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When I heard Governor Chris Christie was coming to my favorite diner,The Nevada Diner in Bloomfield, N.J, I had to go, especialy with my penchant for meeting celebrities and seeing the governor of my state up close. I’ve always loved the Nevada Diner for their friendly and amiable staff, warm atmosphere and excellent cuisine so Chris Christie coming there was an added bonus.  He was scheduled to arrive at 1 p.m. so anticipating a large crowd I decided to get there early.

I arrived at 11:45 a.m. and was surprised to still see some parking spaces. I went in and said I was here for the Christie event thinking I had to sign in somewhere, but the hostess graciously said for me to relax and have a seat and take my time. I sat at the counter and had an excellent breakfast of waffles, bacon and hot tea.

At about 12:45 a very nice fellow came in and sat next to me. We had a most interesting, cordial and fun chat as we compared famous celebrities we’ve encountered, favorite movie lines and various politicians. He told me he saw Christie once before in a town hall  meeting  in  a town somewhere down Rt.287.

At about 2:30 Christie arrived in his huge campaign bus. His wife was the first to come in and she walked up to me and my friend at the counter and introduced herself. I found her to be very smiling and charming and outgoing. I said to her, “You must be Mrs. Christie” and she replied smiling, “Yes I’m Mrs. Governor.”  We both laughed and I asked her if she would pose for a picture with me and she immediately graciously obliged. I have found in situations like this if you want a picture with a celebrity you have to act fast and be polite for best results. Following her the Governor came in. He shook hands with everyone and signed autographs   for anyone who offered and there were many. He also posed for pics with anyone who wanted to. I noticed he appeared a little weary and tired and rightly so. He must have been up early campaigning in similar stops, shaking hands, signing autographs and posing for pictures which can get very exhausting indeed. I heard him say to a few people, “It’s all part of the job.” I was able to get his attention and asked politely if he’d pose for a pic with me and he politely obliged. I snapped a few more pictures of him outside the diner and his bus. After about 15minutes he left and continued on his campaign journey once again. There were about two hundred people attending many with Christie posters. It was a great day for all.

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Charlie Daniels: A Great American, True Patriot, and Entertainer


I’ve just returned from seeing Charlie Daniels in concert and what a concert. Charlie is now 77 years old and still rocks the house down whether playing the fiddle while wielding his fiddle bow wildly around or playing various guitars and interacting with his band mates. If music keeps you young then rock on. 😀  I love his firm stance with feet apart in fiddle mode position as he plays the fiddle with lightning speed waiting for the strings to fly off from the friction and then saying at the end ,”That’s how it’s done son.”.

Charlie said that this current band is the best band he ever had. His band consists of three guitars, keyboards and a drummer you wouldn’t believe. A high point of the concert was a piece called Black Ice where each band member does a great solo piece, first the two guitar players (rhythm and bass) as Charlie interacts with them individually, then the keyboard player  hitting the keys madly and finally the obligatory drum solo that lasts about 15 minutes. This is the old trick I’ve seen many rock bands do in the sixties where the other band members walk off and the drummer plays solo, but this solo drum piece was one of the best I’ve seen and heard. Hitting the drums at lightning speed he pounded out a rocking beat. At one point he stops with his hands while keeping a manic rhythm with his feet while the other band members give him towels to dry his face with and water to drink using both hands while still maintaining the drum beat. Quit a performance.  The only problem with long drum solos like this I’ve always felt is after awhile it just becomes a lot of noise.

Charlie is a true patriot and did a song dedicated to all our troops past present and future. Charlie Daniels is an avid supporter and longtime advocate of the military, regularly performing for troops stationed overseas and in the United States, He also did a comical song saying he was proud to be a redneck explaining that a redneck is not just someone who drives a pick-up truck and shoots at stop signs, but a hard working man who comes home at night after a full day in the hot sun with  some red on the back of his neck from working in the sun all day. 😀

I particularly liked Charlie doing the religious gospel favorite “How Great Thou Art” which has always been one of my favorites. He started out real slow with him solo on guitar and just the spotlight on him slowly having the band join him until they build to an emotional cresendo.

