Stop Blaming Republicans for Shutdown!!!!!!

11 Oct


I am sick and tired of the Obama mania media blaming republicans for the shutdown and naturally people believe them. That’s Obama’s and their goal.

Republicans didn’t shut down the war memorials Obama did. In fact some  republican  congressmen lifted the barriers so WW11 vets could get in before Obama’s storm troopers closed them again. It wasn’t republicans who force people living on government property out of their homes during the shutdown, but Obama’s henchmen. It wasn’t republicans who shut down the Grand Canyon, but again Obama’s goons. It wasn’t republicans who kept Camp David open while refusing NFL games for troops overseas. It wasn’t the republicans who refused death benefits for people with loved ones killed in action, but democrats under Obama. People are asking for Hagel to step down.

Obama’s behavior during this ‘shutdown’ has been self destructive. Instead of just whining and blaming the GOP he has gone out of his way to inflict harm on innocent tourists: vets visiting WW II monument; closing open air monuments; evicting in a police state manner a tour group in Yellowstone; and ticketing a jogger running through Valley Forge.  All this while allowing an immigration rally on the closed ‘Capitol Mall’? The only catch is that the traditional mainstream media will not report anything negative about Obama, his lies or failures. I ask you Is there anything more disgraceful than a president who would threaten to default on debt for political gain? Is there anything more treasonous than goosing the markets, and damaging the economy, just to try to destroy your political opposition? He should be impeached and thrown in jail. Clinton was a choir boy compared to Obama and they brought  impeachment charges against him.

Here’s a great comment I saw on GOPUSA  today:

It’s straight from Obama’s bible, ‘Rules For Radicals’ – “Never let a good crisis go to waste, and create a crisis if it serves you politically.” Obama, like Chicken Little, is a master of creating a crisis _ the sky is falling. The government’s going to default – it’s open season on young black males – We need to bomb Syria for using chemical WMDs.

Obama uses these manufactured crisis’ to stampede us into letting him do things we would never consider if there was not a demand by Obama, and his demonic minions, that we must act now, now, now, there’s no time to waste, the whole world will fall to ruin if we take the time to stop, and consider the consequences of our actions, or inactions. Hurry, hurry, now, now don’t wait.

That’s why I’m hoping the truckers and vets converging on D.C. this week-end have some kind of effect. You don’t mess with truckers because they keep our economy going and you don’t mess with our vets because they are keeping us free. Plus another great and true video by RayStevens titled “Throw the Bums Out” 😀

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Truckers expected to protest in DC Friday...

'Ride for the Constitution'

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Obama’s War Against The Citizenry |

Ray Stevens – Throw the Bums Out – YouTube

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