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Killing Kennedy-The Movie Review

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I was 16 years old when Kennedy was shot so I have a good solid memory from then. I was on a class trip to Valley Forge, Pa. with my civics class. When we got there we were told that the president had been shot so we immediately turned back and were sent home. As I was walking home I was greeted by an excited friend of mine with his arms raging and flailing in the air saying, “They shot the president and governor. They’re trying to kill off the whole damn government,”

That week-end I was glued to the TV set and when Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby on Sunday it   became a lifelong obsession with me.  I still to this day have  the newspaper articles about it, I have the original Life magazine with Oswald on the cover holding his rifle and Marxist propaganda papers in his hand and the Saturday Evening Post with a Norman Rockwell like painting of Kennedy on the cover. I’ve read and still have the Mark Lane Book and LP record “Rush to  Judgment” and the Robert Sam Anson book  “They’ve Killed the President”.  I also must be  the only owner of a VHS video interview with a man named James Fields in prison who claims to have been the other shooter in the assassination called “Interview With an Assassin” He has  since passed away. So it was with great interest that I naturally view the movie” Killing Kennedy” on the National Geographic channel based on the book by Bill O’Reilly which I am also currently reading.

The movie was directed by Ridley Scott who is best known for films like “Blade Runner”, “Thelma and Louise,” “Alien” and many others. I was very much surprised that the film struck straight to the facts. No loosely based story or taking liberties like so many supposedly true movies do today. It was like you were actually viewing history as it happened.

Rob Lowe portrays Kennedy and they do a remarkable job of making him look exactly like Kennedy even sounding like him. The last time I saw Kennedy portrayed so exactly was William Devane in “The Guns of August” back in the 70’s about the Cuban missile crisis. Killing Kennedy is interspersed with actual film clips from then with Walter Cronkite and Chet Huntley among others. New actress Ginnefer Goodwin plays Jackie and also looks and talks just like her. They have everything exact down to the slightest detail including her famous pink dress that later becomes blood splattered and matching pill box hat.

Another new actor Will Rothaar plays Oswald and Michelle Trachtenberg (who I remember from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series) plays Marina Oswald. These two characters are hard to get look-alikes for, but the film does a remarkable job. They even have Oswald posing in the exact same position of holding his rifle and marxist propaganda papers in his hand and him shooting General Walker (who was an outspoken anti-communist speaker) through his window and missing.

The film doesn’t delve into any conspiracy theories and sticks straight to the facts which makes  it interesting and fast moving. In reading O’Reilly’s book he describes a scene with Jack Kennedy in the white house swimming pool with two lovely ladies when Jackie walks in on him just stares and walks away while a secret service agent tries to stop her. I was surprised to see this scene in there also done so exactly. O’Reilly’s book does delve into Kennedy’s sexual prowness and the secret service covering up for him with Jackie and the fact that Jackie knew but, never said anything.  I thought the movie was done perfectly and I remembered every incident portrayed so accurately in it. The only thing they didn’t show was Gov. Connolly turning to Jack in the car right before he was killed and saying that now famous quote, ”Well Mr. President you can’t say Dallas doesn‘t love you today.”

I’ve read most of the conspiracy theories over the years all of which are interesting, some more plausible than others and naturally the further away you get from such incidents it is easier to imagine more things happened than really did.  The only question I have is how does a guy like Oswald who was known for missing the targets  on the shooting range while in the marines and misses a general right outside his window  with a rifle with a scope on it suddenly pull off the crime of the century  with a moving target and a rifle not known for its’ accuracy and handling? We’ll probably never know and can only speculate.