Charlie ended his show with the famous “Devil Went Down to Georgia” which is his signature song and I was hoping he’d do. He plays the fiddle so manically and twirls the bow around wildly and had the whole audience dancing in the aisles. If you ever get a chance see Charlie Daniels if he comes to a theater near you.

See Charlie play The Devil Went Down to Georgia  at  the Grand Ol’ Opry below 🙂

 Charlie Daniels Band “Devil Went Down to Georgia” Grand Ole Opry – YouTube

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The Lies of Obamacare

    th_Obama-angry-snearing-re-DirtyTricks Obamacare image     Hannity                                                  

 David Letterman has his top ten list so I am having my top 6 list of Obamacare lies starting with No.6 and working down to No. 1. Here we go:

6) Obamcare is a website where you can go and compare and purchase healthcare plans just like you would buy a TV on Amazon. (Tell that to the millions who have  had trouble logging on).

5) The plan I’m proposing will reduce the deficit by 4 trillion dollars over the long term. (He’s already doubled the debt and deficit and has spent more than all the presidents put together from Washington to Bush. We are now at 17 trillion).

4) The plan I’m proposing will cost 900 billion (It’s already almost two trillion with a capital ’T’ and rising).

3) I want to lower premiums by $2500 per family (Families are seeing their premiums rise as much as $7000 for a family of four).

2) If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.(Health plans are dropping doctors by the thousands. Obamcare’s plan calls for eventually laying off 30,000 doctors out of the 90,000 we have).

And the No. 1 lie about Obamcare is: If you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan ( Obama has said he prefers single payer where we all are responsible to the government which is what Obamcare is all about. It’s not about healthcare, but about control).

Recently on Sean Hannity’s TV show, Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan said “Obamcare is ruining insurance for 85% of the people who have it in favor of 15% of the people who don’t.” He is so right.

Bill O’Reilly has it right when he said recently, “People don’t care if it doesn’t concern them. Guns to the Mexican cartels no big deal, four people assasinated in Benghazi,no big deal, but Obamacare affects everyone so now they are concerned.”

Now everyone is unhappy as more and more people get cancellations than signed up for Obamacare. Even liberals are finally waking up. Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers (whom I’ve noticed is slowly coming around) had her insurance dropped and found out she has to spend $300 more for the same deductible in another company.

We spent $684 million dollars of taxpayer money for something that doesn’t work. They never did security checks on it and personal information can be revealed. Even creators of it admitted they can’t log into it. Sean Hannity recently had a CEO of a software company on his show who said he could do the same thing and create a website for 1 million dollars. Obamcare is causing people to lose their jobs as companies layoff and cut back to save expenses and the cost of Obamcare. The rhetoric versus the reality doesn’t match. The people were promised one thing and they are not getting it. They were grossly irresponsible with our money. As Ray Stevens says in his song ‘We the People’,  “I don’t think it’s one bit funny/how they take so much of our money/ and do things with it I don’t understand.”

Speaking of Sean Hannity, Obama said you can call the 800 number for Obamcare and register there so Sean did just that on his radio show. The woman who answered was very polite and courteous and truthful and answered all his questions to his satisfaction. Because she spoke with him she was fired. Sean checked with his accountant and is gifting her $13,000 for her and $13,000 for her son bringing a total of $26,000 which was her yearly salary. Sean also set up a website for a job for her at He also had her on his TV show last night. She got hundreds of offers and is taking one. Sean is very generous that way and has helped people in the past. He had the scholarship fund with Oliver North for kids whose parents were killed in wars. That’s more than Obam

Democrats ‘wholly own’ Obamacare catastrophe

Hotline Operator Fired for Talking to Hannity

Elderly patients sick over losing doctors under ObamaCare | New York Post

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Escape Plan

Escape Plan (2013) Poster

 I’ve had several readers of my blog say they like my movie reviews so I’m printing them as I see them if I think they would like them since we go often. This last week I saw “Escape  Plan” with two of my favorite conservative actors (and some of the few in Hollywood these days) Arnold Schwartzenegger  and Sylvestor Stallone.

