Thor: The Dark World

11 Nov

thor_the_dark_world_a_pThor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World is the third installment of the Thor Marvel comics hero. The second installment was his appearance in last year’s Avengers movie along with his trouble making brother  Loki who is also in this one. I thought the film is 85% CGI (computer graphic imaging for those of you not familiar with the term) special effects and light on character development and lots of battle scenes which is a shame because it has an all star cast. Chris Helmsworth returns as Thor, Anthony Hopkins plays Thor’s father Odin, Rene Russo plays his mother and Natalie Portman his human love interest.

Thor is the Marvel comic character based on the legendary Thor the Thunder God with his mighty hammer which comes back to him when he throws it. The love/hate relationship between Thor and his brother Loki is interesting to follow and there is a lot of shape shifting by Loki that is interesting to watch if you can keep track of who he is.  There is also interesting and humorous one line banter being thrown back and forth between the two brothers.

The only problem with movies like this is that they are all starting to be the same. There are plenty of scenes that were reminiscent of the first Star Wars movies with space ships flying overhead, smaller ships attacking larger ships and flying sideways through small crevices in mountainsides. But if the Thor series  and  super special effects are your thing then Thor  the Dark World is your cup of tea. Check out the trailer below.

Just Released! Watch Thor: The Dark World Trailer –

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