Many reviewers are saying the movie lacks authenticity and lackluster.I guess these reviewers are so into seeing emotion and characterization in movies today or weren’t around when it happened to notice that this is not a so called docudrama, but an a actual,accurate depiction of real events. To those critics I say “Life is not always like the movies you know.” If you get a chance to see Killing Kennedy on cable or DVD then by all means do so. In the meantime check out the link below for some scenes from the movie. I also have a link lto Mark Lane’s film Rush to Judgement which shows actual interviews with Oswald and the Dallas police. I report you decide.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Rob Lowe recreate the moment JFK was …

Rush to Judgment (1967) – YouTube

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Arlo Guthrie in Concert


Arlo Guthrie

 On Friday Nov.22nd I had the chance to see Arlo Guthrie in concert at William Paterson College in Wayne, N.J. I’ve seen Arlo upteen times over the years in many incarnations and never tire of hearing his folksy tales and songs. I’ve seen him as a solo artist with just him and his guitar, I’ve seen him with his son Abe’s band Shenendoah, I’ve seen him with Judy Collins and seen him with his whole Guthrie  family consisting of his  daughters, sisters, son in law and grandkids.

At Friday night’s concert Arlo was accompanies by just an electric guitar, drummer, his son Abe on keyboards and himself with four guitars and keyboards. Arlo is at the end of a two year tour celebrating the 100th birthday of his late legendary father Woody Guthrie who wrote songs about his travels around the world and mid west during the depression and dust bowl era. Woody wrote thousands of songs and at Friday’s show Arlo shared some of those songs and stories during the first half of the show and some of his own songs during the second half. I’ve heard Arlo tell many of these stories before but never tire of hearing them and Arlo has a way of telling them that sounds like he’s telling them for the first time. Since Arlo was backed up by such a small band it made the concert more intimate like you were in his living room with him as he tunes the guitars for different  songs while talking to you casually.

Woody Guthrie is best known for his song “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My land.” Arlo said when he was a little kid in school when they sang that song not only did he not know the words, but he didn’t know they sang his father’s song outside the home. 😀 Arlo then led the audience in singing “This Land is Your Land”  Arlo also tells stories about meeting folk singer Ramblin’ Jack Eliot and legendary Blues guitarist Leadbelly which are also humorous and interesting. For instance Arlo told about meeting Leadbelly when he was about 4 years old and was amazed at the versatility of Leadbelly playing harmonica, guitar and squeezebox, etc. Later on Leadbelly got in a fight and a person died and he served a long prison sentence. In later years Arlo and his friends went looking for Leadbelly’s grave. “There’s no GPS that says Leadbelly’s   grave,” Arlo says with a slight smile. They finally  found his grave in a church yard in Louisiana and it had a wrought iron fence around it and one of his friends said, ”They still have him incarcerated.” 😀

Arlo did his songs “Coming into Los Angeles,”  ‘I don’t Want  to be a Pickle, I just want to ride my Motorcycle,” Woody’s song “Deportees,” “City of New Orleans,” which is my favorite and a few others including  an instrumental each done on the four different guitars he brought along.”

Arlo is best known for his 1965 hit “Alice’s Restaurant” which I’ve heard him do several times and he only does it on anniversaries of it now. It’s an 18 ½ minute song about him and his buddy getting arrested on Thanksgiving for dumping a half a ton of garbage in a vacant lot which is played  on the  radio somewhere every Thanksgiving Day. It also chronolizes his experiences with the draft board at the time. I heard him say a few years ago ‘if anyone told me in 1965 I’d still be singing Alice’s Restaurant in 2010 I’d laugh in their face.”

During the encore at Friday’s performance Arlo started a few notes from Alice to the cheers from the audience and then stopped saying,”That’s all I can remember.” He added that if he knew it was going to be such a big hit he would have made it shorter. :D. Arlo then told how his friend, fellow song writer and singer Kris Kristofferson told him when he forgets the words to a song he just says to the audience, ”You know the rest.” Arlo said that’s what he should do with Alice. Arlo said 2015 will be the 50th anniversary of Alice’s Restaurant and they will be planning a tour around it. In the meantime that will give him time to learn it all over again. 😀

I’m including a link to Arlo singing Alice’s Restaurant from a few years ago below. If you ever get a chance to see Arlo, by all means see him. He is enjoyable. 