This is the first time they have appeared in leading roles together. Arnold appeared with Stallone in the last “Expendables” movie, but as a co-star and will appear with him in the next one scheduled for next year.

I found this film a good action fun film with a plot for a change. Stallone plays Ray Breslin the head of a security company on prisons whose job it is to get into a prison and try to escape to test if it is escape proof or not.  Needless to say once he’s in he’s like any other prisoner and has to fight his way through his share of brutal prison guards and other roughneck, surly, prisoners. The role was originally set for Bruce Willis, but Stallone got it and this works perfect with him and Arnold. He is assigned to a prison that is a ship in the middle of the ocean unbeknownst to him where he meets Arnold who is a master criminal named Emil Rottmayer and they plan to escape together. Jim Caviezel known for his role as Jesus in Mel Gibson’s outstanding movie “ The Passion of the Christ” and now on the dark crime fighting TV series “Person of Interest” plays the cold hearted  warden Willard Hobbs.

The plot got a little confusing for me to explain here so I’m borrowing it from Wikepedia that explains it better here and I’m including a trailer below:

Ray Breslin is a former prosecutor who co-owns Breslin-Clark, a Los Angeles-based security firm specializing in testing the reliability of maximum security prisons. He spends his life getting into prisons to study their designs and the guards’ habits to find and exploit their weaknesses, thus enabling him to escape without a hitch. He claims his goal is to ensure that criminals sent to prison stay there due to an unexplained event related to his seemingly dead wife and child. One day, he and his business partner Lester Clark are offered a multimillion dollar deal by CIA agent Jessica Miller to test a top-secret prison and see if it is escape-proof. Breslin agrees to the deal and gets himself captured in New Orleans, Louisiana, under the guise of a Spanish terrorist named “Portos”, but the plan goes awry when his captors remove the tracking microchip from his shoulder and drug him on the way to the prison.

Breslin wakes up in a complex of glass cells with no outside windows to indicate the prison’s location. He meets inmate Emil Rottmayer, and they both stage a fight for Breslin to study the solitary confinement cell, which uses high-powered halogen lights to disorient and dehydrate prisoners. Seeing that the cell floors are made of aluminum, but the rivets are steel, Breslin has Rottmayer procure a metal plate from Warden Willard Hobbs’s office floor before the both of them and Muslim inmate Javed are once again thrown into solitary. Using the metal plate, Breslin focuses the reflection from the lights to heat the rivets and pop open the floor panel to reveal a passageway below. He goes through the passageway and discovers that the prison is inside a cargo ship in the middle of the ocean, making a simple escape impossible. Breslin and Rottmayer continue to work on studying the complex by learning the guards’ daily routines, and Breslin gives Hobbs  false information about Rottmayer’s boss, Victor Mannheim. Meanwhile, Breslin’s colleagues Abigail Ross and Hush grow suspicious of Clark when Breslin’s paycheck for the job is frozen. They discover from hacked documents that the prison, codenamed “The Tomb”, is owned by a for-profit organization linked to Blackwater, and Clark was offered a US$5 million annual salary from them in exchange for keeping Breslin behind bars.

What follows  is a suspenseful, bait and switch situations and death defying feats for Stallone and Arnold along with their typical tough guy sense of humor. It’s a must see with a surprising ending that is laughable and satisfying for all. If these two guys and action films with a plot are your thing then go see Escape Plan. 😀

Get all the latest trailers and clips for Escape Plan (2013) on Moviefone

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Whitehouse Planned Shutdown

        th_Obama-angry-snearing-re-DirtyTricksAmericaTombstoneObamacare image                        

Like Judas of old Obama lied and deceived,

The republicans caused the shutdown he wants us to believe,

But I see thru his eyes and I see thru his brain,

Like I see thru the water that runs down my drain.____________with apologies to Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War.”

The shutdown is over and the world didn’t come to an end. Obama and his gang got everything they wanted and the republicans got nothing except being blamed for it. Obama and the mainstream media blamed the republicans all thru this, but this writer wasn’t fooled. Even talk show host Sean Hannity correctly referred to it as the Obama-Reid shut down and so he should. If the republicans caused the shut down why would Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee tear down the barriers at the war monuments? It has also been revealed that the signs made up and posted around the country at different federal sights saying they were closed, were made up six months before the shutdown with paper work leading back to the white house. If republicans were responsible for the shut down why did Obama give the order to all the park rangers to cause as much pain as possible?

