In 1946, Bobby appeared in the first Bowery Boys picture, “Live Wires”. But, after eight films he left because he was forced to take a backseat to Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall. In March of that year, he married Lee, and in 1949, they had a son, Robert Jr. Bobby worked sporadically in film and television afterwards. He tried a nightclub act, then he found additional work as a bartender, door-to-door photograph salesperson and he later worked as an oil driller in Coalinga. In 1957, he and Lee divorced, and in 1958, he declared bankruptcy when he failed to pay alimony and child support. On August 25, 1965, Bobby collapsed at the home of a friend he had been living with. Already a heavy drinker, he was admitted to a Veterans Administration Hospital in Los Angeles for treatment for Cirrhosis of the liver which he later succumbed  from.

Gabe Dell

The son of an Italian immigrant doctor, Gabriel “Gabe” Dell began his career singing in a boys church choir and then on a children’s radio show. He made his stage debut in the play “Dead End” and, with the other juvenile members of the cast, was called to Hollywood for the film version. Dell was one of the more unusual members of what came to be known as the East Side Kids/Dead End Kids/Bowery Boys in that when he appeared in many of their films, he, unlike his colleagues, didn’t always play a member of the gang. He often played a reporter, or a cop, or even a gangster, somebody who had either befriended the gang or used to be one of them but got out. He died in 1988 at age 68 from leukimia.

Leo Gorcey – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaa.

 Tribute to Bobby Jordan – YouTube A real nice tribute to Bobby Jordan.Those of us who remember Bobby will have a tear in their eyes

 ‘NEATH BROOKLYN BRIDGE (1942) — Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, East Side Kids,  A complete feature for those who remember and those  too young to remember and want to see  what  they were like 🙂

  Tom Snyder TOMORROW Show 1980 Dead End Kids Gabriel Dell Huntz Hall PART 2.m  Interesting interview withTomSnyder interviewing Huntz Hall and an unrecognizable Gabe Dell from the 80’s. Not very good quality.


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Syria: Obama’s War

 Image: Tactical Tomahawktomahawk.JPG

Obama is low in the ratings. Only 35% support him so what’s a weak president to do? Come up with an excuse to support a war to make him look strong and decisive. Only with Obama it doesn’t work. The people are war weary now with Iraq and Afghanistan and the pentagon says we have no more funds for a war. Futhermore,Obama picked the wrong country to go to war with. It is a country  at war with forces from within and no side is worth suporting here. I, myself  don’t trust either side.

 John Kerry comes up with a scenario about how Assad gassed 1,300 of his people with Sarin gas. Most probably sent by Saddam during the Iraq war when our intelligence spotted trucks driven by Russians out of Iraq and into Syria before,during and after the war (my words not his). Kerry and co.said what an atrocity this is and went into great detail describing all the bodies of men,women and children lining the streets of Damascus wrapped in sheets. The speech sounded eerily like his famous anti-vietnam “winter soldier’s speech” before congress in the sixties where he described the so called atrocities committed by our soldiers “reminiscent of Ghengis Khan” to Vietnamese civilians which there was no proof of.

 As former Lt.Col.Ralph Peters so truthfully put it,”Saddam killed over a million of his people with gas. Where was Kerry then?” I’ll tell you where Ralph. He was probably stirring up the anti-Bush /Iraq war population. Now this time Kerry can say he was against the war before he was for it.

 Now it’s Obama’s war as he hems and hawes about going in or not,threatening Assad and tells where we intend to hit and with what kind of missiles not to cause regime change,but just to scare  him. WHAT A WIMPY EXCUSE for a president. Assad must be shaking in his boots. Even John McCaine said Assad must be euphoric over Obama’s decision.

 Obama said he was prepared to go it alone. All the countries except France backed out. He was prepared to overide the constituition again like he has done so many times, but the outcry to go before congress was so great he decided to go before them to get permission. Assad in the meantime has Iran,Russia and North Korea backing him.

 President Obama’s decision to seek Congressional approval for a military strike in response to reports of a chemical weapons attack in Syria drew a range of reactions from Syrians on Sunday, with rebel leaders expressing disappointment and goverment leaders questioning Mr. Obama’s leadership.

Syria’s government on Sunday mocked Mr. Obama’s decision, saying it was a sign of weakness. A state-run newspaper, Al Thawra, called it “the start of the historic American retreat,” and said Mr. Obama had hesitated because of a “sense of implicit defeat and the disappearance of his allies,” along with fears that an intervention could become “an open war.”

Many Syrian opposition leaders expressed disappointment about the move, and called on Congress to approve a military strike. The leaders said any intervention should be accompanied by more arms for the rebels.

“Dictatorships like Iran and North Korea are watching closely to see how the free world responds to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people,” the opposition coalition said in a statement issued in Istanbul.

Still, some rebel leaders were angry. A member of Syria’s opposition National Coalition, Samir Nachar, called Mr. Obama a “weak president who cannot make the right decision when it comes to such an urgent crisis.”

Assad has said if we launch missiles into Syria, he’ll launch missiles into Isreal which caused Isreal to go on a massive buy of gas masks.  Iran says they will launch thousands of missiles into Isreal if Syria is attacked.This poses another problem for Obama as Isreal  is our ally in the middle east and Obama has demonstrated distain for  them and snubbed Netanyahu on occasions. One respondent to an article I read posed this theory: He said this is what Obama may be wanting to happen.  Assad attacks Isreal and they retaliate and Obama steps in with a peace treaty making him look like a hero. I don’t think that theory is too far off.

Obama doesn’t have the brains to be where he’s at. Everything he says is the exact opposite of what he actually does.. His whole life is a lie, everything he does is orchestrated by someone else putting the words in his mouth, and others being paid to destroy this country , one step at a time.

The reason he dithers so much on everything is because everything about this guy is a facade. They took an incompetent Communist racist, taught him to read a teleprompter, gave him papers which no one has seen, grades which no one has seen, and told the sheeple that if they don’t vote for him they are racists. He’s told what to say, when to say it, where to say it, how to say it and can’t say anything other than what he’s told to say. As one comment  I saw said,  “In his college application he claims he is a citizen of Kenya. Did he lie about being a citizen of Kenya and thus his diploma is now in jeopardy or is he really a citizen of Kenya and thus not eligible for the presidency? Either way, he gained the presidency fraudulently.” What a shame for a president and now we risk another illegal war in the middle east with Syria. I say stay out of there and let them fight it out.

Confusion, Anger, Mockery After Decision…
Syrian media calls ‘historic American retreat’…
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Pope announces world day of prayer, fasting…

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'Can't contemplate' Congress would not authorize military action...

Sen. Paul: ’50/50′ Chance…


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