Alice’s Restaurant – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alice’s Restaurant (Full 23 Minute Song) – YouTube (The updated extended 23 minute version recording)

Arlo Guthrie – All 16 minutes of Alice’s Restaurant – YouTube (live version from 2005 Farm Aid.That’s exactly what he’s like and looks like today too. 🙂  )

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Mr.President,Tear Down This Website!!! You Can’t make This Stuff Up!!!!

CO man signs up — his dog gets covered instead… *

Obamacare Death Spiral… *

DC insurance boss fired after criticism of Obamacare ‘fix’… *

REPORT: 1 in 5 may not be able to enroll… *

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Mr. Fix it Un-Fix It!!!!!!!!!

angry-obamaRecently I was reading section of the Obamcare survival guide and it stated that there are 90,000   doctors in the country and 30,000 would be layed off due to Obamacare. Well now it’s happening as United Health has stated they plan to lay off thousands of doctors in 10 states.

The House voted on a bill that would allow insurance plans  to sell to people that would allow them to keep their doctors.

The U.S. House Friday passed a bill that would allow health insurance companies to keep selling policies that don’t comply with Affordable Care Act standards.

The 261-157 vote on the Keep Your Health Plan Act sponsored by Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., included 39 Democrats.

The plan would allow companies to sell non-compliant policies to current and new customers, and wouldn’t require the providers to alert consumers about the required ACA benefits that are not included.

This plan was supported by 39 democrats who defected and went with the republicans. It is a fair act but opponents like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid  say it under minds Obamcare and Obama himself said he would veto any bill like that that comes to his desk. He is ruling like a king and not a president of the people. He rules by executive orders more than any president ever has and does just what the wants. I’ve said it before, Obamacare is not about health care, but about power as the government takes over one sixth of the U.S. economy from the private sector. Besides, most people have healthcare. If you go to any emergency room there are signs saying no patient can be denied. If a person doesn’t have insurance there are many ways to overcome that thru either charity care, or passing it onto the state or referring them to hospitals that take charity cases.

Obama said he heard the American people after 5 million lost their health insurance and said they can have it extended for a year. This makes matters worse. He’s only doing it for the mid- term elections coming up next year. He met with the CEO’s of insurance companies and they told them they couldn’t do that once people are dropped because it would mean a lot of extra expense in paperwork and employee time. In other words Obama is saying we’ll give you your insurance back for one year then take it away from you again.

 (Reuters) – UnitedHealth Group dropped thousands of doctors from its networks in recent weeks, leaving many elderly patients unsure whether they need to switch plans to continue seeing their doctors, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

The insurer said in October that underfunding of Medicare Advantage plans for the elderly could not be fully offset by the company’s other healthcare business. The company also reported spending more healthcare premiums on medical claims in the third quarter, due mainly to government cuts to payments for Medicare Advantage services.

The Journal report said that doctors in at least 10 states were notified of being laid off the plans, some citing “significant changes and pressures in the healthcare environment.” According to the notices, the terminations can be appealed within 30 days.

Looks like it was the Democrats and Obama all along that was lying to the American people. And Harry Reid of the senate that was not allowing the GOP bills to come to the floor for a vote because Obama and Valerie Jarrett told him not to allow it for any reason. And it was Valerie Jarrett that told the President not to compromise or even talk to the GOP about the the Shut down of Government. Obama and Reid and Jarrett were the ones who planed that mess from the WH.

Based on new poll data the President’s approval rating hovers between 37-41%. This negative rating is the worst of his presidency and is due to the nightmarish launch of Obamacare, his signature program. In his news conference the other day, the President even admitted that he “fumbled” the rollout of Obamacare. It was due to his administration’s utter incompetence, and the waste, fraud and abuse that characterize Obamacare and every government program.