According to an article that appeared on World Net Daily; The shutdown was deliberately orchestrated by the White House, according to the former foreign editor of Newsweek and editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine.

Why would the White House intentionally cause such pain and havoc across the country?

It is a ploy to win votes, concluded author Ed Klein.

He told the New York Post that President Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, developed a strategy to force a showdown with Republicans over Obamcare.

Jarrett recommended shutting down government because, Klein said, she believed voters would pin the blame on Republicans.

And that would give Democrats the opportunity to win control of the House of Representatives in the 2014 midterm elections.

The lie that the U.S., would default was another ploy constructed by the white house with the media scaring companies and people to death with their countdown to default each day when none of it was true again showing that the mainstream media is an extension of the Obama white house. Even Obama himself believes his own lies about himself and what he puts out for public consumption .A sure sign of a mental disorder.

In writing for Newsmax ,writer Peter Morici explained that Obama used deception and demagoguery to get his victory. Each month the government collects $250 billion in taxes, and if the Congress decided not to raise the debt ceiling, Treasury Secretary Lew would have had adequate resources to pay the $23 billion in interest to the public. The Wall Street Journal simply confirmed that the new law signed by President Obama overnight “permits the Treasury to borrow normally through Feb. 7, and preserves Treasury’s emergency flexibility to avoid default for a period of time after that date.”

At a minimum, that means another $400 billion or $500 billion in debt for American taxpayers, as the nation has been spending roughly $3.6 or $3.7 trillion a year, and taking in only $2.5 trillion.

But such numbers were nowhere to be found. The Chicago Tribune simply said Obama now has permission for “borrowing to continue through Feb. 7.”

The whole debate started as defunding for Obamcare. At first the republicans asked for a defunding, but keeping the budget, then they asked for a delay, then they asked that special exemptions  for congress and unions be removed, then finally they asked that Obama sit down with them .Each time Obama said “no” until they finally agreed. That’s when Boehner and his crew wimped out and gave into Obama and Reid and postponed the talks until January so they just kicked the can down the road. The media and Obama and Reid blamed republicans for THEIR shutdown and everyone in the U.S. went along for the ride and  believed  the great deceiver and media and blamed them too.

You have to watch out for Obama. He’s worse than a used car salesman and con artist all rolled into one. He’s the great conniver. The great deceiver.  

  When this debate started from the ACA (Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare)  people thought they were going to get free healthcare and that people who couldn’t afford healthcare will now have it even though the CBO says 30 million will still be without care.

Now many are finding that was all a lie too as doctors will be laid off, people are seeing their premiums go up as much as 75-100% in some states. U.S. Healthcare recently announced they are laying off 3000 doctors in the state of Connecticut who treat medicare patients so they will have a monopoly on them.

Government controlled healthcare is not about healthcare, but control. Obama isn’t expecting the ACA to work at all he has planned for it to fail so he can rush single-payer healthcare through. The “glitches” in the state exchanges are intentional, too, because this rogue regime is hoping to postpone the “big reveal” until after the mid-term elections. If the plan is revealed too soon, Obama will lose both chambers of the legislature to Republican control.

The plan is if they can manage to keep control of the Senate (and they even dream of taking back control of the House), they will implement their real agenda: single-payer nationalized healthcare paid for by those “filthy rich one-percenters” who will finally be forced to pay their ‘fair’ share!” Obama said he was going to transform America and he’s doing it. Shame,shame on all you ignorant people who voted for him, believed his rhetoric and lies and let this happen to our beautiful country.

As one comment to an artricle I read so  aptly put it:

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. After last night, we gained nothing — no defunding of Obamacare,  no limit on the debt ceiling, etc. — but Obama and the Dems got everything they wanted. And now I’m working more hours to make less money and pay more taxes for people who want to freeload. Plus I may end up with healthcare that I don’t want that costs me three times as much as, which is worthless since I’ll have a $5000 deductible. And on top of it all, I’m being labeled an anarchist, jihadist, racist, etc., simply because I don’t  agree with all this? Gee, what country are we in?

