Upon Seeing ‘Gravity’ at the Renovated Ridgefield Park, N.J. Theater

07 Oct

astronaught floating

Every Sunday night my wife and best friend and I take in dinner and a movie. We’ve always gone to this theater located In Ridgefield Park, N.J. because it was a little less expensive and less crowded than the big mall theaters. My friend liked going there on Monday nights because they showed Korean movies then as he’s into those even though he’s not Korean. At the beginning of the summer we were told the theater would close for new ownership and renovations so we were stuck going to the mall theaters and paying $16-$19 for a single ticket if you saw a movie in the extra super stereo sound,I-max 3D experience.

We planned to see the new George Clooney and Sandra Bullock movie “Gravity” about the helplessness of being adrift in space that everyone is raving about. When my wife checked the times on her I-phone we found that the Ridgefield Park theater had re-opened and was showing it so we decided to go over there. When we arrived we were surprised to hardly see anyone there and wondered if they were really open or not. They were and when we went in we were pleasantly surprised. The prices that were reasonably low before were even lower now at $7.50 for a senior citizen in a regular movie and $9.50 for a senior citizen for the 3-D super stereo sound version which we got.

There are ten theaters and each theater has plush,cushy leather reclining chairs that lay back at the touch of a button and you can fall asleep in if not careful and plenty of leg room between each aisle. Food at the concession stand was cheap also with hotdogs being $1.

The movie itself is sensational and astronaut Neil Armstrong gave it a top rating for realism. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are two astronauts sent to fix the Hubble telescope. While out in space tethered to their shuttle, a piece of the Russian space station that the Russians are trying to dismantle comes flying through and damages their shuttle sending them flying off in space. Sandra Bullock is all alone floating and tumbling in space,losing oxygen fast until Clooney comes to her rescue with his jetpack. The effects are very realistic and the movie really belongs to Bullock as an incident causes Clooney to release his tether from her thus sacrificing himself to save her while he drifts off into space. What follows is heart pounding,pulse beating,gasping for your breath sequences by Bullock all alone that keep you on the edge of your seat. I even found myself taking several deep breaths to catch my own breath.

This is quite a change of pace for Bullock and she pulls it off really well with an incredibly intense,gasping for air,out of breath performance giving you the feeling of the helplessness of drifting in space while she tries to find a way back to earth with little oxygen left. The movie was four years in the making and directed by a father and son team. Check out the links below for some scenes from this incredible movie.

 'GRAVITY' Soars at Box...

...biggest October debut

Astronaut's worst fear: 'Floating off into space'...

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