MY advice is for us ALL, regardless of Party, do what is legal and effective to DEFEND our economy, create more jobs, and embrace our REPUBLIC! Check out  the links I have provided below:

Thousands of Medicare Doctors Dropped by Insurer After Obamacare Funding Cuts

 VIDEO: Students at historically black college complain Obamacare left them uninsured... would face gov’t prosecution if private entity…

Ben Carson: ‘Ideologue’ Obama Should Have Consulted Insurance Experts

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Pat Benatar in Concert



I’ve just returned from seeing rock n’ roll singer Pat Benatar in concert and she and her rocker  husband Neil “Spider” Giraldo  literally rocked the house. Pat has been around since the early 80’s and is known for such rocking hits as ‘Hit me With Your Best Shot”, “Love is a Battlefield”, “Invincible” and ‘We Belong.” At 59 years old she proves she still can rock with the best of them, even better. She looks much younger and sounds great. They also were the second act to have a video on MTV when it started and Neil was the first guitar player to appear on MTV

 Wednesday’s concert opened up with Pat and “Spider” as she calls him walking on stage side by side with him already playing. They are backed up by only two other musicians, a drummer and bass, but you’d swear there were more instruments. Neil’s guitar playing has so many notes flying out of it that it sounds like ten guitars are playing. I’ve seen hundreds of concerts, but I’ve never seen a band like this. I’ve seen bands with much more musicians than this that didn’t display half the energy and musicality of Neil’s guitar combined with Pat’s crisp, clear voice. Pat orginally was trained and started out in Opera before turning to rock. She and Neil have been together for 35 years and married for 32 on Feb. 2014. They have two grown daughters.

Pat was dressed in black leather pants and a black blazer while her husband was dressed in an open denim shirt and denim jeans with the cuffs rolled up. They had audience members standing on their feet jumping up and down with each number and rocking to the music as Pat sang her hits, “We Belong,” ” Love is a Battlefield” and others from various albums over the years. When Pat sang her hit song “Hit Me  With Your Best Shot” she had the audience singing the chorus while she stopped and the band would join in again as she picked up the song repeating the chorus with the audience again singing acapella.   She repeated this several times much to the delight of the audience.

 At one point Neil said they wanted to invite the audience into their living room and they told stories of how they met and various tours. At one point they did a question and answer part which I felt they could have done without as you couldn’t hear the questions and they had to have some members repeat the questions so they could hear them. I would rather they skipped this part and just stuck with their stories and music.

Neil took some time to explain about his guitar who he refers to as “she” because  it is shaped like a woman  as he pointed out and said he calls her “pain” because she can get real irritable and can change moods which he demonstrated with different chords. Pat looked at him with her hands on her hips and said “Is this going somewhere?”  much  to laughter from the audience to which Neil added, ”but she’s always right and I’m wrong.” 😀

Neil admitted he never went to school much and the reason he took up guitar was because he found that if you played guitar you could get any girl any time night or day. 😀

 One of Pat’s chief pet peeves is child abuse and she dedicated a song she did to all the children who have been abused called “Hell is for Children” and said she would keep singing it until no child is abused again.

The encore was a rocking and rolling jumping up and down one featuring Neil’s fantastic lightning fast fingers on guitar that had the audience  yelling for more and cheering wildly.

I have enclosed several videos and pics of Pat and Neil so you can see what they were like. 😉

 NEIL GIRALDO (Pat Benatar’s guitarist) AND HIS SOLOS! – YouTube

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Mike Nesmith in Concert: Movies of the Mind


 Everyone remembers Mike Nesmith formerly of the teen rock group The Monkees from the 60’s. He was the one who always wore the wool hat. Following the Monkees Mike had a very successful solo career on his own recording several albums and a super best selling  VHS tape now on DVD called “Elephant Parts” which is very humorous and which I highly recommend.