Bombshell: White House planned shutdown

Obama ‘crashing health-care site on purpose’

Debt ceiling now the sky?

Morici: Obama Victory Based on ‘Deception and Demagoguery’  










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Captain Phillips-A Review

Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips. (Hopper Stone/Columbia Pictures)Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks) aboard the Maersk Alabama with the Somali pirates

Captain Richard Phillips was at the helm of the US-flagged Maersk Alabama when it was attacked by pirates off the Horn of Africa in 2009. After a failed bid to take the entire crew hostage, the pirates seized Phillips instead holding him in a lifeboat for several days until US Navy SEALS came to the rescue.

Such is the story and film about Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks as the real Captain Phillips. The film is a very accurate depiction of what he and his crew went thru in 2009. You can really see and feel the intensity in Hanks face as he portrays Captain Phillips in captivity of the pirates off the Somali coast. The real Captain Phillips says Hanks did a good job portraying what  happened, but the real life situation was a lot worse because they can’t portray everything that went on. Tom Hanks plays Captain Phillips as the no non-sense all business captain of the Maersk Alabama with a cargo of medical and food supplies being delivered to Mombasa, Africa.

The crew is very adament about going so close to the Somali coast because of all the reports of pirates along there. Captain Phillips is very stern and strict about anyone who wants to leave they will drop them off at the next port so they continue on.

I thought the picture did a good job in not going overboard making the pirates too sympathetic but did show that they are controlled by tribal war lords in their country who force them to rob ships for huge sums of money.

Captain Phillips and his crew try to ward off the pirates with hoses surrounding the ship but to no avail.  The pirates board the ship while the crew hides below deck trying to outwit them while they take Phillips hostage.

The only character I felt sorry for was a conflicted 16 year old who Phillips tries to reason with. The others are real maniacs due to an herb they take called”Khat” which when taken induces feelings of heightened euphoria and mania and there is internal conflicting going on between them. They manage to get $30,000 from the ship, but say that isn’t enough and want millions. They are very aggressive and feel they are on a mission too and can’t turn back once it’s started.

Later on when Phillip s is being held hostage in the enclosed lifeboat he tells the head pirate,  “You have $30,000 you could be going back to Somalia, but now you have the whole U.S. Navy out there.”

To which the pirate replies, “We have bosses. They have rules.”

“Well I have bosses too,” Phillips replies.

The movie is very intense and holds your attention from start to finish and Captain Philips went back to sea again in 2010. The lead pirate is now serving 33 years in an American prison for piracy.

The actor portraying the lead pirate was picked from 700 other actors living in a Somali neighborhood in Minnesota. In an interview he said he grew up in Somalia and has seen the war and devastation by the warlords in their country. When he was picked he said he “Couldn’t wait to play opposite that Forrest Gump guy.” 😀

Philips says he is no hero and just did what he had to do to survive. His real life crew tells a different story and are suing him for 50 million dollars for going to close to the Somali coast and endangering their lives. They claim he is self serving and arrogant and they didn’t like sailing with him. His wife says she never goes on any of the ships with him because as soon as he steps on the ships he is all business. He’s portrayed that way in the movie too. I’m including two links below so you can judge for yourself. Also check out the two cool trailers for the film.

 Captain Phillips’ hails film but ordeal ‘much worse’ – FRANCE 24

 Crew: ‘CAPTAIN PHILLIPS’ One Big Lie…

 CAPTAIN PHILLIPS Official International Trailer #2 – HD – YouTube

 CAPTAIN PHILLIPS Film Clip – “Pirates take the Maersk Alabama” – YouTube

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Doo-Wop Spectacular Featuring Kenny Vance and Bobby Rydell

Do-Wop PosterBobb yRydellAWE vance

On Friday night my wife and I were “Up on the Roof,” “Under the Boardwalk” “Looking for an Echo” in “Wildwood” N.J. as we attended the Doo-Wop Spectacular at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, N.J.. For those of you younger readers, ”Doo-Wop” refers to  the name given when groups of friends would gather on street corners and harmonize in the 50’s. It originated in Philadelphia and worked its’ way over to New Jersey and New York City. Doo-Wop refers to the harmonizing sounds they used to make when singing a song.