 Now some fourty years later at age 71 Mike is touring again. Looking fuller in the face, sans the wool hat and balding on top and silver/greyish hair combed back, Mike still has the same distinct voice and California accent and still sounds the same. Mike calls his tour Movies of the Mind because as he explained each of his songs is like a movie so he started each song with a little soliloquy describing in detail the scenes of the song in the third person saying things like ‘He sees her” and “She notices him.”

His opening song described a couple that lived across from each other in an apartment who start out as friends and become lovers, “I’ve known you for a long time, but only just begun to care.” A  truly  beautiful  song.

Mike was backed up by four fabulous musicians while he played acoustic guitar. He had a bass  player, drummer and a fantastic lead guitar player who looked like an executive Clark Kent type with short dark hair, black rimmed glasses, suit, white shirt and tie and could layout some of the meanest guitar riffs equal to most rock musicians. He also alternated between slide guitar and mandolin. Mike also had a fabulous keyboard player who doubled with a synthesizer.

One of my favorite songs was big hit for him and on the Elephant Parts DVD called “Rio”.  “There’s nothing I know of in Rio, but it’s something to do with the night/ It’s only a whimsical notion to fly down to Rio tonite/ I probably won’t fly down to Rio, but then again I just might.”  Beautiful   lyrics  and  a smooth catchy, romantic tune. Most of Mike’s music can be described as   classic folk-country –rock music. He also did the catchy song  “Cruisin’‘ about Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam another favorite of mine about two girls in Hollywood who meet a sexy guy selling watches on Sunset Boulevard and team up with him also a very catchy, toe  tapping tune. See the video below.

Mike has a very infectious smile at the end of each song that says he appreciates the audience as much as they appreciated him as if saying,” Gee I’m glad you’re here with me and to be with you tonite.” He also makes you feel that you are right there in his living room with him. He mentioned at the beginning he wanted the audience to feel like they were sharing the movies in his living room with him. If you get a chance to see “Elephant Parts” which is available on DVD for  anywhere from $9.99 to $14.99 then by all means get it You won’t be disappointed. 😉 Or see the full video below. 🙂

Michael Nesmith – Joanne – YouTube  Features young pics of Mike

Michael Nesmith performs “Different Drum” in Chicago on  – YouTube  Done  in Chicago in April of this year 2013

Mike Nesmith – Cruisin’ – YouTube   The song of Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam. Check out the guy in the speedo  (Sunset Sam). Mike says on the DVD they found the guy in a bar and asked him if he wanted to be in the video and walk down Sunset Boulevard in a speedo and he said he’d love it. 😀  Also check out Mike’s unique sense of comedic humor in this one . 😀

hael Nesmith – “Elephant Parts” 1981 FULL MOVIE / VIDEO FIRST GENERATIO


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Thor: The Dark World

thor_the_dark_world_a_pThor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World is the third installment of the Thor Marvel comics hero. The second installment was his appearance in last year’s Avengers movie along with his trouble making brother  Loki who is also in this one. I thought the film is 85% CGI (computer graphic imaging for those of you not familiar with the term) special effects and light on character development and lots of battle scenes which is a shame because it has an all star cast. Chris Helmsworth returns as Thor, Anthony Hopkins plays Thor’s father Odin, Rene Russo plays his mother and Natalie Portman his human love interest.

Thor is the Marvel comic character based on the legendary Thor the Thunder God with his mighty hammer which comes back to him when he throws it. The love/hate relationship between Thor and his brother Loki is interesting to follow and there is a lot of shape shifting by Loki that is interesting to watch if you can keep track of who he is.  There is also interesting and humorous one line banter being thrown back and forth between the two brothers.

The only problem with movies like this is that they are all starting to be the same. There are plenty of scenes that were reminiscent of the first Star Wars movies with space ships flying overhead, smaller ships attacking larger ships and flying sideways through small crevices in mountainsides. But if the Thor series  and  super special effects are your thing then Thor  the Dark World is your cup of tea. Check out the trailer below.

Just Released! Watch Thor: The Dark World Trailer –

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