At Friday’s concert Barbara Harris of The Toys opened up. She is the only  original member of a three black girl group who made the song “Lover’s Concerto” a big hit. She opened with a melody of songs made famous by girl groups from the 40’s- to the 60’s such as The Maguire Sisters, Chiffons, The Ronettes and Supremes. She ended with their hit “Lover’s Concerto” which I have included a you-tube of below.

Following The Toys were Emil Stucchio and the Classics. They consisted of Stuccio, Al Cantera (both originals) and their newest member Theresa McClean who was with them for about 12 years they said. They did their classic songs “Since I Don’t Have You” and “Til Then” in perfect voice and harmonies. Theresa did a few solo numbers with a terrific voice range, clear as a bell. In between they made fun of Emil’s age  at 73 and having a younger girlfriend of 29.Theresa made cracks about Al Cantera’s hair color being so dark for his age,”Are you saying this is not my natural color?’ Cantera said to her.

“Well you brought it so you own it so it’s yours,” she replied much to laughter from the audience. They ended their set with their hit song “Til Then” to a rousing applause. Check out their website for songs and lots of pictures below.

Following The Classics was Charlie Thomas and his Drifters. Charlie Thomas is the only original member of the Drifters, but three of the others could have been originals as they are in that senior age group and  a fourth was much younger. They did their hits Under the Boardwalk and “Up on the Roof” “Save the Last Dance for Me” and several others.

Next came my favorite act Kenny Vance and the Planatones.  We’ve seen Kenny before  performing two summers ago in our town of Bloomfield, N.J. at the High School. Kenny Vance was the founder of Jay and the Americans whom you all know from hits like “She Cried,” ”Come a Little Bit Closer and “Cara Mia” that Jay Black  is known for. They all dress in black suits, dark fedora hats and sunglasses like the Blues Brothers. Kenny has a white fedora and the guitar player sings bass and has long 60’s era hair. Kenny looks and sounds great and can really hold those high notes for long periods. In between songs they have humorous banter and Kenny explains about some of the songs and when they sang them. I’m including links to two songs they did last night, “Looking for an Echo” and “Cara Mia”. You can see how Kenny holds those notes and I wonder if his vocal chords will go the way of Frankie Valle’s of the Four Seasons did who used to hold long, high falsetto notes and now can’t do it anymore because of that. When listening to ’Looking for an Echo” you will know what Doo-wop was all about.

After a short break, Bobby Rydell came on with a ten piece band  and a set like a professional Vegas revue. I grew up listening to Bobby and he didn’t disappoint. He’s 71 years old and looks and sounds fabulous. On a serious note Bobby told how he recently underwent two transplants, a liver and kidney. He said a young girl named Juilia who was in a car accident saved his life with those organs and also saved the lives of six others so he recommended that everyone sign up as an organ donor when they renew their driver’s license.

Bobby told stories of his Italian heritage growing up in Philadelphia and later Brooklyn New York.  He did songs from “Bye Bye Birdie” the musical movie he was in opposite Ann Margaret and a medley of songs in a dedication to the late Bobby Darin his friend and mentor. Bobby did Darin’s “Beyond the Sea” and “Mack the Knife.”Bobby also told about his grandmother who owned a rooming house in Wildwood, N.J. to which many people applauded, us included. He then went into his hit song, “Wildwood Days” which I’m including below and his hit song “Sway”. Bobby ended his set with his hit song “Volare” to a standing ovation applause.  It was a good clean show and a totally enjoyable trip down memory lane.

.The Toys – Lovers Concerto – HQ – YouTube

Emil Stucchio and The Classics  Kenny’s website with schedule and songs.

Looking For An Echo – Kenny Vance – YouTube

 Kenny Vance & The Planotones – Looking For An Echo – YouTube  from 2011 on a cruise ship

“CARA MIA” Kenny Vance & The Planotones – YouTube from 2009,but that’s exactly like he sounded.



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